Tefal fv3930

Tefal fv3930

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Specifications Tefal FV3930

General characteristics

Power 2300 watts
Sole Ultragliss-durilium
Continuous steam there is, with adjustment, up to 40 g / min
Automatic steam adjustment not
Steam boost yes, 130 g / min, vertical steam
Spray function there is
Volume 270 ml water tank

Safety and security

Auto shut off there is, in an upright position after 8 minutes, in a horizontal position after 30 s
Anti-scale system there is
Self cleaning system there is
Drip system there is


Cord length 2 m

Tefal FV3930 Reviews

Pluses: For the past 20 years, this is the third purchased iron from the manufacturer Tefal. The model was chosen by me at the required set of options at an affordable price. While the iron is completely lives up to my expectations: stylish design, coating quality soles, acceptable ironing quality with the right choice of mode heating, light weight.
Disadvantages: So far, I have not found any.
Disadvantages: Long accustomed to the irons of this manufacturer, therefore, they are not ready to take goods from other manufacturers. Quite satisfied with the price-quality ratio, if right operate the product.

Mironov Sergey

Pluses: Heats quickly, irones well.
Disadvantages: Steam is not regulated – either soars or not (((
Minuses: Normal iron, but I’m more familiar with stepped iron steam adjustment.

Gromov Prokhor

Pluses: quickly heats up, beautiful
Disadvantages: water flows during ironing, all clothes are wet.
Minuses: I would not recommend


Pluses: Heats up quickly
Minuses: dripping water
Minuses: looks stylish

Bazanov Yuri

Pluses: Very convenient steam button located under index finger like a trigger, used delivery Yandex – very convenient and inexpensive, I recommend.
Minuses: No automatic steam intensity adjustment: it is only possible to turn on and off the automatic steam supply.
Disadvantages: A very nice iron with a power of 2300W, but weight small: does not iron fabric with stagnant jams

Voropaev Ilya

Advantages: Lightweight, affordable price, powerful steam enough shock, auto power off (checked so far only in a vertical position – works)
Minuses: Persistent plastic odor. Plastic that’s closer to the sole, it looks poor-quality, as if immediately slightly worn. Water pouring from a bucket, in a horizontal position on the stand does not leave it. Compared to another Tefal model, it glides poorly.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: No
Minuses: The first day we use, it stinks cheap burned plastic when heated! Periodically spills water on the fabric in steaming mode! Taking in hand, the impression of Deshman Chinese, the quality sucks! In my opinion its price 1.5t.r.


Pluses: no
Minuses: poor assembly
Minuses: I bought such an iron after reading reviews here, at the time Shopping was an average rating of 5 stars. The description indicates what is protection against drops, as if there were no drops, he just stupidly runs thin in a trickle, when it warms up, the water continues to run along with ferry. They gave it as defective to the store, promised to bring the same, how they brought a leak test done in the store. If the first water model ran in a thin stream, then the second just poured. so I took the money, I do not advise anyone this is not the cheapest product.

Pashchenko Mikhail

Pluses: Good iron. Heats and smoothes instantly easy. Long cord.
Minuses: Too heavy.

Mitrofanova Natalia

Pluses: the iron perfectly smoothes in one motion
Minuses: Unpleasant smell of plastic in the early days use of


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