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Specifications Stroller Jetem Paris

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months
Pram weight 6.5 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 8, front and rear dual
Chassis width 48 cm
Wheels plastic
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Wheel diameter 15 cm
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Carry handle / strap there is

Walking block

Included there is
Back adjustable
Seat Dimensions (WxD) 34 cm
Berth length 82 cm
Seat belts there are five-point
The bar in front of the child there is a removable


Carrying not
Accessories sun visor, toe cape
Hood material the cloth

Reviews on Jetem Paris Stroller

Advantages: – the hood drops to the bumper – the back accepts almost horizontal position (170 degrees) – a cover from a bumper, and also with a stroller, except for a hood it is easily removed and erased – there is separator legs – the front wheels rotate 360 ​​degrees, their fixation in one position is possible – there is a rear lock wheels – there is a basket for purchases – there is a cover for legs – 5ti point safety belts
Disadvantages: – handles are not adjustable in height – hood in when folded, it touches the wheels and gets dirty – it weighs 8.5 kg, not the most light cane
Minuses: We have been using this stroller since 5 months, now the child is 1.5 years old, i.e. I had time to reveal its pros and cons. I did a review on my channel on you tube, so if you interesting, here is the link to this video:

Stirring Katyusha

Advantages: One of the few children’s products about which I want to leave a review 🙂 Comfortable, fully displayed (you can put the child exactly lying down and not half sitting). Strong – skated two, went in the luggage on the plane and nothing happened to her. Easy. Easy to fold and unfold.
Disadvantages: it is a little uncomfortable when walking – I kick at wheels behind sometimes. Pros outweigh
Disadvantages: buy without a doubt

Zholudev Alexander

Pluses: lightweight, maneuverable, rigid back, child it’s comfortable, it rides fine in the small snow, everything is super
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: skated from 6 months to 3 and a half, very happy with her !!!!

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Advantages: after 2 years of use – no
Minuses: NOT maneuverable, heavy, fabric gets dirty quickly, wash only by hand. Hood and brake get dirty from the wheels terrible, no depreciation and much, much more
Disadvantages: oh, well, I managed to buy this stroller! That’s horrible, she does not make life easier for mom, but vice versa. It really needs to be pushed with the effort that she rode, catches all the bumps, rattles. Material torn, constantly getting dirty. The wheels hit the hood all the time when folded, heavy … bulky. Under the child seat bends, the crossbar generally broke due to the fact that the child leaned on her! In general, horror! I do not advise!

Seyfullina Tatyana

Pluses: comfortable, comfortable for the child in winter clothes deep snow and irregularities behaves well. Easy to fold to lay out. Great stroller I advise you to take.
Disadvantages: Not yet identified.

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Advantages: lightness, usability, color, practicality, all-terrain, steps on stairs, large and high basket
Minuses: brake, cloak on legs
Minuses: I bought it when the baby was 7 months old. Now we are 2 years, and the stroller is in almost perfect condition. Child fits easily, it is free and comfortable. Lightweight, comfortable compact, cross-country (knee-deep drifts, of course, not will take place, but on the slurry that was in Moscow and Moscow region last in winter, it was easy, but in extreme cases, you can raise it together with a child and transfer through particularly difficult places). Dangled with a child and in the parks, and on all trips they took with them – all It works, nothing has blown out, it has not broken, and it has not fallen off. I was looking for such that both the lying position was, and the hood all the way – found. Cons – not a very comfortable brake and not very comfortable cape on the legs. But in comparison with the pros they are practically not notice

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Pluses: spacious seat, large hood, reliability, maneuverability.
Disadvantages: insignificant minus – in the folded state of the wheel are over the hood. But everything is decided by polyethylene package)))
Minuses: Wonderful stroller! bought 5 years ago, already the second kid rides her). She is not afraid of either winter slush or off-road of the Russian hinterland – still ALL details and mechanisms intact, despite the ruthless exploitation of almost non-stop))). At Tom, it has everything you need for a comfortable trip baby. The second child began to ride in it from 6 months of age, the eldest from 10.


Advantages: Durable, easy and simple to fold, roomy, great big cap.
Minuses: A little rumbles on street tiles (but even less than expensive Maclaren), a tight brake.
Minuses: Used to the fullest. And in winter and summer, and in the city and in nature. Flew with us to Cyprus, and country roads there solid stones. All stood with honor. For 1.5 years of use only one bolt fell off (cut off the nut and part of the external thread) when folding. In a hardware store, we purchased a new one and after 5 minutes stroller back in service. After that, in the pocket always there is a bag with spare bolts M5x40 and self-locking nuts, which we recommend to everyone – detachable connections in this stroller standardized.

Karp Alexander

Pluses: maneuverable hood drops to the crossbar – comfortable in bright sunshine is suitable for girls above average height (my height is 176, many strollers are too low, and this is convenient to roll) nice quality handles comfortable folding mechanism
Disadvantages: heavy, real weight more than 7kg stroller material per The machine cannot be washed, as plastic parts are sewn into the back – ONLY HAND WASHING a cape on the feet – it would be better if they didn’t apply it, it doesn’t fit the stroller at all, it doesn’t protect the legs too nice stuff in the stroller
Disadvantages: now I would take a stroller easier at the same price categories, or a cheaper stroller, it is not worth its money.

Antipina Lyudmila

Pluses: Comfortable, durable, beautiful. Great controllability!
Minuses: For me it is very difficult – about 8 kg.
Minuses: I do not regret the choice. Only a bit heavy. Because herself not I lift the stroller with the child into the bus (my husband helps), then it is tolerant. It is convenient to transport cars in the trunk. Nice basket for toys. Child (1 year) sits confidently without seatbelts – bumpers quite enough. Wonderful hood to the bumper! I use a stroller for every day as a pleasure.

Martynova Margarita

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