Universal stroller CAM Combi Family

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Features Universal stroller CAM Combi Family

General characteristics

A type universal (3 in 1)
Recommended Age from birth to 5 years
Possibility to install a car seat there is
Possibility of installation of a cradle there is
Possibility to install a walking block there is

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane folding with one hand
Number of wheels 8, front and rear dual
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Folded Wheel Position down
Depreciation system springs
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment there is
Rearrange the block face / back there is
Chassis weight 7.9 kg


Included there is
Back adjustable
Carry handle / strap tough
Cradle size (WxD) 34×83 cm
Weight 4.9 kg

Walking block

Included there is
Back adjustable
Seat belts there are five-point
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child there is a removable

Car seat

Included there is
Anatomical pillow there is
Weight 3.6 kg


Carrying not
Accessories sun visor, raincoat, cape on the feet, bag
Hood material the cloth
Ability to wash cover there is

Reviews on Universal Stroller CAM Combi Family

Pluses: Folds compact, lightweight
Disadvantages: Flimsy wheels, unreliable folding mechanism – often sticks and requires a lot of effort
Minuses: Used less than a year: the stroller is practically crumbled, the front wheels fell off, a handle came off the bag, the folding / unfolding mechanism works every other time. But in general I worked my money. I recommend it only if you travel a lot by car, plane.

Tsvetkov Alex

Pluses: Removable covers, lightweight, maneuverable, comfortable
Minuses: I liked everything
Minuses: Our stroller! I have one child and this stroller there was one, that is, there was nothing to compare me with, there were none lot. But this is exactly what I think is a big plus – strollers enough from 0 to 3.5 years. We live in the countryside and often walked on long distances with a child – I walk, she is in a stroller. Got us a stroller as a gift after a friend of the child, she stayed with them less than a year. A big plus is that in the stroller all the covers are removable, very Easy to wash and dry quickly. After washing, do not deform, so much so that the stroller looks almost new. Very comfortable baby cradle. Deep, spacious. Happy daughter in it lived everything time. Another plus – she easily detaches from the stroller – and her can be worn around the house, and is also easy to fasten. In the cradle a headrest is provided and after 6 months my daughter sat. And to the child somehow did not jump out, there is a strap – a latch. Separate I want to say thank you to those who invented the wheels of this stroller. I AM I read that the stroller is not very soft – the shock absorbers are hard, probably this is so, but at the expense of maneuverability and cross-country ability our roads are just a tank. It’s easy to climb stairs, stop by at the narrowest shops. At first sight flimsy fabric trunk stroller, carried more than one hundred kilograms all sorts of things, not counting the child. After the year we became use the main walking stick I felt that she was firstly cold, and secondly tough. AND laid a special mattress. In total, the stroller stayed with We are almost 4 years old, during which it has been very actively used. During this time, she did not break anything and did not fall off, everything mechanisms remained in working condition, all buttons and latches – also. Realizing that the child does not need her anymore, I washed all the covers and sold it for 30% of the price at that time in the store. I.e, after 2 children and 5 years of use, she was in very decent condition. Highly recommend.

Ivanova Alesia

Advantages: Lightweight, very easy to disassemble and fold into car.
Disadvantages: Plastic wheels, small hood.
Minuses: I use the stroller for 3 months. Stroller easy transported in a car and put somewhere, ride on it impossible with a child’s road: the wheels rattle, each one is felt pebbles and roughness (even tiny). Baby right away wakes up. Sheer torment !!! I do not advise a carriage.

Rudenko Irina

Pluses: Very lightweight, compact stroller. Cradle spacious, used until almost 8 months (stood on a chair on balcony), then the child began to sit too confidently and quickly even from under the covers. After eight months, all daytime dreams sleep on the balcony in the sitting block (decomposes into a perfect lying position). To take one stroller after a walk to the balcony pleasure: it does not need to be folded and squeezed into doorways, it can be easily tolerated even with a sleeping child. Situation with elevator is a separate story. We have a standard door elevator width open only by 58 cm. If you push them apart, then they will jammed and strollers get stuck. This stroller is just for me find! We proudly roll into the elevator without assistance. Very often used a car seat while shopping (after years, the car seat became small). Car seat easy and fast mounted on the chassis. This is a very convenient thing. Although almost all plastic parts – made very reliable. Not a single latch the mount did not break after a year and a half of use. Concerning patency, then I personally think that not a single stroller passes through a mash of sand, water, snow yourself, the heavier the stroller, the harder it is to push. I saw moms shove through similar obstacles on the road its big heavy strollers, and I could take without straining and move this section. If again me will have to choose a stroller – I will choose the same.
Minuses: Really not very good depreciation for pebbles, but the child did not interfere.
Disadvantages: The most important thing when choosing a stroller is to clearly know: which the quality of the stroller is more important to you. Choosing sports low a car (very expensive) should not be pleased with him when hunting. At I had experience operating a heavy wheelchair on big wheels (tractor, not a stroller). We lived in a different house and in the elevator she included. But several steps had to be carried to the elevator, because how to pull it up the steps on the rear wheels I have the strength just not enough. But the wheels were big! Problems with off-road patency is 1-3 weeks a year (in Central Black Earth Zone). And you need to raise the floor daily several times a day. I am very happy with the stroller!

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Minuses: tell me, please, in this stroller a walk facing my mom? for some reason I don’t? (

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Pluses: Lightweight, nice design, easy develops.
Disadvantages: Terrible wheels, unreliable mechanisms, difficult management, small cap.
Minuses: This is not a stroller, but just a nightmare for a young Mommy !!! It seems that the developers of the stroller hoped that they would use it exclusively for walks in shopping centers or perfectly flat malls. I live on 4th floor of a house without an elevator, chose a stroller, which will be easy make and bring every day. I do not argue, compared to others, I haven’t worked hard yet, but I got the load difference in full during the walk, when this miracle mechanism was shoved by our sidewalks. It sometimes seemed to me that the child would have a concussion brain, it was shaking, as in an old cart, this stroller didn’t smooths out bumps in the road, any bump for her is a whole mountain, you need to raise the front wheels to move through it. I just I was envious of the mothers who drove the kids in cheap Polish wheelchairs with inflatable wheels, they did it without straining, alone by hand. Then winter came, here about the wheels just without comments, but there is another joy in this stroller – the cap will be from the wind fall back, so you can walk for a short time, child can blow. Well, and finally, after 2 months 1 of 4 broke cradle mountings to the chassis, in the stroller in general all mountings plastic and very flimsy, the husband began to repair, and it turned out that in this stroller everything is subject to a one-time use. I still don’t understand why such money???? The only joy in this stroller (but it’s quite subjectively), looked neat and pretty, fabrics high-quality, but that’s all.

Bundyuk Julia

Pluses: easy to fold, not heavy, will pass in any elevator. Comfortable as a walk.
Minuses: Small wheels in the snow is absolutely useless. I bought in the summer of 2011, maybe the equipment has changed. Put 2 only because we use it as a pleasure, and in winter in the snow sledging.
Minuses: After its operation, I came to the conclusion that it is better to take separately a cradle and separately walking. Winter had girlfriends ask for a cradle stroller as in our snowdrifts on this ride is not possible. Yes, and it does not crack childishly. Depreciation no, the maximum that can be done is to roll the stroller back and forth, rocking will not work! The manufacturer is absolutely everything saved. The bag inside is lined with white oilcloth, which is quickly torn, fastens with a small magnet, put nothing in it it is impossible therefore all the time it is fluttered. No shopping basket convenient in it is not easy to put anything. All components are removed from the cradle and chairs and move to the walking part. Baby up still not getting his feet to the footboard, legs hanging in the air. Tip everyone: buy strollers on large, rubber, soft wheels!


Pluses: Wonderful stroller for mom-driver. Good Suitable for babies born in spring and summer. Beautiful, stylish, on the street you will pay attention. We even fotaly on the street young men.
Minuses: For riding in the snow we bought skis for strollers (sold in sports stores and in children’s stores). Skiing make in St. Petersburg. We live in Siberia and traveled SIX without problems winter months in a ski stroller. Beauty!
Minuses: Good value for money. For that kind of money a good company stroller, car seat and walking stick you lie will find. If the roads are very rough, with dirt knee-deep and With snow, take the CAM with large wheels to your waist. But they cost more and take up more space in the trunk.

Velen Vera

Advantages: 1. 3 in 1 (everything is attached to one chassis very easily and convenient), you buy not just one stroller, but as many as 3! 2. the cradle is tough, spacious, with perforated bottom, with special footrests for wiggle, it’s not hot in it, it’s convenient for the child to swing and transport in auto, if necessary, the handle is removed 3. walk folding, you can assemble together with the chassis, and can also be mounted both in the direction movements, and vice versa, the back can be fixed in three positions (sitting, reclining, lying – 180 degrees), footboard 4. the car seat is fastened both in the direction of travel, so and contra, in the car it is fixed with regular belts tightly, has its own visor, suitable for children from birth (for this there is a special foam tab), the handle retracts 5. there is a cape in the kit cold weather legs, rain cover, bag for different needs (mounted on a stroller), baby oilcloth, thin cradle mattress and pillow, food bag under the stroller (can be removed) 6. the hood is removed, attached to the cradle and for a walk 7. the cape on the legs can also be attached to the cradle and to walk 8. front wheels rotate and lock, very convenient for even surfaces and without special physical costs (the elder 5 years old – rolled with pleasure) 9. on the rear wheels the parking brake 10. for convenience control handle is fixed at different heights, and to me with 1.70 growth, and her husband with a growth of 1.90, and the eldest son with a growth of 1.20 it was quite convenient to roll the stroller 11. the chassis folds hygienically (wheels to wheels, and not like some wheelchairs have wheels headboard) and even fit in a small trunk 12. is removable bumper, covered with polyethylene, again hygienic, you can fasten in two ways 13. all parts are removable and washable in a washing machine
Disadvantages: 1. there are shock absorbers, well, they are sooooo weak! not shakes only on perfectly smooth surfaces! 2. wheels are small and plastic on wet snow and sand do not go at all! 3. not easy! lowering her and the child at the same time is unrealistic !!! 4. open the chassis or the chassis with a walk with one hand does not work, the mechanism is such that requires two hands at once to engage 5. bag for products constantly jumping off hook fasteners (they are only with one side), it is necessary to correct at each opening of the chassis, but in During the trip, the bag never flew! 6. Uncomfortable to fold in bag large bags and, accordingly, to get, because chassis mechanism implies the presence of intersecting parts over her, one at a time, everything fits 6. value! (in my city in stores cost from 30 to 35 thousand rubles)
Disadvantages: depreciation for me is a significant minus, the road to my city is terrible, so my baby is shaking! from with wet snow and sand we solve the problem, because they are not everywhere and not always on the road) as for weight, when I chose from all multifunctional she was the easiest, in practice, almost she blew her belly button, yet she’s not for descent in her arms, but rather for at home with an elevator. this is not our case, so the chassis are in the stairwell near the exit, and I lower the car seat or cradle myself (with each month is harder), now the baby is 8 months old and weighs almost 9 kg, but while it is placed in the car seat and, in principle, while raising I can, with the advent of cold weather I’m unlikely to master … the walk is attached to the chassis with two hands, so I can’t let her and the child down alone, I’m walking with her only when the spouse helps … everything else is chic stroller, super design, everyone peeks, unusual color – beige, it’s convenient with a car seat to travel to shops and guests, as in by car and by public transport, with a cradle came in guests to grandmother and baby there slept until he grew up. easy to wash. everything is SIMPLY fastened and RELIABLE holds, someone tried to remove the wheels from our stroller – it didn’t work out, only we dragged away the native bolt, we easily replaced him! But still 35 thousand rubles, I would not pay for it, we bought with our hands a brand new for 12 thousand, I think made profitable purchase!

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Advantages: 3 in 1, maneuverable, the chair is placed on the chassis
Disadvantages: poorly rides in the snow
Minuses: I agree with the positive reviews. better 3v1 combinations for the money can not be found. I thought that the pens will be like canes 2, but they traveled 1 solid, which I consider a plus mk easier 1 hand turn. Yes, it’s going badly in the snow, but it was already clear looking at the size of the wheels. I just lock the front wheels and drive fine. Of course not when 30cm of snow fell. here the tractor goes badly. Soon to set a walk. decided to look at the same hood there. apparently the same. the car seat is super, we’re 10kg and we’ll get in and they could go further but ask him from us) the cradle is also good – long. the only negative is that the hood opens loudly, but you can adapt and do not wind it back and forth)

Kutovaya Anna

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