Universal stroller babyhit Drive2

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Features universal stroller babyhit Drive2

General characteristics

A type universal (2 in 1)
Recommended Age since birth
Possibility of installation of a cradle there is
Possibility to install a walking block there is

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 4, front and rear single
Different widths of front and rear axles Yes
Wheels inflatable
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Wheel diameter 18 – 24 cm
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment not


Included there is
Carry handle / strap tough

Walking block

Included there is
Back adjustment, horizontal position
Seat belts there are five-point
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child there is a removable


Carrying not
Accessories cup holder, mosquito net, sun visor, raincoat, cape on feet, pump included
Hood material the cloth
Dimensions (LxWxH) 95x61x105 cm
Features weight of a stroller with a walking block 11 kg, weight with a cradle 13.5 kg

Reviews on babyhit Drive2 Universal Stroller

Pros: This is a cool stroller with inflatable wheels, which comes with a full cradle. You can not spend money on a huge universal girl after which you still have to buying a walk.
Disadvantages: Spent a lot of time choosing a stroller. Tried to understand what they are in general and, I think, made a very smart a choice.

Slabodskaya Diana

Pluses: On a cradle went in the fall and in the first half of winter. The cradle is quite light and goes through the snow without any problems. Now the cradle was removed, the fabric of the walk was pulled. The seat is spacious, the back completely leans back. It is made soundly, for this price at all you will find fault. Soft and easy to go.
Minuses: The handle is not adjustable. But not critical.

Safonova Raisa

Pluses: Perfectly skidded crawls in this stroller, inflatable wheels, patency and maneuverability of the stroller is good. Beautiful hood, protected from snow and wind. It was warm in the stroller only in the coldest frosts still a camel blanket was laid.
Disadvantages: The cradle is quite low, so you have to stoop so that you put the child there.

Aleksandrova Aliftina

Pluses: Lightweight and compact, already use as a stroller stroller basically, everything can be adjusted for a child, you can make the prone position.
Minuses: the handle is not adjustable in height, I’m a little tall and my husband is fine
Minuses: My parents gave us this stroller, excellent gift, stroller we like!

Borodina eva

Advantages: maneuverable, hood completely closes, unusual design, compact, lightweight
Minuses: no depreciation, no cross over handle, fast ride impossible (wheels begin to tremble and brake), in winter in the snow in general do not drive, basket stupid
Disadvantages: for me, so the stroller is purely summer, because for A comfortable ride needs dry asphalt, and you need a quiet walk. to me really liked the design, the hood completely closes in in any position, for Peter, with our winds the most is easy, compact, maneuverable. But the wheels are terrible !!!! special front !!! I also noted for myself that in a walk, the pen does not throws and the baby does not see his mother at all, begins to cry, I I think this is a minus. It doesn’t go if you go fast, it starts to tremble shake, my baby cried in her constantly (maybe of course some kid will like it, but my little one isn’t appreciated) in the snow does not go at all, in general, this stroller is not for winters.

Musabirova Tatyana

Pluses: Lightweight, manoeuvrable, unusually folds
Disadvantages: The wheels are still small front, a little more – and It would be generally super. At first, everything was very difficult, but then developed, it seems to have become easier. Hard access to the basket, you can only crawl from your side. The handle is not adjustable.
Disadvantages: The money was not particularly limited, but there was a problem in the elevator, very narrow. All wheelchairs from wheel to wheel are 58-60 cm, while me lift 56! My wife found this stroller 54 cm wide. First she we didn’t really like it, a small cradle appeared, but when measured with a centimeter, it turned out that it is standard, 36 width and 78 length. And when the child was put in overalls, there was a place abound. When the seller showed us all its capabilities, generally delighted. This stroller has a cane folding handle folds in half. It is put in the trunk without any problems. In the shop we were also offered a car cradle for this stroller, they didn’t take it, since we were presented with a chair 0-18, we carry it in the cradle itself. By the way, the cradle develops completely flat, so problems to take with you to we do not experience the shopping center either. The cradle itself has a large hood, it has a mattress with a mattress cover that you can wash, the entire fabric with a zipper is removed, and the cover on the cradle is also on lightning bolts. And still there is a turning away visor, it is possible completely close the baby. In a walk, this stroller is more maneuverable, the wheels turn well, this, by the way, also influenced the choice of this model, since usually everyone looks at the cradle, and in it, in fact you ride only half a year, then walk. So that’s how she walk pleases more. Also a deep hood, the back leans back in lying position for sleeping, very soft, good cushioning. On the the hood of the walking block has a viewing window (on the cradle by the way no) .From the poles of this stroller: Light weight, narrow, included elevator. Options: raincoat, mosquito net, pump. Material high-quality, everything is sewn well, the threads do not stick out. True day ventilated the stroller on the balcony, but as explained, all strollers from the boxes need to be ventilated, they are already ventilated in the store, therefore have no smell. After airing, the smell disappeared. Everything is easy it is fastened and unfastened (on buttons, lightnings) It looks stylish, unusual color (took black and green). We are on a walk stylish)))

Kalinin Alexey

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