Huggies 4 panties (9-14 kg) 34 pcs.

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Specifications of Huggies Boys’ Panties 4 (9-14 kg) 34 PCS.

General characteristics

A type panties
Floor for boys
Child weight 9 – 14 kg
Filling indicator there is
Number of pieces per pack 34
Additional Information uniquely located absorbent channels; absorbent layer for boys is located closer to the tummy layer DryTouch; soft the girdle stretching in different directions and wide sidewalls; elastic cuffs around the legs; 2 wonderful Disney designs in each packaging

Reviews of huggies panties for boys 4 (9-14 kg) 34 PCS.

Pluses: Easy to wear, moisture indicator.
Minuses: After the baby is used as intended become very wet, it’s better not to wear it at night
Minuses: The amazing thing, but the usual haggis diapers for we really like boys. When the child grew up and began to spin during the diaper change, I decided to try panties and was disappointed. By dryness, they can not be compared with haggis diapers for boys, and from the gum on the legs irritation (redness was observed twice on the same place, always after using panties). They are filled too very fast. Not recommend

P.d.s. …

Advantages: Always absorb, do not leak. For boys in front of a special layer. Easy to put on and take off. In the amount of 4 we We are already long and have been using it for almost a year. Soft.
Minuses: Easy to tear when dressing, especially with swivel toddlers. The price without a discount is not happy, we try to take on the stock right away lot. Too dense for the summer, hot in them.
Shortcomings: Although there are shortcomings, this is our favorite and even dad makes them stand out as favorites.

Maslennikova Elena

Advantages: – Fit well – Look prettier than diapers – they didn’t cause an allergy (although for Merris, Gunas, Diapers, muni goes irritation)
Disadvantages: -It is inconvenient to wear on a child, all the same, diapers faster
Disadvantages: a child of 5 months, weight 8 kg, height somewhere 65 cm – a feeling that back to back

Sergeenko Irina

Pluses: comfortable to wear, absorb well, price
Minuses: began to wipe rubber bands
Minuses: Comfortable to wear – like real panties. Good absorb – probably due to the special arrangement of absorbent layer. The rubber bands on the legs began to be wiped, they concluded that it was necessary take a size larger.

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