Diapers Merries (0-5 kg) 90 pcs.

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Characteristics Merries diapers (0-5 kg) 90 pcs.

General characteristics

A type diapers
Floor for boys and girls
Child weight 0 – 5 kg
Filling indicator there is
Reusable Velcro there is
Number of pieces per pack 90
Additional Information layer 1 – “breathable” wavy inner surface, vapor are brought out due to the free fit of the wavy material; layer 2 – now the air channels even in absorbent layer, due to the block structure, the inner layer actively absorbs moisture and releases fumes to the outside; layer 3 – external breathable material, the outer layer removes moist air through special micropores that do not allow moisture to pass through but release fresh air; long breathability keeps the skin dry; undulating the “breathing” layer perfectly retains even loose stools; reliable absorbent inner layer; frills around the legs prevent airy and silky inner layer will even please the most delicate skin; cute drawing with a bunny Merries will give baby is in a good mood; rounded edges of reusable Velcro not injure the skin of the baby; and if the three center bars of the indicator turn blue – it means it’s time to change the diaper

Reviews about Merries diapers (0-5 kg) 90 pcs.

Advantages: Do not stick to the body of a child
Minuses: The best diapers, we use already with the second a child. Even the most expensive of all previously tested at wet sticks to the body, causing irritation. Once again went to Marys – irritation disappeared.


Pluses: very soft, tender but dense rubber, good absorb, there is a strip indicator
Minuses: short back
Minuses: Dear, but worth it. Merris is tenderness itself. We use diapers for newborns, although the child has already outgrown 5 kg is not much. Back to back, of course, but they are so soft that they don’t press on the legs.

Medvedev Maria

Pluses: Large packaging, go for both boys and girls, with filling indicator, for newborns
Minuses: expensive
Minuses: Good quality, very good moisture retention

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Pluses: thin breathable diapers, the smell is very delicate, childish and enjoyable. Packaging is good, quality.
Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages.
Minuses: I recommend.

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Pluses: Soft, the child is comfortable in them, no outsiders odors and allergies to these diapers.
Minuses: They are not
Minuses: From the first days of my baby’s life, I chose it these diapers, many familiar mommies recommended them.

Lubicheva alla

Pluses: good, not expensive and simple
Minuses: We decided with my wife to buy this product and did not regret it best product

Dark Artem

Pluses: + Very soft inner layer + No pungent odor + Hypoallergenic
Disadvantages: -Malomer -Hecklessly proceed, as bad gum on the legs, on the belt and back they simply do not. -Expensive
Minuses: No matter how strange it sounds, but to different children different diapers fit, so try. Absorbency is also not the best option. We flowed even taking into account the change through every 3 hours.

Karakova Maria

Advantages: occupancy indicator
Disadvantages: not worth the money at all! apparently strong saved on their production
Minuses: In the store, sellers praised, praised Mummies … I went to get it, I didn’t find the Hagiss Elite software with which used before, I think I’ll try to buy Merris since they’re so praised, especially on the stock. And very sorry! Disgusting quality: Velcro sticks poorly, besides being small in size (both in length and in width), stretch poorly – no rubber! One has only to dress through half an hour you need to change the child again, because booty raw, even outside the clothes are wet, and even can leak, because according to the declared the size on the package is clearly not suitable! I just didn’t expect when my “super packing” will end (I bought a big one). I will never buy such a r ….. And I do not advise anyone. Money thrown away wind. P.S. separately clever mummies — used correctly and as intended !!!

Port Catherine

Pluses: Soft, breathable, non-leaking, highly absorbent, the baby in them is always dry
Minuses: No
Minuses: just super

Evseeva Marina

Pluses: Breathable, soft, do not leak, light, eat indicators front and rear.
Minuses: No
Minuses: We tried many eco-friendly and Japanese diapers and even diapers in the hospital. In my opinion, Merris the best of all that we have tried (compared with the gunas, muni, naty). The advantage is that they are very comfortable for the baby, convenient Velcro, can be zipped and do not leak. If someone is running either you don’t choose the size, or don’t wear right. Yes, the price is high, but the baby’s dry booty, without irritation and dermatitis in my opinion is worth it.

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