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Specifications Stroller Jetem Elegant Twin

General characteristics

A type walking for twins, the arrangement of blocks in a row
Recommended Age from 6 months to 4 years
Maximum allowable child weight 18 kg
Pram weight 10.4 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 12
Chassis width 85 cm
Different widths of front and rear axles Yes
Wheels rubber
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Wheel diameter 15 cm
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment not

Walking block

Included there is
Back adjustment, horizontal position
Number of positions for backrest adjustment 5
Seat Dimensions (WxD) 34 cm
Berth length 78 cm
Seat belts there are five-point
The bar in front of the child there is a removable


Carrying not
Accessories sun visor, toe cape
Hood material the cloth
Assembled stability not

Reviews on Jetem Elegant Twin Stroller

Pluses: Passes into most doors. Seat size is almost the same as a single stroller Lightweight Easy to fold and clamshell Deep visors Interchangeable seats for different seasons
Minuses: Slows down on every bump Stupid basket Some annoying features constructions
Minuses: I have a very detailed one. Kolyaska is generally satisfied. I walk with children alone, so I like that it is light and I it’s easy to drag her to your floor without an elevator. She is fast develops, if you get the hang of it, you can lay out at all one by hand. There is a carrying strap. Deep visors baby completely closed from the sun and rain. Several times already come under rain, only shoes and the bottom of the legs get wet. I really liked that for in order to wash the seats, you do not need to remove the entire structure. The seats are attached to the base, they are soft and machine washable. FROM it didn’t roll with other strollers, I had to wash it by hand, since there is always a rigid frame and it is not always pulled out. So this is an unconditional bonus – the stroller is always clean. First annoyed that the foot all the time falls on the middle wheels, with I’m used to time, but keep this in mind. Handle height not adjustable, which is also not convenient. Bumper with cup holders completely useless. Everything pops out of the cup holder, but for the bumper itself is not convenient for children to hold on to. It is too far away from a child, in ordinary walks is much more convenient. No connection between the bumper and the stroller seat, which is usually between legs, so you always have to use seat belts, because otherwise the child can slip out of the stroller. As the bumper is common, children regularly fight for it, as for an armrest at the cinema. There is a net at the bottom of the stroller, but it is, firstly, small, and secondly. you always have to pull everything out of it if you going to fold the stroller. Otherwise, the stroller simply does not work out. So I bought side grids and hooks on the stroller handle.

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Advantages: 1. Large hoods 2. Quickly folds out into berth to almost horizontal position. 3. Lightweight and maneuverable. 4. Easy to fold 5. Roomy enough basket bottom
Minuses: not found
Minuses: We bought this model specifically for a trip on vacation. The main criteria for choosing were – large hoods from the sun. My expectations are fully met. The stroller is very light maneuverable. The kids in it are very cozy and comfortable. For comparison – The main stroller we have is TFK dual twist. Of course, this stroller is only for the city and for driving on smooth asphalt paths. We are living outside the city and here we do not use it.

Topuzidi Ksenia

Advantages: Lightweight, maneuverable, large hoods, capes on legs, the bumper is easily unfastened, convenient belts, convenient a pen
Minuses: They aren’t … unless plastic wheels, but most cane strollers are all like that. On stones such a stroller it will be bad to go. For the city, then!
Minuses: This is a great stroller for twins! Our first the stroller was tfc twist duo what to say … not even compare. Jet light, beautiful, comfortable. The biggest plus is the way she develops. In our homes, with a narrow elevator of 60 cm, this stroller just a find. Folded up, rolled up. I, as a mother with many children, I’m glad that I can go out alone with three children for a walk, and I don’t have to look help, I can do it all myself! I recommend this stroller!

Nikitina Olga

Pluses: Great stroller for the warm season !!! Lightweight, manoeuvrable. Great hoods that cover children from sun, wind, and prying eyes.
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: After the winter and the heavy cradle strollers this stroller in the warm spring, summer and autumn are just great. I want it again emphasize lightness and maneuverability. Folds up quickly, not takes up a lot of space, can be worn on the shoulder. Me and my kids the stroller was completely comfortable. It’s strange to read wheel reviews here, it is a stroller cane and it does not imply its use in the winter. For winter, there are heavy wheelchairs with wheels like tractors))) apparently that’s why many have problems with small wheels. We had 5 strollers from different companies and believe me this stroller is great if use it in the warm season.

Zaluchee Seliger

Pluses: Beautiful, lightweight, large hood, folds and folds out easily, compact, comfortable for children and for mom
Minuses: Wheels !!!!!!
Minuses: I am writing a review after a year of using the stroller. And mine advice …… do not even think to buy it. I bought it after reading characteristics that I indicated in the pros. But all my impressions crossed out the impression of the wheels. At the same time, I carefully used. Rubber wheels, 12 of them, front – swivel. These are the pluses. And they remained intact, but the stroller does not go, therefore CHINESE CHINESE plastic between double wheels and they ride on the ground in the shape of a house roof. And there’s nowhere to fix and buy spare ones. People don’t buy this Chinese G. Better choose a stroller on large inflatable wheels. At least in the winter you ride normally.

Katerina Grigoryeva

Pluses: The biggest advantage of this stroller is its lightness (you can carry with one hand) and maneuverability, after the transformer 20.5 kg seems like a fluff. Cover for legs and visor good Shelter the child from the weather. Easy to fold ( problems arose with the first addition), it is quite compact. Conveniently carry and wear.
Minuses: It would be nice to have at least a raincoat in the kit, and better and a mosquito net. The length of the chairs would not hurt to increase it will not be enough. It seems a bit loose (if anyone saw Japanese stroller models will understand me). And if I were in this stroller would make a fabric partition with a fastener through the front bumper with cup holders, so that there is an opportunity not to fasten every time belts. But all these are trifles. And they have all the strollers …. ((. And small minus: the rear wheel brake touches the step of the ladder, when you go down and especially when you lift it, you must under raise the stroller at a certain angle.
Minuses: I am satisfied with the model, chose for a long time, I settled on this one. Jetem did not fail. I can’t say anything about wheels so far still skated …. I hope everything will be fine with them.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: one continuous advantage …. light, maneuverable, comfortable, the backs fall to the supine position
Disadvantages: there are no mosquitoes and oilcloths from the rain, but these are trifles, I sewed it myself
Minuses: … light, maneuverable … folded, hung on his shoulder children in the mouth and walking … the charm is simple and the cheapest … in shopping the centers in elevators are easy to fit even on an escalator ….)))) …. by the snow is uncomfortable to ride, but we have little snow and the tracks are clean in winter …. winter coats fit easily …. and sleep on it very much conveniently, hoods go down almost to the feet, from the sun, wind perfect … like that the hoods are separate, one can sleep, the other stay awake … use from 3 months of age, perfect … in In general, I am delighted … they write that it is not China … CHINA, but high-quality, there’s even a leg sticker, “made in China”

Irina Popkova

Pluses: The lightest and most compact, folding for give me a sec.
Minuses: Wheels
Minuses: We use only in warm time (April – November), while there is no snow. After Bumbleride talk about patency not necessary, Jetem does not have it. The shopping basket is nominal, two long loaf, bottle of water. Covers are removable, easy to erase. Recommended to purchase as a summer option, very satisfied. The decisive factor in at the price!

Nenashev Sergey

Pluses: lightweight, comfortable backrests, comfortable running boards, good foot covers, compact, very deep hoods
Disadvantages: wheels – consumables. Front wheels demolished in 2 months of summer operation in the city (2-3 hours in day) (demolished 2 sets). Back for 4 months.
Minuses: Nice stroller, the lightest, very comfortable, were if the wheels on the bearings were just super.

Baev Dmitry

Pluses: the whole stroller is a solid virtue
Disadvantages: in winter, most likely, only on clean paths)
Minuses: The best stroller! I tried to ride others, there with what to compare! the children in her sleep and sit perfectly! it’s comfortable absolutely everything from the basket to the hoods)) I recommend !!!! and her mom easy to carry. with one hand!


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