Stroller Hartan Buggy iX1

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Specifications Stroller Hartan Buggy iX1

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months
Pram weight 11.7 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 8, front and rear dual
Wheel diameter 18 cm
Depreciation system springs
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment not

Walking block

Back adjustment, horizontal position
Number of positions for backrest adjustment 4
Seat belts there are five-point with soft pads
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child there is a removable


Carrying not
Accessories sun visor, raincoat, cape on feet
Hood material the cloth
Ability to wash cover there is
Dimensions (LxWxH) 100x57x100 cm
Features Canopy function

Hartan Buggy iX1 Stroller Reviews

Pluses: It’s a Hartan, it’s like a Mercedes in the world of strollers. Maneuverability, cross-country ability, use all fall, winter and spring, not getting stuck nowhere. Cool knobs: adjustable in height and angle turning. THREE!!!!! pocket on the hood. When a child sits him you can completely cover it with a hood, make a cocoon for the marauding rain or sudden wind, it’s very good not to mess with by the rain. Fully recumbent.
Minuses: Weight !!!! And I also have a leather version, well, that in our staircase there are no steps anywhere, otherwise I would die dragging her. Again, because of the weight, it’s hard for me to fold and disassemble it. IN folded is also quite large.
Minuses: I have the option in white skin, the first child Departed in it for two years, now the second rides for six months now. All think that a new stroller (especially after washing)))). Option in skin, of course more suitable for cold climates, not blown.


Advantages: A stable, large berth, which folding horizontally, comfortably detachable bar in front of the child, a large hood, comfortable handles, roomy basket. Unkillable!
Disadvantages: 8 wheels (which do not fall into almost none ramp), weight. Poorly controlled with one hand with unlocked pirouette wheels. Get stuck in the snow and sand.
Minuses: Each time approaching the next ramp I have to think: “Interestingly, but on this ramp a stroller Will it drop by, or will you again have to drag it up the stairs in your arms? “And alas, in most cases, you have to drag the stroller up the stairs, because on the ramps, she gets up only with the outer 4 wheels, and the inner ones hang, and go to break. And if you calculate the average weight of the stroller with child and a full basket, it turns out that you have to drag on yourself 30 kg … pleasure is not pleasant and not for everyone force.

Quelde Yvette

Pluses: For a child, the stroller is just super. Comfortable and sitting, and lying down, the footrest is adjustable, wide seat. Develops together with the bumper, is folded, the wheels are all below.
Minuses: Hard ride, I didn’t really like the handles, although adjustable in all directions. Heavy.
Minuses: I bought it as a cane, the main one was at that time Hartan racer gt. Well what can I say … First we slept in her house, then we walked several times (10 times) and I sold it. She turned out very heavy. Although I have an elevator, but even put and get out the car was not very easy for me. Rides harder, racer compared to it just flies. The cap is not big. I didn’t really like the fabric on touch (coloring 527), but in the place where the child sits, sewn cotton, rubberized cap. The seat is soft, the child is very comfortable. Used from 10 months to 1.2 approximately. Tread quickly erased back wheels (I do not remember, internal or external). How to ride I don’t know the snow, but I think it’s bad. In general, if you don’t have snow in winter and you don’t have to lift it at all, it’s not bad. At least, the child is very comfortable in it. But as an option for the shopping center, it’s not a vacation fits ..

Tim Maria

Pluses: This stroller is suitable for those who have: 1. Very large kid: stable stroller, with a huge berth, with a big the hood. With a weight of 20 kg and a height of 107 cm, we are wonderful in it are placed. Before the summer holidays bought a smaller cane, let’s go to test on the street – the child got up and left me with a stroller on back :-))) So we went to the sea with our hartanchik and never sorry! At first I was at sea alone, the child was sitting in a stroller and eating fruit, and mom made the swim (keeping her eyes on her child!), from the store they managed to drag a bunch of food in a wheelchair, not to walk 10 times. When our dad arrived, after the evening baby hero fell asleep in a wheelchair while we were walking in a quiet restaurant to sit and eat ;-))) 2. Roomy car, because the stroller does not fold very compactly 3. There is an elevator (weight strollers 10.8 kg By the way, the stroller is wonderful breaks into the smallest elevator. 4. You are high parents. Pens adjustable in height! My height is 180, my husband is 185. The stroller has 4 back position, including fully horizontal! Bumper, five-point belts with soft overlays, capacious basket, 3 pockets on the hood, viewing window. 2 types of DRAWINGS, front wheels are locked if necessary. In a sitting position the hood goes down to the bumper, and the child looks at the world in large transparent window. We live near the Gulf of Finland, and often very windy weather
Minuses: We searched for certain purposes, for large och cub, so for us it is an ideal stroller. If you have a small baby, there is no elevator and a small car, then all the advantages will turn for you at the disadvantage. You need to look for something easier and more compact.
Minuses: This stroller cane is positioned as an all-weather, however, in the first winter there was sooooo much snow and temperature close to zero (porridge), we bought a tank-zekiwa combi for a couple of months (they took a used item for 1000 rubles, then they paid for the same amount.

Rep daria

Pluses: Beautiful, good sitting and lying place for baby, with a cape on the legs in a supine position, the child is so deep that it is not visible. Also a wide seat that important for winter. Convenient handles, they can be installed under any angle.
Minuses: Once rode through the snow, the spring came off single wheel depreciation. The second time we drove, came off with second …. Because of this, something happened to the brake that he became thunder when riding, even on a flat road. Since we were on vacation abroad, and the whole vacation thundered. Do not remove the springs by yourself. managed.
Disadvantages: This stroller is far from the first. Taking in attention to the shortcomings of the previous ones, we thought that was what we needed. Fast disappointed. There should not be a stroller of such quality and such price breaking so fast, even in the snow. Moreover, it is positioned she is like an all-weather cane.

Penkova Victoria

Advantages: A full-fledged berth.
Disadvantages: Weight, dimensions, wheels.
Minuses: After 6 months of use, the stroller is solid three .. The front wheels are stuck, heavy for a cane more than not at all compact, fits far! not in every trunk. No enthusiasm. Five thousand red price on a market day.

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Pluses: beautiful, high-quality, walkable, strong, very comfortable for baby. + Fully horizontal position, + cap transforms into a sun visor – just super! For a cane – just superb cushioning!
Disadvantages: on the wheel lock, the nut (or What is this thing called that twists? :)). Because of this the right wheel began to wedge and the stroller became very heavy move. Everything was cured by simply tightening the nut (husband – well done :)) in 2 minutes of which 1.5 went to find the right one the key.
Disadvantages: We have a kit with a cradle – very satisfied. And the cradle and the stroller is comfortable, folds well and fits in the trunk. It, Of course, not Polish tanks on large wheels (on terrain), but it is 3 times more compact. Only with the 2nd child and this stroller I finally realized what mobility is 🙂 carrying chair romer. Took on Kidstaff, so the price is not so hit hard in my pocket. For the money – only the same ones mentioned I polka, well, or Cicco – the quality can not be compared with German Hartan!

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Advantages: Quality 100%, convenient for the baby and me!
Minuses: no!
Shortcomings: We moved to this stroller after Teutron Mitstral S. What can I say – super !!! Just super! Like absolutely everything! For me, this is ideal, because teutonium is too much bulky for the summer (we have 2 in 1 with a walking block). And with the degree of tilt of the back was something incomprehensible (much vertical and trace. reclining stage, generally nonsense). Baby everything time turned over and stood on its legs. Had an experience and ride on an easy canes – horror! It didn’t. The daughter is large and there was a feeling that she uncomfortable, narrow, all the time as in teutonium tried to get up! We sat in Hartan and I forgot about these getting up in a wheelchair. Amotization cool, the backrest is as it should be, the fabric is excellent, looks very pretty! And it is clear that the baby is very comfortable. CRides with pleasure and observes the world around him, turning to me 🙂 Sometimes he puts his legs on the bumper – beauty) Husband when the first time he drove a stroller – he said that he was swimming like a boat water!) Regarding weight, I can tell you a trace. It is absolutely not me annoying, I think that traveling will not give me trouble. IN Shopping trips are OK! But for those who are looking for an easy option – it certainly won’t do. The only thing I regret is not bought it before …. For those who are just looking closely – friends, do not hesitate, the stroller is sooo good!

Shabelskaya Irina

Pluses: There are actually a lot of advantages. I am pleased that in there are very few such strollers in our city and my child rides “exclusive”. Depreciation. Patency. Reliability of a design. Appearance.
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: When it came time to change from the cradle to a stroller. the question arose before me: “Where to find universal model for use in any season? “I do not a lover of fleets of hundreds of strollers – this is not practical and expensive. Therefore, I wanted to buy one stroller, but of good quality and on all the times. Since it was winter, I was of course interested wheelchair patency in the snow. These huge ugly monsters like I did not like the Capella 901 at all! Yes, and their quality shameful. I watched mclaren chlorine, pego perego and inglesins – all are not then! Everyone has flimsy designs, plastic, wheels like rattles ring and walk in all directions, you just have to go to uneven or even more so, snowy surface and all – stand up rooted to the spot. And not a single stroller so compact sizes like Hartan buggy does not have such WHEELS – large and rubberized! This is her huge plus! She is reliable and her seat spacious and comfortable. Comfortable upholstery material. She is quality. Thorough. And while not cumbersome. Weight is not felt at all. Does not go, but floats! It is folded without additional support steadily. The wheels fold down from the hood, so never stain the stroller. And this is perhaps one of the very few strollers which can be used all year round. Winter will pass without problems. And for the summer is not huge. It’s also important for me that quality The materials and the construction itself are very good. We are planning more children and I’m sure that the stroller will serve and ride even a single baby and don’t fall apart. Bought once and rejoice! Yes, and glad that unlike the incubator peg trans and inglesin, Hartan is like white a crow, in a good way, always stands out from the crowd identical strollers.

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Pluses: Loved the stroller. We took from the dealer. Comfortable, with cushioning, a cane takes up very little space in the car, maneuverable and with large wheels.
Minuses: Price and quality! On the second day of operation the depreciation system of one of the wheels broke, and the next day and another wheel! Although the forests did not ride!
Disadvantages: We will wait for what they say in the store for this breakdown. ABOUT result, unsubscribe! I had a problem with the seller sent to the service. They said a hundred replacement wheels under warranty for 2 weeks. The seller went to a meeting and took off the exhibition stroller wheels and put on our stroller! Now we ride without problems and through fields and forests. P.S. bad strollers do not guarantee 2 of the year!

Tabunov ilya

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