Stroller Bebe confort Loola

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Specifications Stroller Bebe confort Loola

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months to 3 years
Possibility to install a car seat there is
Possibility of installation of a cradle there is
Pram weight 11 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 6
Chassis width 58 cm
Wheels rubber
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Folded Wheel Position down
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment there is
Rearrange the block face / back there is

Walking block

Included there is
Back adjustable
Number of positions for backrest adjustment 4
Seat Dimensions (WxD) 30×22 cm
Berth length 72 cm
Seat belts there are five-point
The bar in front of the child there is a removable

Car seat

Compatible Car Seat Models Creatis, Elios Safe Side


Carrying not
Accessories sun visor, umbrella, raincoat
Hood material the cloth
Ability to wash cover there is
Assembled stability there is
Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) 26x30x92 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 84x58x101 cm
Features Mount MODULO Fix on the umbrella frame. System MODULOclip

Reviews on Stroller Bebe confort Loola

Pluses: Chic Stroller! In my opinion everything is thought out and for baby and for mom. My daughter is in it for a walk constantly falls asleep (comfortable homosexual). We are pretty big in the winter the jumpsuit fits perfectly. And in the summer, as a whole, it was expanse to her. Conveniently, the homosexual is rearranged facing mom and off. Into a narrow elevator worse than Inglesina Vittoria, but still included in the steps of the stroller “steps”. Due to these functions I have problems with weight I didn’t feel the strollers, and both rode in the subway and on the bus. Basket this stroller always remains open, even if the child falls asleep, very comfortably. And it’s not rubbed with wheels, but still very roomy. The front wheel lock button is located directly on I use the frame all the time. On snow and ice it’s better to go with fixed wheels, and in summer you can control with one hand, rolls. The wheelchair doesn’t seem to me flimsy, they have already skated spring, summer, Autumn, winter, and another spring, and maybe summer, we will roll back. A pen adjustable in three positions (I have a solid handle), prada by I was waiting for the beginning when it breaks, not a lot of hanging out, but now already used to it.
Disadvantages: 1.Capor could be done more. 2.Not develops when the homosexual is “to mom”, but it should be noted that rearrange it “back and forth” is easier not where

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Pluses: 1. Beautiful, stylish, in our city I don’t met. 2. Easy to operate with one hand. Convenient when talking on the phone. 3. I am tall – a very comfortable stroller under my height. Do not bend low. 4. The handle is continuous and adjustable in height – very comfortable for hands. 5. On asphalt and slab the stroller is going fine. The child sleeps for 2 hours.
Disadvantages: 1. Very heavy. Carry no ramp and elevator on yourself unrealistic. Dear ladies, do not torture your back !!!!!!! I speak from my own experience !!!! ten. 5 kg is written on all sites … DO NOT BELIEVE! At least 13 kg. Of course, I didn’t weigh, but when I was in a stroller came, then the transport company estimated the total weight with the box at 16 kg And from the packaging, only cellophane and a couple of cardboard boxes. 2. I do not I liked the material. Pile from fleece settles on the bumper and sidewalls. Annoying! 3. Due to the fact that the stroller cane handle backlash. Not critical, but still (((4. The silver coating is very easy to scratch. And no matter how carefully you handle the stroller – this cannot be avoided. Strike with keys, mobile or doors elevator … 5. The front wheels are somehow flimsy when in free flight. I’m turning out. Not obedient (especially in the elevator). Hard to fix !!! Go back a little tight. Necessarily need them to fix. 6. When facing the mother, the position is adjusted only by 140 degrees. Do not transfer your baby to Lula before 6-7 months. 7. Everywhere on the websites they write a manufacturer like France. I came stroller with markings on every detail – made in China. VERY It’s a shame !!! I’ve rolled off so much money … 8. Matricek Lula (in color) Dress Blues) single sided. Declared that winter is summer and another the side turned out to be just black, similar to flizilin. nine. Lack of a cover on legs, a mosquito net and a pocket on a mouth guard. ten. Mine is now 6 months old – while it is slipping, which is also annoying. Will be hope this is temporary. 11. We ride for a week – it STinkS CHEMISTRY …. 12. Cap could be done deeper. We live by the sea. Often returns from the embankment at sunset, the sun shines shallowly straight into the eyes. You can’t hide a pug when the child is in lying position facing May (((((13. Depreciation is weak for rough road. Front wheels often get stuck on high bumps and potholes. 14. I thought the seat would be wider. I’m very afraid that in winter overalls will be cramped.
Minuses: I looked at her for a very long time. Live nowhere did not see. I liked it purely externally. Looked over and Perezhki, and Maclaren, but still the soul was drawn to Lula. I bought … It seems like a dream realized, but I do not feel complete satisfaction. Disappointed ((((So much hemorrhoid was with an order in an online store, with delivery, still sew additional accessories (mask, cover and pocket). Think Before You Take !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope helped someone with advice. Learn from the mistakes of others. I do not listened to reviews on sites, so such a nuisance ((((

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Pluses: beautiful, durable, insulated, high, comfortable rain cover with a zipper, comfortable brake, front wheels are fixed buttons on the frame, not on the wheels themselves (as, for example, McLaren). Double-sided mattress, spacious basket for purchases. Everything is easily removable and machine washable.
Minuses: Very heavy! The rest is the little things.
Disadvantages: Long time choosing a stroller, it was important so that you can safely ride all winter. The result was stopped at the Peg-Perego Pliko P3, but then she saw Lula and fell in love with coloring (vegetal pink). In general, I’m happy with the stroller, it performs its function of a winter walk 100%: high, insulated, well closed on the sides, rather large wheels, great raincoat. But heavy! Weighed on the scales – 13 kg. On myself you don’t take much. The only time I went with this stroller to bus, so everything in the world cursed, despite the fact that I was with my uncle who brought it to me and carried it out of the bus, and I held the child. I wouldn’t cope alone, especially since over time it became somehow Fold tight, pull the latch hard. Another of the shortcomings – I do not like that the window in the hood does not close, sometimes in the summer the sun shines through it and prevents the child from sleeping. That the stroller is not folds out in a completely horizontal position, I personally I do not consider it a disadvantage, as my daughter slept normally and reclined. IN in the end, still bought a lightweight cane Maclaren Volo for travel and shops. If there will be a second child, I won’t take Lulu anymore, I’ll look for something easier, the same Peregu or Maclaren. But generally not disappointed.

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Advantages: appearance, easy chair, buttons
Minuses: all so heavy !!! this negates maneuverability, it doesn’t climb on the curbs, you have to lift it, belts rub, for some reason everything is shaking … and the child is shaking with her, despite shock absorbers
Disadvantages: before that I took the cappella 321 passed .. now I regret … it was 3 times cheaper, easier, already … albeit disadvantages The same

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Advantages: installation of the seat against / in the direction of travel; several positions of the handles, including horizontal; sitting in a hammock – when unfolding, the angle of the backrest and footrest changes – suitable for children almost from birth
Minuses: heavy, silicone raincoat – takes a very a lot of space
Disadvantages: Overall – good. While it was new – in stores on tiled swivel wheels slipped, then stopped.

Egorova Natalya

Advantages: Easily and quickly folds into a cane, the ability to rearrange the seat with the child facing his mother and vice versa, very comfortable raincoat, stroller maneuverability, very comfortable a seat that is completely silent and invisible to the child unfolds in a lying position. The fabric of which is made the upholstery is very well washed, dries quickly.
Minuses: A bit low for my height, (172 cm)
Minuses: very stylish, comfortable and maneuverable stroller cane. Designed specifically for the city, for city ​​roads. Folds very quickly and conveniently into a cane, which allows you to ride with a stroller as in public transport (metro, bus) and by car. No problem fits in the smallest trunk. Lightweight, freely passes into the elevator. AND at the same time very comfortable, we have a child on our own, without motion sickness, fell asleep during the day in this stroller. What does the street have to do with day walk.

Kristalova Inessa

Pluses: great stroller! -Conveniently folds -Reb can face down – ergonomic handles – maneuverable – stylish design
Disadvantages: -heavy (but I do not drag it on myself)
Minuses: I really like: the child is visible and he is calmer when he sees me! Can be used from 3 months when the baby ceases to sleep all the time and he is interested in everything around him her just a good review! recommend!

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Advantages: Pros: 1. You can put a hammock to your face 2. nice big hood with a window for baby sitting plus raincoat with a zipper. 3. It is very convenient to use with a car seat 4. Appearance is stylish. 5. The rear wheel brake engages and turns off with one click on the pedal. 6. Front wheels lock on top, on the carriage body, and not below, as on others wheelchairs. 7. It’s very comfortable for the child to sit, the seatbelt is comfortable fastened. 8. All fabric parts are removed and washed. nine. Four swivel wheels in front and two wheels in the rear. 10.Height-adjustable handles.
Minuses: – No apron on the legs, it is proposed to use envelope – weight (if there is no need to lift it, then super)
Disadvantages: The stroller is very comfortable for both the baby and mom. Personally, it was very important for me that I could carry the baby to me face. The brake is very happy – there is no chance to get your shoes dirty 🙂 develops easily. In a word, very maneuverable and thoughtful stroller. if you figure it out and get comfortable no effort required, all on the levers

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