Stroller Baby Care GT4

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Specifications Stroller Baby Care GT4

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 4, front and rear single
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Depreciation system springs
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment there is

Walking block

Included there is
Back adjustable
Number of positions for backrest adjustment 3
Seat belts there are five-point with soft pads
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child there is


Carrying not
Accessories sun visor, toe cape
Hood material the cloth
Ability to wash cover there is

Reviews on Baby Care Stroller GT4

Minuses: The carriage is just super. Bought in May. Used daily and mercilessly. Sand, pebbles, off-road, primer. Withstood everything. The fabric is very easy to wash. Minus one and very essential. Her kick is how hard it is to fold. With two hands and more I have to try. But since I had to fold infrequently, then nothing wrong. But for those who do not live on the first floor, Would recommend to see something else.

Miro el

Advantages: price, wide walking place
Disadvantages: Flimsy rear wheel mounting mechanism with frame, terrible quality bumper, a jamb with a soft pad on the strap safety, it’s very difficult to attach the basket to the frame, heavy
Minuses: I bought this baby stroller for the summer, before that for a long time selected from the price category from 20 thousand rubles, but with the mother of the baby agreed that it is possible to take cheaper, but for the winter just buy a good sled. Bought a quick inspection in the hall store, looked reviews here – on the market, like positive, and Now I am very sorry that I acquired this china altogether. During assembly at home, I found that it is very flimsy and the rear mounting mechanism wheels to the frame (photo), which, by the way, cracked after the first and the second folding the stroller, not critical, the wheels hold, but on the other hand, it will crack like that, a replacement part, and where I’m not going to find such a mind, in a good way it had to be made from some but no metal. At first I thought that something was wrong and maybe the wheels had to be unhooked before folding, but no, in instructions about this not a word, the detail had to hold on, but alas, does not cope with the load. And connect the wheelbase with the frame problematic without the participation of men, a very ill-conceived mechanism. ABOUT bumper: it’s just terrible, the edges are plastic, the base is not clear of which, it’s not solid, the roofing felts there, some roofing felts plastic nonsense. About belts: everything looks okay with them, but child and fastening, you begin to understand that you are facing the problem of the lower strap that goes between the legs – it’s short and it has an ugly terrible and large pad for softness, which give the child only inconvenience due to its size, had cut it a little and take it out, otherwise nothing. About the basket: hook it the frame is very problematic, the frame is quite hard plastic hooks close. About the material: at a closer acquaintance you notice a bunch of threads, unbroken and that places along the edges of the stroller everything is very scanty. At the first assembly, I can leave a review only such, we wait until all the slush goes away and gets warmer in order to try it on the street, but something tells me that she will not live long. I advise you to think carefully before taking this model.


Pluses: Stylish, comfortable, practical.
Minuses: Basket with a soft bottom. I had to put in a piece plywood – you can load anything.
Disadvantages: The stroller was bought in the summer of 2014, the child was 8 months old. In winter, however, when there was snow, they used sledges. We ride to So far, we will be 3 years old soon. This is our favorite stroller. For 2.2 years of operation (walks were almost every day!) never let us down. I especially want to note the stroller fabric: not molts, easily erased. Our first stroller in half a year is scary shed, and baby care, like new. I don’t know how others use this stroller that they have something breaks down there in a week, but personally We are very pleased that we bought it. Single failure for more than two years of operation – this is a tire on one rear wheel stretched and jumped, but because on smooth asphalt we are not on it rode around. There were stones, and an engraving, and pits. So that recommend!!!

Polyakova Olga

Advantages: a long and wide berth, a large cap and cheap
Disadvantages: used the stroller for only three months with her one arch on the mouthpiece broke and the bumper broke in the middle, in generally cheap nonsense only threw money away and bought pereg

Malysheva Dasha

Pluses: Large berth Huge hood All-weather, skated in winter. Warm comfortable cover on the legs. Good fabric does not fade; removable padding and basket; washable Adjustment of handles in 3 positions Rubber wheels, do not rattle Depreciation is, though not big. VERY STYLISH!
Minuses: some kind of strange raincoat, made in shape with open hood when wearing a stroller. Very uncomfortable to defend the bumper. The basket sags and blurs the curbs. Don’t fold with one hand. The center of gravity is not located correctly, and therefore it is very it’s hard to call on the curbs, you have to press the bottom foot on frame. (((
Minuses: In general, the stroller is very happy! I think not one or even two children, very high quality. Cons not critical, it is quite possible to reconcile. Weight 10 kg, but never I had to raise it with the child, it drives everywhere, in 99? Andusov drives in with all 4 wheels. Even year round walked perfectly in the snow. In general, for such a price I recommend. I think she better than its famous original)) rating 5-

Safronova Anna

Pluses: For large kids. the price is quite humane
Disadvantages: Poor maneuverability, poor wheels, poor stabilization. Heavy.
Disadvantages: The stroller is constantly led to the right. Very bad controllability. You don’t really put anything in the bag, otherwise it will be drag on the ground. Poor tire material. After 4 months, the tire of one of the wheels stretched out and began to move out. It became impossible to use. Looked on the Internet, it turns out I’m not the only one. However, no one knows where to buy a new one. wheel. I fixed this tire with silicone sealant while pah-pah holds on. Well, at least you can use the stroller. At the first child was Graco, so she served faithfully for almost 3 years. It was light, maneuverable, comfortable. And this one doesn’t even have 6 months, but already a problem. Not satisfied.

Takapopa Aporierti

Advantages: This miracle stroller withstood 2 flights to the sea and rolled two of my awkward children. She travels everywhere, lightweight, comfortable, a huge hood that covers the baby and honestly we already have 4 years, I’m still waiting for when it will fall apart already, but there is no this :))) Ciha Crack cracked on the first flight, but this one what. Super stroller.
Minuses: I did not find it, I like everything about her.

Yakovlev Igor

Pluses: Lightweight and comfortable
Minuses: Shopping basket worn quickly, bumper flimsy
Minuses: I bought this model, after the transformation, a lot retried strollers but this one lightweight, compact, maneuverable. certainly not in snowdrifts you will pass strictly on the asphalt, as for me. the cap will close completely, there is Cape on the legs, I roll a large baby from 6 months. Very happy.

Kristina Bagryanova

Pluses: Cross and maneuverability! easy, convenient, compact! Miracle stroller! Year she has us, everything that you survived! Recommended! Especially happy visor, which is completely closed to the legs, it is very convenient in heat from the sun and in winter from snow!
Minuses: not found!
Disadvantages: With active use (the stroller passed both mountains and sand, and rural impassability, and snowy roads) excellent! great that it is folding itself! Baby not Slides! Takes up little space! We are very satisfied!

Pustovalova Nadya

Pluses: large hood, removable bumper, roomy basket, can be operated with one hand (on gt4 plus model)
Minuses: the pocket is not thought out (does not close)
Disadvantages: chic stroller. I advise everyone. No cons!

Ansiforova Dashulya

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