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Short men's haircuts in 2017 delight with a variety of shapes, while fashion offers stylish options for men of all ages and professions. The main thing is to choose a haircut that suits your face type and hair properties. A good barber can do it for you, but a traditional barber usually needs clear guidance. Therefore, independently understanding your physiological characteristics and being able to personally choose the right haircut is a good way to avoid a sudden and painful change of image. Let's talk about this.

Please note: many people still tend to combine ultra-short and just short hairstyles into one group, although this is the wrong approach. Short hairstyles include not only 'hedgehogs' and 'half-boxes', but also those styling options in which the hair touches the shoulders.

Any haircuts in which the hair barely touches the shoulders can be classified as short. Any haircuts in which the hair barely touches the shoulders can be classified as short.

Face shape is the cornerstone of image selection

It is good if the hairdresser is able to give advice on choosing a hairstyle for the shape of the face. If your master is taciturn, executive and focuses exclusively on your instructions, you can only rely on yourself. The path to the perfect hairstyle starts with a mirror. It is necessary to decide on the shape of the face (not the skull!).

If it is difficult to do this visually, you can use a proven method:

  • Stand straight in front of the mirror with a felt-tip pen in hand.
  • Mark the extreme points of the beginning of hair growth on the mirror surface. If you have bangs, lift them up.
  • Mark the points of the cheekbones and the point of the chin.
  • Connect all points with lines.

You will get one of the geometric shapes to which the haircut will be selected.


A universal shape that will suit any haircut options, from radically short, for example, 'military', to 'grunge' style. You can also build a 'hedgehog'.

American military classics American military classics


The main task is to smooth out the corners, giving them roundness. For the face to take on an oval shape, it is necessary to make a high crown. All high hairstyles with a little volume on the sides are perfect for men with a square face. A 'Canadian' is definitely suitable, as well as haircuts performed in the 'undercut' format – shaved sides and whiskey while maintaining a small volume in the parietal part. There is an option, on the contrary, to emphasize the shape of the head with the help of a 'hedgehog'.

Haircut in the style of 'Canadian' Haircut in the style of 'Canadian'

A circle

It is important to lengthen the face slightly. This is achieved by styling with long bangs, which must be combed up smartly. In this case, the length of the hair should not be great, this will only aggravate the situation. A slight mess of styling is your option. Medium pompadour and tomboi work, as well as a randomly arranged bob. Ultra short haircuts are best avoided.

Bob style haircut Bob style haircut


With this face shape, it is good to leave a fairly long top of the hairstyle, while removing the temples. The bangs can also be left, but made oblique and laid on its side. “British” – if not ideal, then certainly the most versatile option.

British style haircut British styling


It differs from the triangle by a more round chin, prominent cheekbones and, possibly, deep bald patches on the sides. Such guys should not hide a wide forehead, as any attempt to mask obvious bald patches looks vulgar and ridiculous. The balding period is actually a good time to experiment, because, let's face it, nothing can save you. Why not try combining classic style with grunge style? For example, 'viking', geometric 'boxing' or 'semi-boxing. For a classic face-heart,' hedgehog ', undercut, as well as styling with bangs -' Canadian 'and' British 'are suitable.

The most famous face-heart and 'hedgehog' The most famous face-heart and 'hedgehog'

The next step is determining your hair type. Few men agree to waste precious time styling, and therefore choose more versatile ultra-short haircuts that do not require gel and hairspray. Answer yourself the following questions: 'Is my head of hair stiff or soft?', 'Is my hair straight or wavy?', 'Is it a lot' greasy '?', 'Is there a receding hairline and gray hair? take a lot of time?'. This will help determine the type of hairstyle.

Pros and cons of ultra-short haircuts

Ultra-short are styling with hair no more than 8 centimeters long. Caring for such haircuts is limited to shampooing and a systematic visit to the hairdresser to maintain shape and length. If two decades ago, ultra-short hairstyles assumed the same length of hair all over the head, today hairdressers often create gradient cuts.

Ultra-short haircuts are not recommended in the presence of moles on the head. Ultra-short haircuts are not recommended in the presence of moles on the head.

The disadvantage of gradients and ultra-short haircuts is that they cannot be done by men with large moles, scars, and also birthmarks on the head. When clipping hair with a clipper, a hairdresser can cut off a mole, which is a serious injury. Scars and birthmarks with ultra-short styling will stand out strongly, which will not decorate a man, but rather give him a hooligan or even a marginal image.

Basic ultra short haircuts

Back in the 90s of the last century, hairdressers offered no more than ten options for men's haircuts, which were indicated directly in the price list. In the 2000s, the masters created so many images that it became simply impossible to indicate the entire list. However, the basic short men's haircuts remained, and it is on their basis that a variety of variations are practiced.


A hairstyle that suits almost all men who do not have large scars or other skull defects. Hair is cut to a length of no more than 3-4 centimeters, the bangs are left short or practically removed. The temples and the back of the head are cut more strongly than the parietal part of the head. The haircut looks good on men with blond or blond hair. For dark-haired people, 'boxing' is shown only if the hair is thick enough, as the skin can be seen through a short brush.

Haircut in the style of 'Boxing' Boxing haircut


It differs from 'boxing' by a longer crown and edging on the back of the head. The transition from long to short hair is smoother. Suitable for men with all hair types, from thick to sparse, from straight to curly.

Haircut in the style of 'Half box' Half-box haircut


A haircut that has practically no transitions and assumes a certain density of hair. Combines well with an oval face type. The 'hedgehog' is not conservative, so bangs and a platform on the top of the head are also typical for him.

Hedgehog haircut Hedgehog haircut

All of these short men's haircuts are basic, variable in performance.

Medium length haircuts

All options from 8 centimeters to shoulders can be attributed to styling and midi haircuts. Such haircuts offer more options for execution, it is easier to match them to the shape of the face. A significant minus of 'midi' is the need for daily styling and regular washing of the hair, which is not very suitable for representatives of working professions. There are several basic execution formats.


A haircut option with an elongated crown and back of the head, but radically removed temples. A shaved temple will look stylish on only one side. This haircut is not recommended for men who prefer classic suits, as well as for owners of wavy hair.

Undercut haircut Undercut haircut


Suitable for rebels, as it implies a mess of styling. Such styling easily shrinks with asymmetrical bangs. Usually made on the long tops, but the whiskey is often removed to zero. Styles 'grunge' will suit men with different types of hair, and owners of curly and naughty curls will say a special 'thank you' to this style.

Styling in grunge style Styling in grunge style


Most often seen on men of Asian appearance. With this styling, hairdressers usually do not cover their ears and greatly remove the volume from the temples, leaving only the 'feathers'. The bulk of the hair remains in the parietal zone.

Gavroche style haircut Gavroche haircut

All these men's haircuts are variable. So, for example, 'gavrosh' can be either radically short with strands of hair sticking out in all directions, or long in Asian style. Almost any 'midi' can be trivially picked up in a bun, and then the hair will not require mandatory daily care and styling.

Haircut for short hair – video


Short men's haircuts these days have dozens of options. There is another, in fact, universal option: if you still experience a superstitious horror of a potty hairstyle with thinned bangs, just save the images you like on your phone. This will make it much easier for you and your master to come to an agreement.

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