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Today we have a review on the legendary collection of Reuzel men's grease lipsticks for hair care, developed by no less legendary Dutch masters from the Schorem barbershop. Men who attach importance to their appearance, if they have not yet had time to join these means, then at least have heard of them. For those who are not in the know, we will explain what barbershops are, who barbers are, why the Schorem barbershop is cool, and why a man should not contemptuously exclude the words “lipstick” from his vocabulary.

History for those who are not in the subject

Schorem barbershop team Schorem barbershop team

Lipstick literally translates from French as 'ointment' (French pommade), and the word itself is of Roman origin (Latin pomum – apple). In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, 'lipstick' was a hair care product that did not have gender discrimination: the good sir wanted beautiful and well-groomed hair – why not? Other good sirs and simple artisan people would not let go of jokes at the mod, because self-care for a man at that time was a common, albeit expensive, practice. But with lip paint – the so-called lipstick – pommade became associated after the 'lipstick boom' that occurred in the United States in 1915 (they released lipstick in a tube). In other words, calling grease a 'lipstick' is not just not shameful, but old-school correct.

Barbershop comes from the English phrase barber shop, where barber means 'broad-hearted barber', shop means 'atelier'. Do not confuse a barbershop with a hairdresser for girls and boys, and the masters of an endangered type of male hairdressing – brutal, rigorous, classic haircuts and wet shaving with a straight razor – with a hairdresser or (in no case!) With a stylist. Barbershop is a men's club where real men come to put themselves in order, discuss football and women, spend time with interest and benefit.

Schorem Barbershop in Rotterdam Schorem Barbershop in Rotterdam

This is exactly the place Schorem barbershop is – an old and atmospheric place that originated in the working center of Rotterdam, Netherlands. This is where the legend originates – the collection of real men's Reuzel Pomade, which is used today only by real 'alphas': from bikers and football hooligans to businessmen and politicians.

Chips and features of the use of Reuzel greases

There are many hair care products in the Reuzel collection, but it was lipstick that caught the main wave of hype back in 2014. It is not surprising, because these are first-class fixatives for any length and type of hair. Reuzel translated from Dutch means 'fat', which is also a cool, old-school reference for knowledgeable people, because the main component for the production of that very 'real' lipstick was fat from pork (or other) lard with the addition of aromatic substances, most often – apple pulp (hence the Roman pomum, in translation – apple).

You can read the technical characteristics of Reuzel greases in the catalog. Now let's focus on the features of the application and chips.

Reuzel Red (water based)

Reuzel Red requires no special skills and is ideal for slick-style lovers Reuzel Red requires no special skills and is ideal for slick-style lovers

This is one of the most famous products from Schorem. Gives hair a noble matte shine, comparable to a fresh coat of paint on your favorite vintage car. The level of fixation is higher than the average (medium), but it does not reach the strong (heavy) either. Ideal for athletes with medium hair and slick style lovers. But for the same 'bump' you will need a certain skill in styling, so for beginners it is better to choose the Pink version for its formation.

The tool will perfectly preserve the hairstyle during training or in the process of active work during the day; styling can be quickly corrected literally with your hands. It will not be effective for short or long hair, it is better to choose Grease in the Green or Clay version. The color is dark yellow (someone is pale orange). The scent in the box – vanilla, when applied to the palms or hair, gives off a drop and quickly dissipates.



ReuzelPink Heavy Hold

Reuzel Pink provides a hard hold and allows maximum styling control Reuzel Pink provides a hard hold and allows maximum styling control

Despite the 'hard' fixation, quite comparable with hair gel, it allows maximum control over styling. The same lipstick used for the famous classic hairstyle. The degree of control over the styling is so great that even beginners who do not have very 'straight' hands can grind a 'bump' or epic 'pompadour' on their own. Hair does not become brittle, as with a gel, but a cap can be felt on the head (depending on the style and length of the hair).

On the other hand, Grease is quite difficult to apply. This is not so noticeable for medium lengths, but in the process of forming long hair, it can be difficult to apply evenly over the entire length. This is not to say that beginners will not cope with the application, but until you gain experience in this matter, the results may not always be good. It has a waxy pallor and is waxy to the touch. The aroma is apple and chewing gum.



Reuzel Green Medium Hold

Reuzel Green is perfect for owners of unruly and curly hair Reuzel Green is perfect for owners of unruly and curly hair

Medium fixation grease based on beeswax. A highly versatile product that even beginners can do wonders with. The main feature: when applying lipstick to dry hair, the strongest fixation is provided, and application even to long hair does not require a hairdryer, several types of combs and other dances with a tambourine.

The product is perfect for owners of long, unruly and curly hair, for example, lovers of the Voyage haircut. Yellow color. The grease is creamy to the touch. The aroma is 'old school' – apple with hints of peppermint.



Reuzel Blue Strong Hold High (water based)

Reuzel Blue provides strong hold and long-lasting matte shine Reuzel Blue provides strong hold and long-lasting matte shine

Ideal for psychobilly and rockabilly hairstyles, dashing elvis, social gatherings and just that. Color – beige. The aroma has warm, barely noticeable sweet vanilla tones.



Reuzel clay matte pomade

Reuzel Clay is ideal for short to medium hair, sweat-proof Reuzel Clay is ideal for short to medium hair, sweat-proof

Choice of owners of short hair. Super cool sweat-proof formula for tactile, flexible hold and a noble matte sheen in the sun. Great for active men, including those with short hair.

Have you seen these guys in foreign films with a perfect 'hedgehog' on their heads, which does not break in shootouts, or in gyms, or in bed with a girl? This is the case. The aroma and color are neutral.



What the entire Reuzel line has in common

Reuzel Pomade have different degrees of hold for different hair lengths Reuzel Pomade have different degrees of hold for different hair lengths

Regardless of the design, Reuzel greases have several things in common:

  • Easy to wash off. Grease from your hands can be washed off with plain running water or even wiped off with a damp cloth. From the head, the product is washed off in one or two soaping (depending on the length of the hair), or soaping + balm.
  • All products immediately after application give shine of varying degrees of activity, which, however, almost completely disappears during the day (but remains noticeable in the sun). If you are looking for long-lasting shine, then Reuzel Blue is your choice.
  • Even though some lipsticks are water-based and wash off easily, light rain won't hurt your styling by Reuzel. On the contrary, shine will return, elasticity will increase.
  • Quite an economical expense. The product is applied a little bit at the fingertips. Hands pass through the hair easily, which is important not only for 'waterbays', but for the entire line, including Pink.
  • Grease is very practical and easy to use. They are all-season and all-weather, and for their application you do not need a hairdryer, a collection of combs, barber skills, 'Jupiter in the seventh house' and other things. And in the case of Reuzel Red, in general, only your (albeit inept) hands are enough.

It should be noted separately that grease remains soft on the hair all day long, does not dry out or crumble.


The product from the masters of the barbershop Schorem turned out to be interesting and practical. Combining oil and water based bases, as well as different degrees of fixation for different hair lengths, the line will suit both a sweaty day at the gym, and a busy day in the office or a dashing party with friends by the pool or in a bar.

Friends, have you had any experience with the grease from the Reuzel line? Let's share in the comments and compare impressions. This will help those who have not yet decided on their choice.

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