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We talked a lot about hairstyles and haircuts, but until this moment we have not mentioned that hair styling is also an important component of the style. Pay attention to actors, stars and just public people with beautiful hair? All this is the result of special male hair styling products. Do not assume that all this is the skill of a hairdresser. In most cases, good styling can be done at home. So, consider hair waxes, hair pomade, grease and other men's hair styling products in our article today. Go!

Hair styling plays an important role in men's style. Over the past 100-120 years, the variety of men's hairstyles has become so great that everyone can find the perfect one for themselves. At the same time, a variety of hair styling and styling products appeared. Among them: hair pomade, hair spray, hair wax, mousses, pastes, clay and others. We'll talk about them later. However, the history of hair styling began much earlier and is worth telling about it.

Hair styling history

People began to practice hair styling many thousands of years ago. To do this, they used various resins and fats of vegetable or animal origin. When analyzing ancient Egyptian mummies, hair samples were taken and examined. It turned out that during life and at the time of mummification, a gel based on animal fat was used. Scientists from the University of Manchester (England) examined 18 mummies. The oldest with samples of hair styling products was approximately 3,500 years old. In Ireland, the remains of an ancient man were found who lay in a swamp for a long time. Radiocarbon analysis showed that the age of the remains was between 392 BC. and 201 BC It turned out that a gel based on pine wax was used to style the hair, which was imported from Spain or southwestern France.

Hair Styling Catalog 1905-1906 Hair Styling Catalog 1905-1906

The main stage in the development of hair styling products fell on the XIX-XX centuries. At this time, lipsticks and hair waxes based on beeswax or petroleum jelly appeared, which replaced bear and pork fat. In the middle of the 20th century, hair gels were invented, then mousses and varnishes. We will consider in more detail the history of these products in separate articles of the heading for hair care.

Why care about styling and styling your hair?

The style of a modern gentleman is unthinkable without a good hairstyle and hair styling. Please note that almost any girl takes care of her haircut and hairstyle. Do you think they will celebrate the fact that the willows care about their hair or not? The answer is obvious. According to a survey among girls aged 20-25 years, 3 out of 4 said that a man's hairstyle and good styling strongly motivates people to get acquainted and makes a good impression.

Hair types

Before you buy a whole bunch of hair styling products, you need to determine your hair type. What types are there?

  1. Thick and thick hair;
  2. Sparse and fine hair;
  3. Curly hair;
  4. Very frizzy hair (afro);
  5. With a receding hairline.

Thick and thick hair Hair with receding hair Curly hair Very curly hair (afro) Sparse and fine hair

Choosing a styling product without knowing what hair type you have is like buying a suit or shoes without knowing your size. But if wearing clothes is not harmful to health, then there can be problems with styling products. For example, if you have thin hair and decide to style it with products with strong hold (hairspray, for example), then your already thin hair may start to fall out.

Of course, the listed hair types are not an exhaustive list, however, it gives a general idea.

Types of hair styling products

Once you dive deeper into the subject of hair styling products, you will feel dizzy with the variety of products and their types. In truth, many products are generally referred to as 'lipstick' or 'wax' just because the marketer thought it would be better for sales. While in composition and consistency, the product will resemble a gel. Therefore, we will try to make some clarity in the description of the types of styling products for men's hair and have prepared a reference for you on the terms in the description.

Term Category What do they mean
Shine / Shine, Wet Hair type Shiny hair or 'wet' looking hair.
Matt / dry Hair type Matte shade of hair, as if the hair was not styled with anything.
Texture Hair type The ability to create layered hairstyles
Fixing force Strength How strongly the hair is fixed
Flexibility Mobility Is it possible to redo the hairstyle without rinsing off the product?

So, today on sale there are such hair styling products as: gels, lipsticks, waxes, grease, clay mixtures, mousses. Of course, there is also hairspray, but this is already a means for fixing hair, not styling. Let's take a look at each tool separately.

Hair styling gel

Hair styling gel Hair pomade Hair pomade

Hair pomade or grease is made on a petroleum jelly base with the addition of wax and oil. By the way, bear fat was used as a basis for making hair pomade. It gives shine and manageability to hair, while allowing you to change your hairstyle throughout the day. Lipstick is great for back comb or other complex styling. As with the gel, lipstick adds a little shine to the hair. However, hair pomade is not suitable for fine and thin hair; don't use too much lipstick if you have thick hair. If the amount of lipstick is in excess, the hair will look greasy and unkempt.

How is lipstick better than gel? The lipstick will help to make the hair look more neat and 'wet', and the hairstyle can be styled and changed throughout the day.

How to use lipstick for hair: Take a small amount of lipstick with your finger and rub it between your palms until it is warm. Apply the pomade quickly and evenly to wet or dry hair.

Suitable for styling styles:

Hair pomade - styling styles

Suitable for hair types: fine, curly and even curly. Suitable for all hair lengths. The only limitation is the oily hair. Do not use on very oily or greasy hair. Before applying, be sure to wash your hair.

Hair wax

Hair wax

Suitable for hair types: Avoid using for fine hair. Use for short, textured cuts.



How is hair wax different from hair pomade?

Traditionally, the difference between wax and lipstick is that lipstick adds more oily sheen, while wax or grease provides more hold at moderate shine. Regular lipstick uses oils or fats, while wax uses natural wax. Sorry for the tautology =)

However, today these concepts are confused, as wax is present in lipstick for hair with a strong hold. In turn, fatty compounds (petrolatum, for example) or oils are added to the greases or waxes.

Matting products

Matting products

Suitable for hair types: Suitable for fine, thick or curly hair of any length.

Hair mousse

Hair mousse

Suitable for hair types: fine to normal hair.

Fixing products

In addition to styling products, as we mentioned, there are styling fixing products. The most common remedy is hairspray. It is an additional tool that will fix the styling even better and you will not have to worry about your hairstyle for the rest of the day. I think it's worth dwelling on the varnish in more detail.

Polish for hair

Polish for hair

Suitable for hair types: for all hair types.

How to style your hair quickly and stylishly – video


I hope you have an understanding of which hair styling products are best for you. Of course, the easiest way is to go to an experienced stylist, who will advise you on the hairstyle, styling and even sell you the products that suit you best. Alternatively, you can try experimenting with your hair and styling at home. Start with an ordinary hair gel of a popular brand and only then switch to more expensive professional products (and it is better to start right away with expensive ones). Add some polish and style to your hair, especially if you are going to a party or shaping the image of a stylishly dressed gentleman. The entire hairstyle and styling is like a visiting card when you meet, which doesn't have to be bad.

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