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A shaved head is not for everyone. If you are very thin, have an odd head shape or scalp problems, then baldness is not the best choice. When you decide to do this, remember that bald head requires constant care. But in case this does not scare you, then knowing how to shave your head is important to get an excellent result. Shaving your head will drastically change your appearance, so it may take a while to get used to. Many men look great with a shaved head. But to cope with this, you need to be confident in your appearance. Better to shave your head for the first time at the start of the weekend to give you time to get used to your new look before friends and colleagues see you. Give yourself half an hour to get it done the first time. It's a little more difficult than shaving your face, but the process is similar. If you think you're ready, let's get started!

NOTE: There is nothing more unattractive than a bald head full of cuts, rashes, and unwashed hair. It is important that you prepare your hair, shave properly, and take care of your skin. Don't miss any of the following steps. The first shave will take about 30 minutes. With time and practice, this routine will be reduced to 10 minutes.

Preparing to shave your head

For those who shave for the first time. The first step in shaving your head is to remove as much hair as possible. Using a clipper, remove hair as close to the scalp as possible.

First of all, remove long hair with a machine First of all, remove long hair with a machine

Always shave your head after or after showering to soften hair, open pores, and clear skin. Your shower should last at least 10 minutes. This will lift your hair for an easier shave. Then apply shaving cream and leave it on for a few minutes to soften your hair even more. Stay away from gels and products containing menthol, which clogs pores. The shaving cream is carefully applied with a hair brush to soften and lift the hair. Never skimp on hair care products. This is vital for a good head shave!



Before shaving, you must exfoliate your scalp before applying the shaving cream. Use a loofah or a special face scrub for this purpose.

Shaving head

Always carry a small hand mirror with you to control shaving from all angles. You don't want to miss anything. Shave your head by the sink and make sure you have bright lighting. Proper lighting is essential.

Use a clean, sharp razor. Start by shaving in the direction of hair growth. This will minimize cuts, irritation, ingrown hairs and burns. Move the shaver sideways and back and then up and down. Avoid pressure (you don't need wounds or cuts) and flush the blade frequently. Calm down, be attentive and patient. You shouldn't rush or look awkward during this process.

Shaving cream has a huge impact on shaving quality Shaving cream has a huge impact on shaving quality

After shaving, apply a small amount of lather to your hands and rub your entire head, checking for any rough spots (sometimes not visible), especially behind the ears and on the back of the neck. Go through the missing spots again. To do this, apply the product again and lightly sweep the razor against hair growth. Be aware that shaving the area can cause burns, so try to avoid this by driving lightly and gently without applying pressure. If you cut yourself, apply a styptic pencil or alum shaving stone to the area. After shaving, rinse your hair with cool water to tighten the pores.

If using a shaving brush, always hang the brush down on the bristle dryer. Shave your head daily. The process will be easier with regularity.

How to care for a bald head

You will need to moisturize and protect your skin. A good gel or balm is the key to leaving your skin soft, smooth and protected.

Men's skin care products are a must for bald head Men's skin care products are a must for bald head

Remember, you should always wear sunscreen on your head. The skin on your scalp is more sensitive and highly susceptible to skin cancer. We recommend using a self-tanning cream rather than prolonged sun exposure. Over time, your scalp will take on a color without the need for self-tanning cream. Be sure to get a high-quality self-tanner and test it on a hidden body part to make sure the color looks natural. Otherwise, you have to walk with a big, orange, bald head! 🙂

Shaving daily or every other day will provide better results and help you look fresh. The shaved haircut is so common now that several companies make products only for bald guys. Yes, yes, there are also many care products here. So if you were hoping to avoid styling products, there are many other baldness products waiting for you.


Now that you know how to shave properly, just have the courage to go and do it! Still a little nervous about possible changes in your appearance? Just remember that if that doesn't work, your hair will grow back before you even realize it. So keep your shaved head up high and be sure!

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