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REDMOND RI-C222 Specifications

General characteristics

Power 2200 watts
Sole ceramics
Continuous steam yes, adjustable
Automatic steam adjustment not
Steam boost yes, vertical steam
Spray function there is

Safety and security

Auto shut off there is
Anti-scale system there is
Self cleaning system there is
Drip system there is


Network cable ball mount to housing
Cord length 1.8 m


Equipment beaker

REDMOND RI-C222 Reviews

Advantages: Simple and easy to use. Clever! Very convenient! Auto power off system is what you need for the forgetful! Ceramic sole. Nothing leaking. I admire. Comfortable. a pen.
Minuses: not found. None of the minuses described below discovered – read the instructions
Minuses: very good. My polaris burned out, serving about 2 years Often cauterized and dripped. Went on advertising redmond. Watched the entire line of redmond, and stopped exactly on this model. And not failed! I took a share in technosile for 2299. The quality is not worse than for irons for 5-6 thousand. Really, redmond-5 +

Stulnikova Oksana

Disadvantages: Two days after the expiration of the warranty period, burned out

Mil Alexandra

Advantages: Price. Appearance.
Disadvantages: 1. When ironing, water leaks, wet spots on the linen 2. Weak steam boost, spits out steam in a couple of seconds and wait further until it warms up again. 3. The surface is dirty after 2 weeks after starting use.
Minuses: Once again I was convinced that to buy similar OEM brands, it’s taking a pig in a poke, as lucky. Previous Philips 2965 honestly served 10 years without any complaints, the water did not flow and steam lasted 20-30 seconds, and the surface began to get dirty only through several years of use, after scratches.


Pluses: Heats up quickly and cools quickly. There is a function automatic shutdown of the iron, if necessary. Glides well.
Minuses: Very quickly clogged. Spits rust, tired run blur spots. Although from the very beginning I used raw filtered water. I cleaned according to the instructions, though with the addition weak citric acid solution. Saves for a while – a couple of ironing – and everything is new. The sole quite often burns, I use pencil for cleaning.
Minuses: I am very sorry about the old dumped in the trash, but “healthy” Soviet iron. I poured boiled water into it, I used it already and I won’t say how many years (they don’t live so much))). I decided to change it to a more modern one, I bought Bosch, I don’t remember the model. And it’s not a cheap one! I served about 3 years, the sole was always wet. Thank God it burned down. I took this model as a replacement, in the first place rejoiced. But, unfortunately, the joy was short-lived. Output did this: even though the manufacturer recommends pouring raw tap water is complete bullshit (sorry for vulgarism). Ditch both the iron (and this is what they need) and your things. Use boiled filtered water, then the iron will still serve.

Sukhoveeva Elvira

Pluses: very harmonious model, with external attractiveness is quite light and perfectly smooths.
Minuses: I do not see.
Minuses: Cord of sufficient length, nice design, elegant inserts, but the main thing is the ease of the model. Hand not straining from gravity, and the quality of ironing is excellent. Many modes and Steam boost is for complex jammed fabrics.

Somova Marina

Advantages: Ceramic sole is better than usual, very softly glides, low price, there is a steam boost.
Disadvantages: Perhaps everyone is happy.
Minuses: I noticed that the price is low, and the sole ceramic, power is good, modes are easy to switch, safely. Ceramics glides over any fabric, like silk. Lucky model.

Yakimenko Anna

Pluses: a great iron doesn’t make it look nice slips
Minuses: little water is cleaned
Disadvantages: an excellent iron is easy and convenient to iron sticks well glides

Kadabnyuk Valentine

Advantages: The price corresponds to the quality, wonderful performs its direct function!
Minuses: I didn’t find fault with the iron, it suits me completely!
Minuses: Lightweight, stylish, does not take up much space when storage, sufficiently long cord, excellent steam supply with which you can easily smooth out a wide variety of fabrics, even the most hard and wrinkled. For all the time using water leaks or other problems were not found. Satisfied with the purchase, the iron is very good!

Bad Karina

Advantages: Ideal form for hard-to-reach places of linen, especially small (child), the ability to control steam boost also an indispensable thing, like the ability to control release steam in vertical and horizontal position, very good in safety against steam burns, also pleased with the protection against scale, overheating and leakage.
Minuses: The steam nozzle would not hurt, it would be ideal in inaccessible places to iron.
Minuses: Overall ironing pleases every day, slip perfect, easy to iron dense fabrics with increased steam boost, in general, there were no serious comments on this ironing.

eskina elena

Pluses: Well steams things. The kit has a convenient a glass for water gulf. Easy to handle and weight. there is auto shut off function. For me it was important when choosing models.
Disadvantages: for the entire time of use, until I discovered
Minuses: I chose the iron for a long time, so that the price and quality of me arranged. I’m glad I bought this particular iron!

Preminina Natalya

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