Polaris PIR 2468AK

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Specifications Polaris PIR 2468AK

General characteristics

Power 2400 W
Sole ceramics
Continuous steam there is, with adjustment, up to 50 g / min
Automatic steam adjustment not
Steam boost there is 165 g / min
Spray function there is
Volume 500 ml water tank

Safety and security

Auto shut off there is
Self cleaning system there is
Drip system there is


Button Groove there is
Network cable ball mount to housing

Polaris PIR 2468AK Reviews

Pluses: It’s hard to talk about virtues when so much disadvantages
Minuses: 1. There is a notch on the nose, probably under the buttons, but it it is wide and when ironing collects fabric, immediately smoothing it into a crease. which you can’t smooth out on every fabric 2. In the photo of the sole there is a mass holes. Do not be mistaken! These are decorative impressions, in fact openings for steam exit in one row, along the edge and grooves, for sole distribution, NO. AND! there is a hole in the above notch, thanks to a couple of it, the folds are smoothed out to death. 3. Relative disadvantage – the length of the cord, = 2 m, I have It was longer, on the previous iron, freer with in work. 4. Maybe just for me, but the steam buttons protrude above the handle, the edges are quite sharp and when ironed constantly press on the base forefinger. Painfully!!
Minuses: I’m going to take it.

Loginova Olga

Pluses: Great job
Disadvantages: For their amount – they are not

Zhukov Egor

Pluses: Well, that’s all I like about price, design, ergonomics, large water tank, sole material, auto shutdown (works, by the way, as stated), quality materials (does not smell plastic), good steam boost, reliability (works, for now, from 04.24.2017). But with ironing, some clear “hat” (see comments). Button groove – should be convenient, but I still do not understand the “chips”.
Minuses: Rather nitpicking. 1. Nowhere to wind the wire (for storage). 2. There is no clothespin on the wire to fix it minimized condition. 3. The feeling that he does not warm at 2400W (see comm)
Disadvantages: I bought it on 04.24.2017, after reading the reviews on the Market. At each ironing, I have a strong feeling that he: then whether it is not 2400W at all, or it is faulty and does not heat up to full power. This was found out in its practical use by the direct purpose – ironing, oddly enough. 🙂 Generally, it manifests itself like this – dry items of any type with steam iron perfectly with the choice resp. pace. mode, but the slightly wet things that me and embarrassed, also stroking, but not drying to the end, for some reason. More precisely, it dries, but not in the way it was done by my previous Philips (also 2400W). He spent a couple of times and it’s done. And here you drive you drive in one place, but it, the infection, is wet and that’s it. Annoying, in general. Shirts, trousers and fine fabrics a little faster, but still longer than usual, and all sorts there towels, linens, etc. even longer.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: useful features, quickly heats up
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: I have been using the iron for several months now, moreover I’m ironing every day, as there is a small child in the house. Bye problems there were no, the clothes are ironed well, heats up quickly, you can configure it to the desired mode, I also liked that there is button groove. Also pleased that there is an automatic shutdown, you can not think whether the iron turned off and everything in security.

Slepokurova Anna

Pros: Strong steam boost
Disadvantages: I bought an iron, and after 2 weeks the steam button sunk. I went to the store – exchanged. In a week, the same thing! Taken to sersis center – recognized as unsuitable for repair. I went to the store already given the same from another batch – it flowed from the very first ironing water by the stream! I went to the store changed to a completely different iron. As the store said that it was he and should be: a light bulb extinguished – the surface, the light came on – do not surface. I’m into it I doubtfully believe that the first two didn’t. Quality plastas bad. I do not advise anyone to take it!
Minuses: In the third photo, the iron is in a puddle that he made while heating up.

Elena Globenko

Advantages: good sole of the iron, power, acceptable price
Minuses: not found
Minuses: Choose from low-cost models, settled on I didn’t regret such an iron. Excellent ironing, very high quality ceramic sole and comfortable button groove.

Golubeva Tatyana

Advantages: ceramic sole, self-cleaning, steam boost, not very expensive
Minuses: I did not notice
Minuses: Ironing perfectly, no marks on clothes, the sole is ceramic, glides well. There is still a groove for buttons, it is very convenient when ironing. I tried and vertically steam, not bad for an iron. For such a price, I think that iron is five points.

Shubina Oksana

Advantages: Light weight, safe if you forget to disconnect, roomy for water
Disadvantages: until I see the disadvantages
Minuses: I bought focusing on reviews from YAMarket and not I regret it. Excellent light iron, the sole warms up evenly, probably this is the merit of the ceramic sole, to which nothing sticks and does not stick, even if I am mistaken with the setting temperature. Half a liter of water for steaming gets into the iron itself – with long ironing of big things you do not need to often run to the kitchen for topping up.

Markina Diana

Pluses: value for money, excellent ironing
Minuses: None.
Minuses: Lightweight, easy to iron. Hard to reach places irones well, and I also like that the steamer is very powerful. The water tank is large enough – half a liter, so as not to running around with jars all the time. In general, I am satisfied – inexpensive iron that combines all the necessary modern specifications. Particularly sophisticated models do not like, because half you don’t use functions anyway, but they cost too much. This I like the iron)

Onegin Diana

Pluses: A fairly large list of useful features: feed steam, vertical steam, auto shut off, prevents the creation of a fire hazard, descaling and anti-drip system.
Disadvantages: Fortunately, there are no shortcomings in the operation of the device found. I think it will work for me for many more years.
Minuses: A good household iron company Polaris bought a pair months ago. It copes with its main function far not bad. Ceramic sole coating prevents adhesion to material and also it is much more convenient to clean it.

Everyday Angela

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