Philips GC9650 PerfectCare Silence

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Specifications of the Philips GC9650 PerfectCare Silence

General characteristics

Power 2400 W
Sole T-ionicGlide
Steam generator yes, maximum steam pressure 7.5 bar, hose length 2 m
Continuous steam there is, with adjustment, up to 150 g / min
Automatic steam adjustment there is
Steam boost yes, 500 g / min, vertical steam
Spray function not
Volume 1800 ml water tank

Safety and security

Auto shut off there is
Anti-scale system there is
Drip system not


Cord length 1.8 m

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 23. 3×28.5x4five. 3 cm
Weight 5.1 kg

Philips GC9650 PerfectCare Silence reviews

Pluses: irones perfectly and effortlessly, very light iron slides on fabric Large volume of water compartment Can be added water Itself turns itself off regulates the temperature, nothing burns even if you leave the iron on the fabric Sheets and curtains can iron, folding several times, the steam boost is enough, to iron everything
Minuses: The body is flimsy. Still, you need a special ironing board for steam generators, preferably active, otherwise the usual one absorbs steam and gets wet, so you need to wait to iron further until dry
Minuses: I would like more colors to choose. It is a pity that no active ironing board from Philips, so that you can connect together and they worked synchronously as professional models

Molester pervert

Advantages: – light, heavy part with water, can stand on semi (long cords) – really irones well, faster and easier than iron – it’s convenient to put it hot anywhere and not be afraid of what burning
Disadvantages: – the ironing board becomes wet, it is not clear what to do with it – you need to immediately hang things carefully otherwise there will be folds

Slavinsky Victor

Pluses: very stylish, lightweight and comfortable in exploitation
Minuses: There is nothing to compare. I did not find any flaws

Sapronov Eugene

Pluses: Spectacular appearance. Steam gives really powerful relative to any other devices of this kind (like this manufacturer, and everyone else).
Disadvantages: Deep disappointment, both in this model and in class of similar devices in general! Plain Iron Philips Azur GC 4870 gives a better result, without excess dampness, troubles with placement and cost 4 times cheaper! I’m trying to return the goods to the store.
Minuses: I bought two days ago, after the wishes from my wife – supposedly there is such a thing – just a class, let’s try. Read reviews I chose for a long time, I was even at a demonstration in the store. Bought as top-of-the-line model “the best of the best” in its class … No limit. Over 24,000 – this is not even a replacement for the iron! This is a technique for ironing synthetics and light tissues, and get ready for things will be wet, and the board and even the floor beneath it will be wet! Maybe for things with shuttlecocks and complex undercuts (women’s clothing) is really a solution, but not for 100% cotton shirts, t-shirts, towels and bedding! Complex cotton will not iron, everything the rest of the list – ironing like an iron for 5-8.000 (the same Philips Azur) only with great difficulties – linen becomes strong wet and hot, while turning it over – additional folds, not to mention the size of the device and the need for it pour water constantly. Thick cotton (including shirts) at strong jamming this unit simply can not smooth! Too low temperature of the sole and steam will not help here, iron these things with an ordinary iron at the highest temperature separately! Some kind of absurdity! It’s amazing that such obvious shortcomings few write, the impression is that reviews on irons only custom-made ones are written with steam generators. Just furious for this divorce. You can’t keep silent about such things!

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Pluses: Easy. Compact. Ironing sheets and towels folded several times. Time saving.
Disadvantages: 1. Price. 2. The iron itself looks very flimsy. 3.Some kind of plastic is too creaky. 4. It works loudly. 5.A lot of moisture remains on the board, and sometimes on the floor. Dripping with boards! 6. Almost all laundry is wet. Fold and fold immediately in the closet is not worth it. It is necessary that the laundry lay down for several minutes. I AM lay out on the couch. 7. The iron is fixed with a button to its base and then you can grab the entire structure by the handle. So, one once the base fell off, and the iron remained in the hand. I had to use my legs mitigate the hit on the floor. Everything is working.
Disadvantages: Bought in September 2016 for 22,000 rubles. On my look VERY expensive. Before that there was a philips azur 4340 iron. Great model, worked for more than 10 years. Long read, choose, consulted and decided to take gc 9650. Prior to this, a steam generator never used. In principle, stroking. Time shortened ironing, but constant drying after ironing is a bit annoying! If the price were 12-15 thousand rubles, then I would give a rating of 4.

Ermokhin Vladimir

Pluses: Very good steam generator.
Minuses: None.
Minuses: I liked the steam generator very much, ironing and shirts and skirt suits. And this is very important in everyday life. big in my look the water tank. Excellent strokes, steams the curtains. Since with curtains is very difficult. For me it’s not big. There is nothing to configure it is necessary. Irones all fabrics.

Konovalova Claudius

Pluses: Comparable to a regular good iron
Minuses: Does not meet the specifications
Disadvantages: Previously, they used the Philips iron for about 10 years Azur. The wife was very pleased. Therefore, when the deadline came write off the iron on retirement, the choice was only between the models of Philips. Having studied the characteristics and having read laudatory reviews, of which 99.9% of the Internet, I decided to buy my wife “the most modern, the most powerful “ironing unit is this one. And here it was brought. The battle I’ll say: my wife is disappointed, and I bite my elbows because of the spent of money. So why: a steam boost is claimed, but with a double pressing a button (as written in the instructions for steam boost) just starts a constant supply of steam; powerful feed claimed steam, but when turned on constantly, good power is held just a few seconds, and then falls significantly; stated that “you can now iron any taknas that can be ironed without temperature adjustment “, but this is an outright lie: in the instructions it is written that you can not iron spandex, elastane, etc. and EVEN (!) fabrics containing these materials (on the old iron all this was perhaps turning the knob for this was not difficult); vertical steaming – sad song: tried to steam curtains and tulle – as they hung with folds, they remained; finally, many write that the ironing process has become much easier and faster, but it seems to me, if compared with old grandmother’s irons, – Compared to the previous iron, we did not notice any difference. IN As a result, the device, in my opinion, should cost like a good iron – not more. I would like to return the money and buy a good iron from the same Philips. Now there is a promotion: when buying in certain shops are given 30 days to “test drive”, and if you don’t like it, then you can pass. Better buy there, so as not to be disappointed, like us: we, unfortunately, bought in a store not covered by this the stock, which was found out after the purchase. By the way, on the Philips website I tried to leave a review three times – never passed.

Venin Vladimir

Advantages: Lightweight, ironing perfectly both bed linen and clothes. ironing time is much less than ironing, quality Ironing is excellent. Thrilled with the steam generator !!!
Minuses: No
Minuses: Excellent steam generator

Sergeeva Elena

Pluses: Ironing well after regular iron
Minuses: Awful and flimsy plastic ironing, ironing creaks, in hands, like a Chinese toy
Minuses: I bought, having read reviews, in vain … Before that I was Philips iron, already 15 years old, and the child dropped it. Everything is working. And on this wife immediately began to complain, he strokes something well, only Feeling from ironing, as if using cheap Chinese. The iron creaks. I handed over to the service, kept for 2 weeks, in the end they said that the station was working, and even the master at acceptance surprised by the flimsy … We will use it until it breaks, it will probably break soon, and they will say that it’s not a warranty case, but a mechanical breakdown … Sorry for the money spent …

Komissarov Alexey

Pluses: Design
Minuses: Steam is not impressive. The quality of work is far from as high as price
Disadvantages: Talked with the seller of one of the largest chains. He said that how many buyers did not ask – not one I came across who would admit that he writes reviews. Question – who writes? ))) I decided to leave honest and impartial. Why? Yes because Wow, the effect you expected to receive did not happen. Not about which acceleration in ironing is several times higher than usual iron and speech can not be. Where is 7.5 Bar I do not know. Steam of course goes, and I’m not a physicist, but it’s expected that there’s just a geyser take place. But there is no such thing. Ironing is not very impressive compared with the iron for 2000r. Bottom line – do not get fooled! It’s not worth it! Unless of course money is not a pity. Better buy with saved money just a good iron and flowers for the children who got ice cream. All the best.

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