Pampers Premium Care 2 diapers (3-6 kg) 148 PCS.

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Specifications Pampers Diapers Premium Care 2 (3-6 kg) 148 PCS.

General characteristics

A type diapers
Floor for boys and girls
Child weight 3 – 6 kg
Filling indicator there is
Reusable Velcro there is
Number of pieces per pack 148
Additional Information three absorbent channels help evenly distribute moisture on the surface of the diaper, providing dryness up to 12 hours; delicate diamond-shaped inner layer creates a feeling first-class softness and airiness; do not constrain movement elastic stretching sidewalls protect against leaks and do not crush the skin; There are reliable Velcro fasteners; cutout for tummy; thanks to special micropores, the outer layer provides natural air circulation, reduces the level of vapor inside diaper, and as a result, reduces the risk of dermatitis; a strip that changes yellow to blue prompts diaper change time

Reviews about Pampers Diapers Premium Care 2 (3-6 kg) 148 PCS.

Pluses: Soft, filling indicator
Disadvantages: skin irritation, skin sticking, feces throughout pope
Minuses: Used Huggies Elite Soft – excellent diapers, but ran out, and urgently bought pampers. it like heaven and earth. in diapers there is no pocket for feces, that is all, that the baby is pumping up, he will remain smeared on the pope, and because this priest turns red like a tomato. There are small depression where all feces disappear, irritation happens, but not so pronounced. 2) diapers “stick” to the pope as Scotch. 3) there is an indicator of filling in a color-changing strip. this is the only plus. at the Hages such not

Yudin Dmitry

Advantages: Compact, there is a cutout for the navel.
Minuses: Absorb poorly, skin is wet. They smell very much perfume.
Minuses: Horrible diapers, no one is allowed recommend.

Gatia askar

Pluses: Very soft Moisture indicator
Minuses: Price There were leaks
Minuses: Very good diapers for the newborn, namely sizes 1-2, then for some reason, as if completely different! Very, very soft inside, did not rub, did not cause irritation. Moisture indicator – a convenient thing, you can monitor the filling. They absorb moisture quickly and become dry, so I recommend it, but It is small in size.


Advantages: Soft, comfortable, well absorb
Minuses: Price
Disadvantages: In addition to the price, there are no shortcomings in these diapers. I … them specially bought for sleep, others just can not stand the big amount of moisture, and these easily. Even a very full diaper is not leaves wet traces on a napkin if applied to it. The diapers on the diaper are soft, it is convenient to nip it. In general, if not the price, I would only buy them, but to save on daylight I take the time cheaper, with a camomile for example.

Andreeva Anna

Advantages: From the very first day they began to use them, baby sleeps the night quietly, the accumulation is even, and very good showed in the heat. I liked the clasps – reliable in motion.
Disadvantages: tried others for cheaper and returned to these


Pluses: Soft, have a moisture indicator, good absorbency
Minuses: Bad smell
Minuses: I really liked these diapers. These were ours the very first diapers. I would love to use them and further, but faced with the fact that diapers size 3 is very strong stink. The smell is very sharp, chemical. Before that I bought sizes 1 and 2, the smell was normal, barely noticeable, but the three stink unrealistic. In addition, there are no minuses. Diapers are very soft with two parties. The filler does not crumple, the liquid is distributed evenly. Never leaked, stand the night. There are rubber bands around the legs. The price is high, but the diapers are really good ones.

Sarana Elena

Advantages: soft, do not stray, there is a strip indicator
Disadvantages: price
Minuses: One of the very first diapers. Price of course bites. But very good! Dress for the night and no problem. In the morning diapers weighing almost from a child, but no leaks!

Tarasova Vikki

Pluses: very comfortable, soft, never leaked! And no problem!
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: For each baby individually! Someone fit but someone doesn’t! I think that if you change everything in time, no redness, etc. will not appear on the ass

Oksana Bedareva

Pluses: soft, very comfortable
Disadvantages: there are no disadvantages for us
Disadvantages: just super, only they are suitable for daughter, but from other diapers we have irritation.

Kurvanbuvi Dzhunusova-Osmanova

Advantages: Price
Minuses: Touch hard Irritation
Minuses: It’s good that they bought a small pack – it started from them irritation on the pope, had two days to not wear a diaper at all. Hard to the touch. Japanese Merris is much milder.

Kameneva Anna

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