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Specifications of LG FH-4A8TDS4

General characteristics

Installation freestanding
Download Type frontal
Maximum load of linen 8 kg
Drying not
Control sensory (intelligent)
Smartphone Control there is
Display there is a digital
Direct drive there is
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x59x85 cm
Weight 63 kg
Colour silver

Efficiency and Energy Classes

Energy class A
Washing efficiency class A
Spin efficiency class B
Energy consumption 0.15 kWh / kg
Water consumption for washing 45 l


Spin Speed up to 1400 rpm
Spin Speed ​​Selection there is
Spin Cancel there is


Water leakage protection partial (housing)
Child protection there is
Imbalance control there is
Foam control there is


Number of programs 14
Wash Program there is
Special programs washing delicate fabrics, economical washing, night mode, washing black things, washing sportswear, washing down things, mixed fabric wash program, super-rinse, fast wash, prewash, stain remover, feed couple

Other functions and features

Tank material plastic
Loading hatch diameter 35 cm
Noise level (wash / spin) 54/74 dB
Additional features washing temperature selection
Additional Information hypoallergenic; refresh; my program; drum cleaning; Tag On function, load sensor, mobile diagnostics Smartdiagnosis

LG FH-4A8TDS4 Reviews

Advantages: washing quality, drum volume, everything you need programs.
Minuses: not identified
Minuses: great washing machine for the family

Loginov Alexander

Pluses: Large drum volume, good selection of programs, relatively quiet
Minuses: dimensions – it’s just gigantic, at the time of purchase there were no interior doors yet; they couldn’t take her out of the bath with them! Child protection – yes, yes, everything blocks, except the on and off, it glows very brightly – the child comes on and off)
Minuses: Generally satisfied with the machine, it is like a space the ship looks like. Who allows the place to buy safely, from whom end to end or a little – it’s better not to.

The user has hidden his data

Disadvantages: Never buy LG washing machines. Already 40 minutes trying to squeeze 2 sweaters. No, everything weighs-distributes. Added 2 terry towels – all the same to no avail this whole lump. As a result, I connected the old Bosch and wash-rinse-wring out there. In the new ferry only sometimes yes I wash sportswear.

Viktorovna Natalia

Pluses: Quiet even with an extraction of 1,400 rpm, even at Wrong floor. Intensive programs can be added to some programs. an additional program in which it operates in spin mode. No pair in all programs
Disadvantages: A plastic tank, although it thinks it will last. The mode switch is fragile. The door is not reliable, with shocks staggers although it doesn’t leak, I hope, and over time, nothing to change. When closing, there is also no presser foot as the previous Samsung models. Attention: who cares about soaking this machine no, but you can replace the cotton mode with the addition of the steam function. 2 The result is the same. There is no prewash even though the previous one was never used. Fast wash just 14 minutes. Can replace with another. Loud noise when locked and when is picking up water. Rinse is not indicated in numbers. See for yourself display
Disadvantages: Overall satisfied. There are no claims to the quality of the wash. It erases perfectly. Bought on the design. But the case is fragile and there are not many programs. The amount of loading on the washing quality is not affected though i always run 2 times

Om raiganat

Pluses: I could not appreciate, unfortunately.
Minuses: ATTENTION! Dimensions of this model are indicated incorrectly! Actual dimensions are 85 x 60 x 64 cm.
Minuses: Yes! 64 cm instead of 55 declared. When calling the manager was told: “The size is indicated without protruding parts …” Are you all healthy there ?! She doesn’t crawl into my bathroom door rooms. The door is 58 cm wide. But, if they had unscrewed it and would drag there, then from the niche intended for her, she stuck out would be a dozen centimeters. I had to refuse the purchase.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Slightly noisy during the spin cycle. Nice outside view. Clear management. Multifunctionality.
Minuses: Not yet revealed.
Minuses: Excellent washer. Mode for dark things in I liked the features, because I always use them when washing special liquid detergent, and the previous washing machine is not it was possible to wash so that the smell of the product was invisible. This I succeeded, I also received things that were not wrinkled at the exit.

Zharkov Igor

Advantages: Low noise, resistant to cold (declared stable work to minus 15 degrees. C), the price is quite low. IN The maintenance is simple, unpretentious and undemanding. Ideal option for both a city apartment and a small office.
Minuses: did not come across them

Militsin Robert

Pluses: Nothing more. Competent selection of washing programs, most used in everyday life. It is different modes. I watched it myself on each wash differently, depending on the needs of the selected fabric or type of clothing
Minuses: The machine is excellent
Disadvantages: 55 cm depth, but at the same time 8 kg load. So in my opinion, only the LG machine can boast with its direct drive. I would certainly not go deeper. And so wonderful stood up. Not favors. Yes, and functionally the car suits me.

Tazyunova Diana

Pluses: Not noisy, a great choice for a young family with a child. Excellent for cleaning large items such as blankets
Minuses: no
Minuses: Great choice for a large family, loading 8 kilogram. I would like to note that it consumes little energy. Very I like the design, I bought it 3 months ago, I do not regret that I chose it her.

Zyuba Tatyana

Pluses: Almost no noise, suitable for large things (plaid, blanket), many different programs, great for big family
Minuses: No
Minuses: Low power consumption, which is good for a large family where they often wash, there are a lot of different programs, does not spoil things, there is protection from children. Bought at a discount that is a nice bonus

Zhenechka Efremkina

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