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specifications LG F-14U1JBH2N

General characteristics

Installation freestanding
Loading type frontal
Maximum load of laundry 10.5 kg
Drying yes (up to 7 kg)
Control Electronic (intelligent)
Display there is a digital
Direct drive there is
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x61x85 cm
Weight 71 kg
Colour white

Efficiency and energy consumption classes

Energy class A +++
Washing efficiency class A
Spin efficiency class A
Consumed energy 0.13 kWh / kg
Water consumption for washing 60 l


Spinning speed up to 1400 rpm
Selecting the spin speed there is
Cancel spin there is


Protection against water leaks partial (body)
Child protection there is
Imbalance control there is
Foam control there is


Number of programs 10
Wool washing program there is
Special programs delicate wash, economy wash, down wash, super rinse, quick wash, pre wash, stain removal program, steam

Other functions and features

Setting the end time for washing there is
Tank material plastic
Noise level (wash / spin) 54/75 dB
Additional features selection of washing temperature
Additional Information mixed, hypoallergenic, my program, freshen up, clean the drum; EcoHybrid Function, Mobile Smart Diagnosis, 6 Movement Care Technology, Tag On Function

Reviews about LG F-14U1JBH2N

Advantages: it washes well, efficiently, thanks to the drying function – the laundry is practically dry
Disadvantages: Not found yet
Disadvantages: In connection with the appearance of the baby in the house, I thought about the problem of economic and efficient washing. I considered various options and proposals for washing machines. As a result of the search, I chose LG F-14U1JBH2N. It washes very high quality baby clothes, and with the drying function, the laundry dries much faster. It practically does not make noise – we wash it even when the child is sleeping. In terms of saving electricity and water, it is very beneficial.

Volochay Yuri

Advantages: large load, rinses well
Disadvantages: low-quality materials, rubber smell, the body heats up a lot, programs are inconveniently adjusted,
Disadvantages: I have long wanted a machine with a large load and drying, I bought this machine in the hope that I will solve all my problems with washing, but bought new ones. From the very first wash with steam, things smelled of rubber, with drying the same thing. When drying, the body of the machine gets very hot. This was not the case with my old typewriter from another company. I thought it would go away, I stopped drying things in the machine and using steam, but after a month I saw that water was flowing from the machine when washing. It turned out that the rubber cuff was torn (!). When I began to examine it, I saw that around the gap and then the rubber cracked and I felt the very smell of rubber that things smelled like when drying. Now you have to contact the service. (I can't understand what's going on. You buy expensive things, but they do it just as carelessly and from the same material as cheap ones. And there is no certainty that they will work normally. Is there any point in spending then?

Obadzhi Svetlana

Pluses: Excellent washes. Dries well. A wide range of programs. There are specials. duvet program, there is a refresh program, which we use for baby linen. Drying up to 7 kg.
Disadvantages: No particular disadvantages. If we really quibble, then: 1) The mechanism for closing the door looks somehow not very reliable for machines of a similar price class. (I compare with Bosch or Electrolux), but this is subjective. 2) Advertising focuses on amazing noiselessness, but, frankly, it makes no less noise (but no more) than cars from other manufacturers in this price segment.
Disadvantages: We are completely satisfied with the machine.

Kuzmin Valentin

Pluses: Drying tested for the first time after washing bath towels and drying. A little over 2 hours of machine operation, and I have absolutely clean, completely dry towels that can be used again. Very comfortably. It is simply impossible to dry faster. Wow!
Disadvantages: none
Disadvantages: The car is really cool. Copes with washing and dries perfectly. There was a slight smell of plastic near the car itself when I first bought it. But it also evaporated in just a couple of washings. So a solid top five from my car!

Cartashina Elizaveta

Advantages: many convenient washing programs, there is no such thing that one and the same program is called differently to increase the cost of the machine, fits perfectly into the interior, quiet, washes well
Disadvantages: not yet, we use it for half a year
Disadvantages: for me, a very good machine, I have long dreamed of a machine with a dryer, and now I am just delighted. The old machine was out of balance, so the sound during spinning was like a plane taking off in the apartment, we decided to buy a new one at last. Perhaps a little expensive, but it is very reliable. I love the quick wash program, I almost always wash it on it, and of course drying pleases, because in a small apartment drying clothes is flour, the dampness and odor are strange, and after drying the clothes are so fresh))

Inna Samsonova

Pluses: Good washing, intuitive control interface.
Disadvantages: For the money that I had, this is just an excellent option for washing clothes, especially up to 10 kg, and also economical. The specialists have installed everything, now I am happy, I wash, I wring out. Calmly bet 5 because she's really good.

Fedorova Agnetta

Advantages: Silent (For whom it is noisy – ask them to install it evenly, according to the level. They have already washed pillows and different blankets, everything is fine) Large volume
Disadvantages: not found yet. The term of use is 3 months.
Disadvantages: Of course it costs a little expensive, they took it in installments for the promotion. But we believe that this machine is worth its money. I even have some kind of chtoli disease – to quickly throw something to wash. The machine is not small, so calculate the dimensions to fit.

Bolotova Olga

Advantages: In previous models, they complained about the smell of plastic when drying and the inability to select the drying mode in the standard “wash + dry” programs. This one has a smell, but quite acceptable (less fastidious people would say that it hardly smells at all). The drying mode can be adjusted for all programs that enable washing + drying. By the way, there are quite a few of them. The ban (for example, in the “duvet” mode), apparently due to security reasons. While washing T-shirts, bed linen and down jackets. Erases normally. Bed linen is very wrinkled after drying. You need to try another drying mode or steam treatment (I will try and add). The interface is clear and quite user-friendly. The machine can communicate with the smartphone via NFC
Disadvantages: Price. For this money, they could build a touchscreen and WiFi. The segment display looks like an atavism, especially when you need to look at the instructions to decipher its signs.
Disadvantages: Since we bought for a promotion with an interest-free installment plan and with an expensive gift, we are generally satisfied. Design for an amateur, but in my opinion, beautiful washing machines do not exist. I will not say that the car is quieter than usual. In some modes, you can only hear the water splashing, but in others it is like a trolleybus taking off.

Elena Novikova

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