LG F-1496AD3

LG F-1496AD3

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B est washing machine LG with drying function

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specifications LG F-1496AD3

General characteristics

Installation freestanding
Loading type frontal
Maximum load of laundry 8 kg
Drying yes (up to 4 kg)
Control Electronic (intelligent)
Display there is a digital
Direct drive there is
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x55x85 cm
Weight 62 kg
Colour white

Efficiency and energy consumption classes

Energy class B
Washing efficiency class A
Spin efficiency class A
Water consumption for washing 56 l


Spinning speed up to 1400 rpm
Selecting the spin speed there is
Cancel spin there is


Protection against water leaks partial (body)
Child protection there is
Imbalance control there is
Foam control there is


Number of programs 13
Wool washing program there is
Special programs delicate wash, economy wash, baby wash, sportswear, baby wash, super rinse, quick wash, prewash, stain removal program

Other functions and features

Delayed start timer yes (up to 19 h)
Tank material plastic
Loading hatch diameter 30 cm, opening 180 degrees
Noise level (wash / spin) 54/75 dB
Additional features selection of washing temperature, signal for the end of the program

Reviews about LG F-1496AD3

Pluses: stylish, fit, quiet
Disadvantages: not yet discovered

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: 1. Appearance – 5+ 2. Noise – practically, no noise (audible only during spinning and drying). This is most likely the case for all direct drive machines. 3. The usual signal buzzer has been replaced by a tone generator – it doesn’t infuriate when it announces the end of the wash at 3 am.
Disadvantages: 1. Instructions – most likely, an old, drunk Korean professor of Russian translated – not a fig not clear, especially a piece about a drying installation! Moreover, the instructions in English also suffer from this (although to a lesser extent – specifically compared, tried to find a normal one)! 2. When setting programs of the “wash + dry” type, do not expect to change the drying time – this is impossible. The drying time is changed ONLY on the “ECO drying” program (in the English language analogue of the “Time Dry” instruction) !. They won't even tell you about this by calling TP LG and there is not a single line about this feature on the internet. Before this machine, my wife had a “BOSCH” – with two regulators, separate setting of washing and drying programs, with their combined use – the machine is 15 years old !!! It's called “Feel the Difference”! TP LG is a separate song. To tell me how you can change the drying time with the “Temperature” button when choosing programs like “wash + dry”, the “specialist” wrote down my phone number, gave his internal number and took a timeout for two days, noticing that the text I indicated on The 22nd page of the instruction is really strange !!!
Disadvantages: Of course, I was aware of the difficulties of translation for LG, but I did not suspect that to such an extent !!! I looked at similar models of the same manufacturer and the conclusion asked itself – a new instruction for a new model is glued from instructions to previous models similar in design and functionality.


Pluses: The machine is super, I can't get enough of it! It washes well, it dries things as needed. I can't imagine how I lived without it. If you take out the laundry right after drying and fold it well, you don't even need to iron it. You won't regret it.

buslaeva irina

Advantages: Washes, dries, brand, price
Disadvantages: Not found
Disadvantages: We were looking for a tumble dryer for a limited budget, but a manufacturer with a good reputation. This machine came up in all respects. When they ordered it, there was not a single review yet. Moreover, the photo of the device was not even uploaded. We have been actively using it since December 2015 (2 children, wash and dry every day) – it works properly.

Chembrovskaya Daria

Pluses: Huge capacity. Saves water, dries the duvet, quiet with reservations.
Disadvantages: Noisy squeezes and pours water. Sometimes at very low loads the drum tries to stabilize before spin cycles and freezes on stabilization. Solved by adding a large towel or something to the wash. That is, it washes at least 1 kg.
Disadvantages: I wash everything, blankets, sneakers, the down jacket dries well. I have been using it for 5 years.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: An ideal machine, the best dryer with a good reason, it has been produced for almost 5 years. Direct drive, it's just a BOMB !!!
Disadvantages: no
Disadvantages: Daily work over 3 years. In the fourth year, the pump rustled, changed 1,500 rubles and 30 minutes of time if the arms were out of the shoulders.

Pichugin Boris

Advantages: there is drying and is not very expensive (in comparison with other machines with a drying function)
Disadvantages: it seems not
Disadvantages: The machine performs all the functions declared by the manufacturer. All modes have been tested, except perhaps for children's underwear. But the rest of the machine works as it should. With the volume of the drum, I even lost a little. 8 kg is too much for me alone. But a lot is not a little. So I am satisfied.

Dobriyanov Egor

Advantages: Our machine is about 3 years old. I love her very, very much. 1. A tumble dryer is a salvation for those who don't like hanging garlands. 2. An adequate number of programs, we use everything. 3. The endless sound can be turned off – I did so and wash at night, and in the morning I take dry fresh laundry from the machine.
Disadvantages: 1. Oversized machine, larger than usual. Check to see if it fits. 2. It is necessary to periodically clean the filters. from drying (apparently) a lot of lint.
Disadvantages: I wash everything in this machine, from linen to sneakers. Anyone who has problems with drying – you are probably trying to dry too much volume on the standard mode. You can easily put extra. 30 minutes dry – and a full drum of laundry dries perfectly. After machine drying, the laundry is soft-soft) In general, I advise you to buy it, just read the instructions first.


Pluses: Quietly erases, interesting melodies.
Disadvantages: Large step in the selection of spin, temperature.
Disadvantages: It has a very necessary function – drying, but sometimes it does not dry enough. An excellent machine, not a single breakdown, about a year and a half of using this machine.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Machine with a good number of revolutions – 1200. Linen is almost dry. The machine is silent, a bunch of programs, gentle wash.
Disadvantages: Problems, as in all the others, only if the installation is incorrect – it can “run”, dirt and water accumulates in the rubber band.
Disadvantages: The machine was bought a couple of months ago to replace the broken one.

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