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Features LG F-12U2HCS2

General characteristics

Installation freestanding
Download Type frontal
Maximum load of linen 7 kg
Drying not
Control Electronic (intelligent)
Smartphone Control there is
Display there is a digital
Direct drive there is
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x45x85 cm
Weight 62 kg
Colour white

Efficiency and Energy Classes

Energy class A +
Washing efficiency class A
Spin efficiency class B
Water consumption for washing 58 l


Spin Speed up to 1200 rpm
Spin Speed ​​Selection there is
Spin Cancel there is


Water leakage protection partial (housing)
Child protection there is
Imbalance control there is
Foam control there is


Number of programs 14
Wash Program there is
Special programs washing delicate fabrics, night mode, washing black things, washing sportswear, washing down, super-rinse, quick wash, prewash, stain removal program, steam supply

Other functions and features

Setting the end time there is
Tank material plastic
Noise level (wash / spin) 58/72 dB
Additional features washing temperature selection, program end signal
Additional Information drum cleaning, mixed, hypoallergenic, my program; Mobile diagnostics Smart Diagnosis, Tag On function

LG F-12U2HCS2 reviews

Advantages: I chose for a long time and as a result did not guess. Washes well things are clean. Lots of programs plus a couple feature that honestly still never used. It looks beautiful. There are so-called six movements of purity, the drum rotates according to different algorithms. When the washing process happens, it’s really quiet …
Minuses: But! Silent this car only when directly rotates the laundry in the drum. When picking up or draining water is loud. and now the main minus: if you put a little more in the car than a pair of jeans, then at the time of acceleration of the drum to spin or the moment of its braking the drum dangles strongly forward back and knocks on the door, trying to knock it out. On the Internet a bunch of videos from examples of this defect, hammer in the search engine by model number. In LG They say that this is a feature of the model and they do not want to recognize marriage. Though A very strange feature is knocking on the door with a drum. Typewriter set to the level, does not creep out a millimeter. If she does knock out the door – buy another brand.

Piltiai Vitaliy

Pluses: Convenient control, quiet, excellent design, good documentation.
Minuses: Poorly launders. On any programs except removing stains. The water is very hard, maybe because of this.
Minuses: Long read reviews, bought. Six months I tried different tricks to get clean linen. Not received. Six months later, sold, bought bosh. And happiness came 🙂

Nemo Andrey

Pluses: Design. Not very loud. Can be easily removed powder container and wash it in the sink. Hypoallergenic cleaning. The wife is delighted.
Disadvantages: When cleaning, a rubber pump was found in the drain pump gasket. I did not understand where she came from. In this case, the machine does not flowing. Very short drainage hose – according to instructions pull out to full length, but its length is not at all – if much pull does not drain the water. Draining water is not very convenient. Is being decided the problem of installing a typewriter is not a pedestal so that you can substitute a bucket or a deep bowl to drain the remaining water. Not I could level it. The floor is tile. When aligning the front and one of the sides, the opposite leg is in limbo, but it needs to be twisted in level (i.e. lower that corner). Eventually aligned the machine like this: first aligned the back, and then along diagonals. Do not buy leg coasters – they won’t save you from excessive vibration, but on the contrary will add it, but can neighbors below it will be heard quieter. Huge minus: the spin drum emits unpleasant vibrations and trying to knock out the front door (all over level). I noticed that this happens with the majority. Some twist and attach the counterweight to the bottom of the drum inside cases (the warranty is lost). LG itself says it’s not marriage.
Minuses: I will no longer buy an LG washer.

Markov Alexander

Pluses: super quiet good design

Larin Sergey

Pluses: Many functions, pairs, diagnostics by phone Nfc
Minuses: Not enough simple spin, child protection conditional
Minuses: Took on the replacement of our faithfully serving Chinese. AND so: it looks quite good in the bathroom, white is almost classic design. Loved the rubber legs, the machine is not something that is not will move, you can’t move it on purpose, you need to lift it. By the functional as a whole is enough, in 90% of cases we use one program, which was added to your favorites. This program is exposed with one tap. Protection from children is rather conditional. Button shutdown is not blocked. The whole difference is that without blocking when turned off, the program is reset, but with a lock – no. But also after washing, the lock must be removed. By chance it turned out that if you click on the pause, you can change the program and parameters, but it will start again (washing started without draining water, as it was) so that our children are not very interested in pressing on the buttons – the sound was turned off. Of the nice additions turned out to be steam function. A similar machine without steam will be 15-20% cheaper. We use steam after spinning. Lingerie really gets softer no air conditioning. If you have a phone with NFC, then I advise you to download program, it allows you to replace the program “my program” with another (by default it is rinsing + spin), but the options are wrong lot. Or launch one of 9 additional programs by phone. In addition, NFC diagnostics are possible. Those. If it doesn’t work, then You can find out why. Once she didn’t wring out our linen, turned on repeatedly. I didn’t overcome it either. There was a code on the screen, I learned from the phone that she simply could not balance the laundry in the drum. By noise: not the quietest, but this is due to direct drive. Generally due to closed the door in silence is heard that something is happening in the bathroom, but not at all critical. It has been working for several months, no noise has increased. Satisfied with the purchase.

Tr dima

Pluses: great washing machine, a lot all kinds of modes and erases very quietly
Minuses: not yet discovered
Disadvantages: before that was indesit, you jumped during the spin cycle, this but not heard at all.

Altynbaev Ainur

Advantages: Minimum consumption of water and electricity, while Washes perfectly. Squeezes for 1200 rpm almost dry. Thoughtful washing modes
Minuses: I was pleased with the car
Minuses: About a month ago I bought this washing machine. The first thing I want to note is its price. While direct drive, steam mode, assembly, and the brand in general, the machine is quite inexpensive. I really like that with a standard set of washing programs, there is still steam, and stain removal mode (the latter was generally useful, since I have a child under one year old, there are a lot of spots and they just inevitable), in which washing occurs in several stages with a gradual increase in temperature. The spots just do not remain a chance.

Budyanova Galina

Pluses: Wonderful thing! There is a quick wash function. Laundry can be washed in 1-1.5 hours. There is a steam function. Terry the towels after applying this function were very soft. Fine dirty work pants and jeans pulled away. (set the mode soaking) I washed a feather pillow-excellent. Only a pillow with refused to squeeze the filler. The refresh mode is also great. It is very easy to understand the operating modes. There is half loading, you can change the temperature of water heating, number of revolutions during the spin cycle. You can make a separate spin mode. In some moment You can stop the washing process and add laundry. (water is not it follows the drum is low). There is a delicate wash for products from wool, tulle, etc. Finally, you can wash the sportswear clothes are not hands, but in the machine. There is a weighing mode – washing time set depending on the number of linen. After washing plays nice melody and the machine itself turns off. Mistress’s dream, not the machine. Having experienced the machine, I realized that sellers in stores can’t fully talk about all its advantages.
Disadvantages: When water is poured, it seems that the hose will break. Spin – like an engine on an airplane. But you can put up with these disadvantages for the sake of the advantages of this machine.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: I really liked the quality of this model, all buttons, the switch of washing modes, installed without flaws. Capacious drum, competent settings, anyone will understand!
Disadvantages: The only drawback is that you need to configure the mode “My program” through a phone with an NFS function that is not available to every smartphone.
Minuses: I am satisfied with the equipment, I have been using it for more than a year now! It works like a clock.

Pavel Abakumov

Advantages: silent, steam function, convenient modes
Minuses: lived up to expectations
Disadvantages: The machine was very pleased to buy last year, there is practically no vibration, quick wash for 14 minutes is very conveniently.

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