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Specifications LG F-10B8SD

General characteristics

Installation freestanding, removable cover for installation
Download Type frontal
Maximum load of linen 4 kg
Drying not
Control Electronic (intelligent)
Smartphone Control there is
Display there is a digital
Direct drive there is
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x36x85 cm
Weight 56 kg
Colour white

Efficiency and Energy Classes

Energy class A
Washing efficiency class A
Spin efficiency class C
Energy consumption 0.19 kWh / kg
Water consumption for washing 56 l


Spin Speed up to 1000 rpm
Spin Speed ​​Selection there is
Spin Cancel there is


Water leakage protection partial (housing)
Child protection there is
Imbalance control there is
Foam control there is


Number of programs 13
Wash Program there is
Special programs delicate wash, economical wash, prevent creasing, washing children’s clothes, washing sportswear, washing downy things, washing children’s clothes, a program of washing mixed fabrics, super-rinse, quick wash, prewash, stain remover

Other functions and features

Setting the end time there is
Tank material plastic
Loading hatch diameter 30 cm, opening 180 degrees
Noise level (wash / spin) 57/74 dB
Additional features washing temperature selection, program end signal
Additional Information health care my program

LG F-10B8SD Reviews

Pluses: Excellent build quality, which pleasantly surprised. Intuitive and simple control interface. Low noise at work and the absence of any vibration.
Disadvantages: Not yet identified.
Minuses: LG surpasses all Italian models in quality, which were used before – unexpectedly!

Shaving Basil

Advantages: Quiet, perfectly performs its functions, easy to management takes up little space
Minuses: Out of production (like)
Minuses: Purchased for an elderly person, fully justified hopes

Polozov Mikhail

Pluses: Probably there is, for example, the machine is enough quiet
Minuses: Frank lies on basic technical specifications on the official website of LG, all that is written about the terrible start of washing (repeated opening and instant closing of the valve water abstraction), true.
Minuses: Choose a washing machine for certain technical specifications, for me it was IMPORTANT to have temperature condition 30 degrees. Based on the information on LG official website, this model was selected, which according technical information on the official website has temperature 30/40/60/95 mode … in fact there is no 30 degree mode … On hot lines refused to solve the problem, citing but the fact that they can change the main technical characteristics of the goods without making information on the site … I believe that the current situation is directly falls under Part 2 of Article 14.7 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Introduction of consumers to misconception regarding consumer properties or quality “. I also confirm all the negative reviews about LG washers about the moment of the beginning of washing and water withdrawal …. The valve repeatedly (5-7 times) opens and then abruptly closes, which leads to monstrous hydraulic shocks in the water supply system. If not want to flood the neighbors, pay attention to any other manufacturer of washing machines, this same machine will break all the pipes in junctions. P.S. After 3 months of use, I’ll add that infuriates the algorithm for completing the wash: after sawing the melody of the end of washing, sometimes it takes 5 minutes to wait !!! what would the door open …

Pavel Samsonov

Advantages: Quiet wash and spin. Perfectly launders laundry. Compact!
Minuses: Loudly gathering water.
Disadvantages: For a long time I chose a quiet machine from compact ones. Satisfied with the purchase.

Karnov Alexey

Pluses: low power consumption, quiet operation, convenient control
Minuses: Not yet discovered
Disadvantages: We purchased the LG F-10B8SD in March this year. instead of the old, old, the previous machine of the same company. Download almost every day for six months in a row and extremely glad that no problems have arisen so far. In general, working a horse for an ordinary family.

Kuleshov Andrey

Advantages: Compact, silent, reliable
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: The menu is simple and clear, it’s convenient that the display washing time a countdown is displayed.

fhgjh ghuy

Minuses: Good machine. Small. It is quiet. Is worth inexpensively. Year 2 works flawlessly

Konakov Rustam

Pluses: Narrow, fairly quiet, energy class A +, price
Minuses: Maximum load of linen
Minuses: For our large family, the workload is not enough linen, but given the dimensions, you can understand why it is 4 kg In general, for the family I was looking for a narrow compact washing machine, which would fit in our small bathtub. In the bathroom recently made repairs and after leveling the walls, it decreased 10 centimeters (I can say that this is significant) and therefore stopped at the dimensions of the machine with a depth of 360mm. Old typewriter was with a load of 7 kg and very huge, fit only in in the corridor, we gave it to our parents. And they bought a little LG Reasonably priced F-10B8SD with leakage protection and protection against children. So far, very satisfied.

Shurkova Maria

Advantages: Compact size, easy to understand interface, minimum noise
Minuses: not yet
Minuses: Choose a machine for reviews, choose it from lg because they are familiar with this company not by hearsay. Size machine quite compact. Placed on the side of the sink without any problems. At the closed bathroom door sound is almost inaudible, only when squeezing. The user-friendly interface was not difficult to figure out what why. We erase very often a small child in the family, wash the stroller and sock cover is equally clean.

kayechka kayechka

Pluses: Narrow and compact, erases quite quietly
Minuses: not identified
Minuses: Great machine. Great for built-in under the countertop in a small kitchen. Wash quietly everything is washed off perfectly. And most importantly, the volume is small, not You need to wait until the laundry accumulates. Very pleased with the availability deferred washing and signal about the end of work.

Valuevich Maria

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