LG F-10B 8MD

LG F-10B 8MD

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specifications LG F-10B8MD

General characteristics

Installation freestanding, removable cover for installation
Loading type frontal
Maximum load of laundry 5.5 kg
Drying not
Control Electronic (intelligent)
Display there is a digital
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x44x85 cm
Weight 59 kg
Colour white

Efficiency and energy consumption classes

Energy class A
Washing efficiency class A
Spin efficiency class B
Consumed energy 0.19 kWh / kg


Spinning speed up to 1000 rpm
Selecting the spin speed there is
Cancel spin there is


Protection against water leaks partial (body)
Child protection there is
Imbalance control there is
Foam control there is


Number of programs 13
Wool washing program there is
Special programs delicate wash, economy wash, baby wash, sportswear, down wash, baby wash, mixed wash program, quick wash, prewash

Other functions and features

Delayed start timer yes (up to 19 h)
Tank material plastic
Loading hatch diameter 30 cm
Noise level (wash / spin) 56/74 dB
Additional features selection of washing temperature
Additional Information mixed

Reviews about LG F-10B8MD

Advantages: Convenient (intuitive) control; the ratio of the size of the machine and the amount of loaded laundry; quiet; pleasant music plays at the end of the wash; the presence of a display with a timer; several modes, adequate price.
Disadvantages: Laundry weighing function. Parents love to load the car to the maximum, so it was important to understand how this function works. It turned out that practically nothing. The service center LG said that if there is a lot of laundry, the machine will set the maximum washing time – 4 hours or start washing, but at the end it will give an error. It is also unclear how the machine will behave if the laundry is unevenly placed in the drum.
Disadvantages: At the time of recall, the use of the machine was a little over a month of regular washings. Before that, there was an old broken machine, in which we washed in one mode, which was very noisy and shook as if it was preparing to fly into space. After her, the new car seems like a gift from heaven! Silent! A pleasant melody at the end of the wash does not bother at all and does not wake anyone up in the house, so there is no desire to turn it off. The presence of a timer (washing countdown) is a very convenient function. I try different modes, additional functions. No complaints! I hope that it will work for at least 10 years.

Natalia Trukhacheva

Advantages: Design, famous brand
Disadvantages: Price, cannot be turned off to reach later – the program is reset
Disadvantages: In general, a normal washing machine, we have been using it for 2 years already, complaints about washing, noise, etc. no, everything is fine, but! What the hell does she not remember the program when you turn it off ??? Before this washing machine, Beko was bought for 12-15 years !!! back, also with electronic brains, so there is at least 5 minutes left to wash, you pause and turn off the machine, after a couple of hours you come, turn it on and reach, and then at least press a pause, at least something else, if you turned off the machine, then everything – you will wash again . As for the water in the gum – yes, there is not much, but not so that when the door is opened, the cheto spills out there, it just is in the gum and you have to soak it, although it is also not clear how they designed the drain holes in this gum. There is noise when the pump starts to work – yes, there is, but damn it, this is a washing machine and by definition it makes noise, so you need to put it in the right places – bathroom, pantry, kitchen, i.e. where she will NOT be close by, and not in the room and try to sleep while working. About on / off melodies, etc. – they can be turned off! you just need to read the instructions. Taking into account such flaws in commonplace things, the price is certainly very high!

Davydov Alexander

Advantages: 1. Erases without problems. 2. Works relatively quietly. It stands in the kitchen and, like many, there are no problems with noise during washing.
Disadvantages: 1. The biggest and greasy disadvantage for me was the signal at the end of the wash. This is not a “nice melodic song”, this is a daily mockery from the developers. It is heard throughout the house. It happens that a small child falls asleep while the machine is still washing and at the end of the wash: “on you” … He will definitely wake up. Therefore, if you have small children, I do not recommend this model. After the end of the wash, a “melody” plays, if you can call it that. Yes, it plays so loudly that forgive me, if you close the kitchen door and go to the back bedroom, then you can hear it decently there too. And the melody is too long for the final signal. And also (people with an ear for music will understand me), she plays False. It's hard for a musician to listen to THIS every day))))) 2. Remains of water On an elastic band. After washing, you open the door, and on your feet (not always of course a lot, but often) the rest of the water splashes out, which remained not between the elastic bands, as is more or less usual, but right on top of the elastic. And if you do not wipe it with a cloth, then you can take out clean linen, soak it again with water and foam. At first I thought it was a marriage of my model ….. But apparently many have this jamb. 3. And of course the child lock buttons. Yes! The on / off button when the block works … Which means the uselessness of the child lock. 4. Narrow drum. With the promised load of 5.5 kg, a blanket weighing 3 kg and measuring 200×220 is not included. Although before that she washed the same blankets in an old Boshik, also with a narrow drum.
Disadvantages: The impressions of the typewriter are twofold. It seems to wash normally, even wringing out the laundry at high speeds “until it crunches”. But, damn, sorry)) this song at the end spoils everything. I even got used to water with an elastic band. I opened the car, dabbed the water with a sponge and the whole problem))) And this song can not be corrected.

Nepomniachtchi Svetlana

Pluses: Good machine, you can take it!

Sergey Rumyantsev

Pluses: Washes well. Squeezes well. Inexpensive. Does not rattle when spinning. Beeping buttons and other audible signals can be turned off.
Disadvantages: Noisy. Short hoses included. Child protection does not apply to the off button, which is the most interesting! Water in the elastic after washing. First, she beeps that she has washed, the door unlocks a minute after the beep.
Disadvantages: Very noisy car. When it collects / drains water, it is something with something! As if being beaten into a copper basin from a cannon. And when he erases a little thing, he slaps it with all his might: slap, slap. As if beating meat. There is no such thing with large linen. And when the drain pump turns on, you can choke: unexpectedly and loudly. It stands in our kitchen and does not particularly bother with this noise. But if you do your laundry at night in a small apartment, it's better to look at a different model. Squeezes silently, does not rattle, does not jump (like a Samsung, for example). Sometimes, when spinning, it accelerates to a whistle.

li lane

Pluses: Quiet enough wringing out, does not shake Erases normally
Disadvantages: Water accumulates in the rubber band of the door Protection against children – profanity Switching off resets the entire washing program Dear Loudly pours water Smells of plastic Squeezes out usually Small things often get stuck in the rubber band when washing
Disadvantages: I chose this model, to a large extent, because of the protection from children. But as it turned out, locking all buttons does not block the button for turning off the machine, and when turned off, the washing program is reset. Thus, the whole idea of ​​'child lock' is about nothing 🙁 Not very logical programs. High temperature (95) is available only in the “baby clothes” mode. Automatic washing time counting (smart mode) is unnecessary and not very working thing. on laundry of different weights, I did not find any relationship. All the same, everything has to be adjusted manually with the buttons “intensive wash” and “additional rinse.” There is a feeling that the machine does not rinse out the powder well (smells). Comparing with my old Indesite. The spinning is very quiet in comparison with an old machine, but on the other hand, it does not wring out so that it gets dry, although 1200 rpm versus 800 rpm indesit. After washing in the bathroom, the smell of burnt plastic. During washing, a trifle gets stuck in the door: baby socks, etc. As a result, they do not wash , and do not rinse out, and do not wring out. Even if nothing is stuck, then the gum is still full of water (sometimes even soapy and dirty). Each time you have to wipe it with a cloth before taking out underwear. Washing delicate items is never delicate.

Cheskidova Ksenia

Advantages: Good washing quality No complaints about the number of modes and other additional washing settings Pleasant appearance Spacious drum with small cabinet dimensions When the bathroom door is closed, the machine does not work
Disadvantages: Bad sound signals After the end of the wash, the sound signal sounds once, then the machine turns off
Disadvantages: When it came time to buy a car, I didn’t choose for a long time, accidentally ran into good discounts in one large chain store. There were only three brands – LG, Samsung and Bosch. Quickly looked at the specifications on the Internet via a smartphone right in the store and settled on LG. As of May 2016, it cost me less than 20 thousand rubles. After a couple of weeks of use, I realized that the car suits me in almost everything. And I wanted the following from the machine: the presence of a daily wash mode (no longer than 40 minutes), an adequate time for a regular wash (at 60 grams and an additional rinse, it washes in the region of 2 hours), spin at 1000 rpm, the ability to manually select the temperature and spin speed on any program, additional rinse program, slight operating noise. Didn't like the following. The soundtrack corresponds more to an electronic toy for children ala tamagotchi than to serious household appliances. Silly melodies will sound when the machine is turned on and off; Also, when scrolling the program selection knob, each position will be accompanied by a loud “bdzyn” … And the second thing that I really didn’t like, I think this is a big drawback: at the end of the wash, the melody plays once and that's it. If at that time you spoke on the phone, were in the back room or on the balcony, then the car will no longer remind you of itself. And even entering the bathroom, you may not remember about washing, since the machine turns off all light signals and the display immediately after the end of the wash. As a result, one morning I had to urgently look for something to go, because I remembered about the linen only at two in the morning and it did not have time to dry until the morning. Bottom line: overall, I'm happy with the car. I hope it will last a long time. During operation, I will supplement the review if something goes wrong.

Korsakov Pavel

Advantages: No noise, many different modes, there is child protection
Disadvantages: The price is too big

Elena Rybakova

Advantages: Spaciousness, appearance, functions
Disadvantages: Not observed yet
Disadvantages: For a capacity of 6kg, it is quite compact, has an attractive appearance, a large number of functions. I especially liked the timer function: you can set the time after which it is necessary to complete the wash, and the machine itself will finish within the allotted time. Very convenient. All in all a great buy.

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Advantages: Design, functions of the washing machine
Disadvantages: I can't turn off the sound on the typewriter
Disadvantages: We have been using this model of the machine for more than two years. Completely satisfied! I like the “Drum Clean” function. We advise everyone to take this washing machine. Price and quality match each other

Beglyakova Svetlana

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