How to cover the lining inside the house

Among the whole variety of finishing materials lining and to this day day takes a special, honorable place. Lining is an interline interval from natural wood, fragments of which have the same length and width. When properly laid, the lining ensures integrity structure, aesthetic and graceful appearance, and also emphasizes great taste of the owner of the home. No wonder what is used this material is extremely wide: budget varieties are used for lining of cottages, garages and outbuildings, expensive models are used in apartments and private houses.

However, like any other wood, lining requires additional processing at the end of the installation process. If not treat it with a special compound, the tree is exposed direct sunlight, temperature and moisture, in view of which it begins to fade, dry out and deform. For, to avoid all these features, special compounds intended for wood.

How to cover the lining inside the house

What varnish or paint to use to protect the lining

Undoubtedly, the lining can be trivially painted in one of numerous colors, using ordinary floor paint for this, however, there is little point in such a solution. Getting protected surface, you lose aesthetics and beautiful appearance. Where it is better in this situation to resort to the help of special varnishes – characterized by excellent insulating characteristics, they do not hide the texture and only emphasize the noble structure tree.

  1. Acrylic varnishes currently enjoy the greatest popularity due to its environmental friendliness. The key difference in that they “breathe” – allow the tree to drain the accumulated moisture and prevent it from drying out. On sale you can meet how colorless acrylic varnishes, as well as options with the addition of dyes, allowing to achieve a saturated shade;

  2. Alkyd varnishes are primarily intended for painting floors, however, are also suitable for wall treatment. Oily base perfectly absorbed into the tree and protects it from aggressive factors. Such varnishes also have a drawback – they are fast enough fade, and also extremely demanding in adherence to technology application to wood structure;

  3. Urethane lacquers are not only excellent insulating properties, but also significantly reduce the likelihood of damage lining with mechanical stress. Being soft enough they “absorb” contact with solid objects and reduce to minimize damage to wood.

How to cover the lining inside the house, on the balcony and in the steam room?

paint the lining inside the house

  1. Having decided on the specific grade of lining used in either in another room, as well as with the type of varnish, you can proceed to wood processing. Lining with lacquer in 2-3 layers, giving dry each of them for 10-12 hours. Like This ensures maximum protection against excessive humidity. which is especially true on the balcony and in the steam room, as well as other places, in which increased humidity is a common occurrence.

  2. In the case when the outer part of the wall is sheathed with lining, subject to constant contact with ultraviolet protect the wood from ultraviolet radiation. For this Purpose uses special synthetic glazes, the composition of which rich in protective pigments. It is they that allow you to save natural appearance for a long time.

  3. When processing the lining inside the building, the best option will be high-quality acrylic varnish with special dyes. Their color and shade is selected based on a specific variety wood in such a way as to maximize the shade and the structure of the lining, highlight it and make it expressive.

Top manufacturers


When choosing material for covering the lining, it is necessary to pay attention not only to composition and performance, but also for the manufacturer of a specific composition. The best traditionally considered brands that have been working in this field for a long time and Having developed a rich portfolio of quality materials:

  1. Snieczka;

  2. Barum;

  3. Maxima;

  4. Rolax

  5. Symphony

  6. Poli-R;

When choosing one or another varnish, you should also take into account reviews buyers who have time to test the model in action. To accept should be not only positive but also negative reviews.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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