How to choose a gas boiler

Properly equipped system heating of a country house is the primary factor that directly affects comfort. Who wants to endure constant cold and dampness in indoors instead of enjoying coziness? If so it turned out that there is no central heating in your house, it is necessary to resort to alternative sources of heating. As such maybe a fireplace or an ordinary village stove, and maybe modern gas boiler – compact, easy to operate and very functional device that allows you to quickly and, most importantly, economically heat even large and spacious houses. Everything, that it is necessary – to choose the right gas boiler, and also to think over heating system.

How to choose a gas boiler

Manufacturer’s choice. What gas boilers are used popularity?

Despite the presence of a large number of diverse models on market, preference should be given exclusively proven equipment from well-known brands, certified by relevant services of our country. The best are traditionally known European manufacturers of household appliances and industrial equipment with tremendous experience in the production of such devices.

  1. Bosch;

  2. Baxi;

  3. Protherm;

  4. Valliant;

  5. Buderus;

Before giving preference to a particular model, you need to familiarize yourself with its key features, as well as to study user reviews, taking into account as positive, and negative experience.

The principle of operation of gas boilers and their main types

The operation of the gas boiler is efficient combustion air-gas mixture, resulting in heating premises, as well as water heating. Gas ignition carried out using a burner or piezoelectric element, and during Its burning heat exchanger. The latter is in contact with heat-conducting fluid, which is forcibly pumped when help the pump through the entire heating system of the house.

Types of gas boilers


Single-circuit boilers

The principle of operation of such devices provides for one heating circuit. A cold water source is supplied to the device, and at the exit of it, the water heats up and becomes hot. Accordingly, both the heat exchanger and the circulation pump present in a single copy, and the main purpose of such boilers – heating system equipment for a residential building.


  • Simple construction;

  • Low price;

  • Low gas consumption during operation;

  • Unpretentiousness in operation and maintenance;


  • For the equipment of the hot water supply system it is necessary Install a separate device

Double-circuit boilers

Double-circuit boilers

Devices that allow you to implement not only the system heating of a residential building, but also allowing to implement a system hot water supply. Assume two separate heat exchangers (or one bithermic), paired with one joint circulation pump. In standard mode the system works to pump water in the heating system, and when when the hot water tap is opened, the circuit opens and the pump starts transfer water along the secondary circuit to the tap. When closing the tap the system returns to its original state.


  • Compact dimensions;

  • Ability to operate exclusively in heating mode water

  • Universality;

  • Simplicity of operation;


  • Complexity of installation;

  • High price;

What to look for when choosing a gas boiler?

Double-circuit boilers

Device power

A parameter that directly affects not only performance, but also for total gas consumption. General rule when choosing such devices says that one kilowatt of boiler energy is enough for heating of 8-10 square meters. If planned using the boiler not only for heating, but also for hot water supply, it is necessary to add 25-30% to the required capacity, and to the resulting amount almost always add 10-15% of the reserve power. The final figure resulting from the calculations, and will denote the power necessary for efficient functioning of heating systems and hot water supply.

Wall or floor?

When deciding on a specific device, it is necessary to closely to study the area of ​​the furnace – the place in which it will be carried out its installation. Depending on the amount of available space a specific model is selected – either it will be a floor boiler, or its wall analog when there is not enough floor space.

Automation systems

The more expensive the boiler, the more perfect its design and the smaller he needs manual control. The most effective models equipped with many automatic systems that support the efficiency of the boiler at the proper level, reduce gas consumption and contribute to water saving.

Protective equipment

A gas boiler is a source of increased danger, and therefore each the manufacturer strives to protect and protect as much as possible users from emergencies. Defence from overload and attenuation, protection against insufficient water pressure and gas – even the slightest danger should lead to operation of protective automation.

Type of combustion chamber

Currently, the two most popular are type of gas boilers – with open and closed combustion chamber. Open-chamber boilers for combustion atmospheric air is required, but ventilation is carried out naturally through a chimney. As a result of this devices burn a lot of oxygen, but because such devices must be installed in places with excellent air exchange, for residential installations such models are unsuitable.

The second type of boilers does not have direct contact with the atmosphere, and their combustion chamber is equipped with two nozzles: one at a time forced supply of oxygen is carried out, the second takes away exhaust fumes to the outside. Such devices are characterized by maximum functionality, and their installation can be carried out even in ordinary apartment.

Which gas boiler to choose?

  1. For installation in a small apartment the best option becomes a miniature double-circuit boiler. Combustion chamber such a device must be closed, and the system ventilation is taken outside the premises. Power count it based on the area of ​​a particular room;

  2. A private house will require the installation of a sufficiently single-circuit boiler with remote control, designed for heating. For purposes while hot water is best to use an external boiler. As a rule, the power of such a device is 15-40 kW.

Video for choosing a gas boiler

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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