How to cover the roof of the garage

By nature, a garage is a real “temple” for every man. Here lives his iron horse, here you can take a break from routine and hassle, dig a car into your pleasure, the garage can also be used as a place for gatherings with friends. And in order to provide the maximum correct indoor climate – constant temperature and humidity, prevent leakage and condensation, as well as freezing in the winter, you must responsibly approach arrangement of the premises in general and the roof in particular.

How to cover the roof of the garage

All these characteristics correspond to modern roofing materials widely used in construction today time.



Material known to roofers for decades. It is a special roofing cardboard coated with a composition from refractory bitumen. It has a very good waterproofing, unpretentious in installation and resistant to temperature extremes and solar rays. For laying it, bitumen or a heated solder is used. resin lamp. The disadvantages of this material are – first turn, this is a low strength, and also flammability.



Another traditional material known since time immemorial. Roof made of slate, characterized by excellent mechanical durability, perfectly removes moisture, is not afraid of temperature changes and direct sunlight and does not conduct electric current. Mounting carried out in separate sheets, and therefore if damaged a particular fragment can be replaced with a new one. Disadvantage Slate is extremely high weight and dimensions, as well as increased fragility. In addition, asbestos is the underlying material. slate, low environmental friendliness.

Galvanized Metal Profile

Galvanized metal profile

The iron roof is also popular. Made from thin metal sheets and copes with the duties assigned to her. Of the minuses, it should be noted high cost, as well as the complexity of processing. Besides, such a roof tends to rust along the cut lines and joints, and therefore, it can leak at any moment of time;



An advanced analogue of roofing material, coated on both sides with a special polymer film and treated with granite chips to enhance strength and aesthetic perception. Possessing all characteristics inherent for roofing material, rubemast is deprived of them disadvantages, but because it is widely used for arrangement the final layer of the roof. The disadvantage of this material is one – quite high cost.

Materials for roof waterproofing

Despite the fact that the above materials can be considered universal, they are not always able to provide sufficient moisture resistance level. In this case, you have to think over additional waterproofing. It is performed using special materials laid on the roof before the installation of the finishing coverings.

Glass insulation


The most popular material used for waterproofing. It is a fiberglass impregnated with bitumen with special additives. Soft, ductile and very resistant to mechanical impact material, easy to install and unpretentious in care. Not afraid of exposure to open flames and extremes temperature, not prone to corrosion and decay.



In its structure, this material is similar to glassisol – its the basis is all the same fiberglass treated with bitumen. Its characteristics are also similar – this material provides excellent moisture resistance, isolates the room from differences temperatures and other negative effects. Disadvantage is the complexity of installation, as well as low heat insulation characteristics (glass insulation in this regard is an order of magnitude higher).

Top manufacturers

When choosing materials for roofing, give preference best products of those brands that work in this field for a long time and managed to gain a positive reputation from buyers:

  1. Gerard

  2. Koramic

  3. Ruuki

  4. Ondulina

In addition to these materials, in every region of our country own local manufactures dealing with release of roofing and waterproofing materials. Their products You can also recommend buying, but first you need carefully study the quality, as well as read reviews Internet users.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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