How to choose a bathroom sink

Along with the bathroom, the sink is an integral attribute of any restroom or bathroom. It is not only functional the device that has a direct purpose, it is also stylish accessory that makes the interior concise and complete. Of course only if the particular model is correct selected and fully fits into the interior of a particular premises.

sinks for the bathroom

Top manufacturers of bathroom sinks

As a rule, separately manufacturing bath sinks does not Not a single major manufacturer is involved. They can be found in assortment of those brands that are engaged in the manufacture of bathtubs, and also various plumbing – faucets, sinks, siphons, fittings. Among the variety of brands, several companies should be distinguished. whose products are in stable demand among buyers:

  1. Longran

  2. Blanco

  3. Zorg

  4. Alveus

The products of these brands are a symbol of high quality, and because it is in stable demand among buyers. A bunch of positive reviews about it can be found on the Internet.

How to choose a sink and washbasin for a bathroom?

In order to choose the most suitable bathroom sink rooms, it is necessary, firstly, to determine the interior and associated furniture to be installed in the bathroom, as well as with the key parameters of your new sink.

Types of shells

According to this parameter, all sinks can be divided into the following classes:

  1. Built-in – mortise or overhead. Such shells installed directly in the nightstand, they are compact and do not stand out from the general concept. Inside, the user receives a place to store various things. The disadvantages include the need to purchase a cabinet or cabinet in which to install sink;

  2. Wall mounted. Fastened with special brackets directly to the wall and are a separate unit. Among cons highlight the complexity of installation – in order not to violate aesthetics, pipes have to be hidden in the walls;

  3. Sinks on the semi-pedestal and pedestal – models that make up one with a special pedestal. Stylish and beautiful however, quite expensive models whose appearance is suitable not every bathroom;

Shell shape

According to this parameter, all sinks can be divided into several common classes:

  1. Round and oval shells. Are usually embedded in furniture models or installed directly above a washing machine to save space;

  2. Corner sinks are the best option for installation in small rooms, each square centimeter of which account;

  3. Rectangular and square sinks are almost always outboard. These devices are large and functional, however hardly suitable for compact and small bathrooms rooms;

  4. Shells of unusual shapes are selected individually, taking into account the interior of a particular room, as well as installed in it furniture.


Metal sinks

Metal sinks

The most popular option in our time beautiful appearance, a variety of shapes and designs. Made of high quality stainless steel with the addition of chromium and nickel, as well as non-ferrous metals – copper, brass, bronze. The method of obtaining the final form is seamless or welded when the model is connected from several parts by welding. The thickness of the metal in the most common models is 0.5-1.2 mm, which is quite enough for comfortable operation.


  • High environmental friendliness;

  • Low cost;

  • A huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors;

  • Resistance to corrosion and oxidation;

  • Resistance to temperature extremes and household chemicals;


  • High noise from falling water;

  • Scratches and scuffs are noticeable;

Composite Sinks

Sinks from composite materials

Composite materials called many manufacturers mean artificial stone – a mixture based on granite crumb bonded with acrylic resins and hardeners. In order to get the necessary shade, in The composition is introduced various dyes. Hardening process takes place at high temperature, which allows not only to provide high strength and stability, but also a wide range of different colors and shades, as well as a very realistic look.


  • Great appearance;

  • Unpretentiousness in leaving;

  • Durability;

  • Resistance to mechanical stress, household chemicals and temperature differences;

  • The minimum noise during operation;


  • High price;

  • Heavy weight;

Ceramic bathroom sinks

Ceramic bathroom sinks

Despite the huge number of cons, they are very popular in present. Mainly due to the extremely high aesthetics and noble appearance. Under the general name “ceramics” almost always mean porcelain, faience or combinations ceramics and granite – porcelain. Perfectly fit into the interior and emphasize good taste.


  • High environmental friendliness;

  • Long term trouble-free operation;

  • Not afraid of temperature extremes and aggressive household chemicals;

  • A variety of shapes, textures and shades;

  • Awesome appearance;


  • Extremely high weight;

  • The complexity of self-installation;

  • High price;

  • Fragility;

Glass bathroom sinks

Glass bathroom sinks

Beautiful, stylish and reasonably priced, glass sinks gained popularity. They are based on high-strength red-hot glass not afraid of mechanical influences, temperature drops and with an aesthetic appearance. Thanks to special technology processing glass sinks for a bathroom can have almost any shape, as well as color and shade – starting with multi-colored and ending with translucent and even transparent.


  • Stylish appearance;

  • A variety of colors and patterns;

  • Resistance to temperature extremes and household chemicals;


  • Fragility. Accidentally dropped solid object can do many troubles;

  • Quality glass sinks are quite expensive;

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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