How to choose a door closer

The door closer is a compact device, designed for soft and smooth closing of entrance doors. It is installed in public areas with a large flow. visitors and is designed to reduce noise from slamming doors, as well as reducing the mechanical load on them.

How to choose a door closer

Top car door manufacturers

Preference should be given to those brands that are engaged the release of door hardware at a professional level:

  1. Dorma

  2. Geze

  3. Kdc

  4. Cobra

  5. Boda

Information about the above brands, as well as technical description and characteristics of door closers manufactured by them, coupled with user reviews can be found on the Internet at specialized sites, as well as social networks.

The principle of operation and types of door closers

The door closer is a special hydraulic device, driven by a powerful spring enclosed in device case. Open door piston opens at the maximum angle, after which it enters the matter spring: under the influence of its own stiffness, it pulls the piston back, and thanks to the presence of special oil inside device closing process is soft and smooth.

All door closers are divided into three types:

  1. Top door closers. Installed at the top of the door. Disadvantages include the inconvenience of maintenance devices

  2. Lower closers. Mounted at the bottom of the door. Of the minuses it is possible to note the theoretical possibility of damage to the device due to unintentional contact with a person’s leg;

  3. Closers of the hidden installation. Integrate into the door frame, after which they become invisible, and they can talk about their presence just a “looking” piston. Disadvantages – complexity of installation and higher cost compared to open models installation.

The above classes can be combined and complement each other. friend when necessary maximum functionality in specific conditions. For greater reliability, the upper door closer can be supplemented by a similar device installed below, or Closer installation

The main criteria for choosing a door closer

door closer selection criteria

Compliance with quality standards and all kinds of operational state standard specifications

Budget models made in China, hit the “gray” schemes to the market are not very expensive, but the quality and their performance during prolonged use causes big doubts.

Quality products from well-known manufacturers pass mandatory certification and quality control procedures, and therefore, the buyer making a choice in her favor can be sure of operational characteristics and durability of a design.

Temperature Resistance

An important parameter responsible for the operation of the closer in year-round use. Especially this parameter important for door closers subject to temperature extremes from -30 in the winter to + 30-35 in the summer heat.

Device power

The criterion is the sum of the installed spring power and quality piston design. The harsher the operating conditions – drafts, regular strong winds – the more powerful it should be device mechanism.

The presence of a shut-off valve

This is a special device that provides anti-spring element at the moment close to closing the door. It is intended for soft and smooth fit of the door to the box and exceptions vibration and noise. This device is turned on from the angle 65-70 degrees and holds the door all the way to it closing.

Materials of which key mechanical elements are made devices

  1. Stainless steel is a strong and reliable material used in mid-range devices. Provides wonderful operational characteristics in any situation;

  2. Light metals and their alloys (magnesium, aluminum, titanium) – used in devices of the upper price segment. Maximum strength and durability with minimum weight – these are their main advantages;

  3. Powder metals (silumin) – used in devices budget level, low price – their only advantage. Such materials tend to crack and break even when lack of mechanical impact;

Features of choosing a door closer

Given that the front door is subject to constant changes temperatures over a wide range, as well as exposure to moisture and direct sunlight, the door closer must:

  1. Comply with modern quality standards GOST and ISO;

  2. Made of special treated stainless steel a polymer composition that protects against adverse effects;

  3. Have a form factor that assumes the top or hidden installation, when it comes to metal doors;

  4. Equipped with shut-off valve for silent operation. door closing;

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose interior doors and the secrets of choosing the front door.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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