How to choose the front door to an apartment or private house

The front door is not just one element of the system security. Getting to know your home or office It starts with contact with her, and therefore quality, aesthetics and the design of the front door can tell about the level of income, image the owner and his attitude to his own status is very much. Well Of course, do not forget that it is the front door as the whole is responsible for the security of the room, and therefore the choice the most suitable option and the correctness of its installation you need to pay close attention.

how to choose the front door

Top manufacturers

A large number of products are currently on the market. models of entrance doors from various manufacturers – starting Chinese consumer goods and ending with the products of famous European concerns whose quality is time-tested. Not lagging behind and domestic manufacturers: according to many buyers, it’s their products have an excellent price-quality ratio. You can recommend the following products for purchase manufacturers:

  1. Guardian

  2. Intekron

  3. Volkhovets

  4. Steel Receptionist

Types of Entrance Doors

Entrance models differ from all other types of doors before all, their own destiny. These devices are installed at the entrance to the room, and therefore, in addition to the aesthetic appearance, must provide maximum protection against hacking and penetration, absorb noise and sounds coming from the street, and also level temperature differences indoors and outdoors – that is, play the role of a kind of thermal barrier.

Without exception, all models of entrance doors can be divided into several main categories depending on the material, as well as on functional performance.

Metal doors

Metal doors in the apartment

Steel entrance doors are currently enjoying huge popularity. The basis of the design is a steel frame, faced with a metal sheet, the thickness of which can vary depending on the functional purpose. Covered with a special polymer composition, such doors have stylish, graceful appearance and do their job perfectly responsibilities.


  • Excellent strength;

  • A huge variety of models that vary in price;

  • Possibility of manufacturing according to non-standard patterns and samples;

  • A wide range of materials used;

  • Excellent anti-vandal settings;


  • Heavy and bulky;

  • It is difficult enough to open in case of loss of keys;

Wooden doors

Wooden doors

Entrance doors made of natural wood array. Almost any breed can underlie the design. wood, and it is from this that the total varies significantly the cost of a particular model. They have a beautiful appearance. – the surface of such doors can have a natural look, made by staining or varnishing, or be covered in dermatin, leatherette or others similar in their characteristics, materials.


  • Light weight;

  • Possibility of manufacturing according to individual drawings;

  • Stylish appearance, a wide variety of exterior options finishes;

  • Excellent performance;


  • Mediocre sound insulation;

  • Low anti-vandal characteristics;

  • The high cost of models of expensive wood;

Entrance doors made of glass

Entrance glass doors in the house

In everyday life, such doors are practically not used, however widely used in office buildings, as well as catering facilities – restaurants, bars, cafes. They are based on high strength anti-vandal glass, resistant to mechanical stress. The surface can be either natural, translucent or transparent, look, and be covered with tint or special mirror coating, which allows you to hide the interior of the room from prying eyes.


  • Light weight;

  • A huge variety of models, colors and form factors;

  • Stylish design;


  • Not suitable for living quarters;

  • Mediocre noise and heat insulation;

  • Low anti-vandal performance – bounce with a metal object it is enough for such a door to crumble into thousands of small pieces;

Pvc doors

PVC doors

The most simple in operation and not requiring additional door care. They are based on a traditional PVC profile, attached to a sturdy frame. They can be both whole and with glass insert. Widely used in office and household premises – clinics, banks, hotels.


  • Light weight;

  • Affordable cost;

  • A large number of colors and patterns;

  • Versatile design for long-lasting operation in almost any conditions and under any temperature

  • Decent soundproofing;


  • Low thermal stability – during arson substantially even those models that are made of non-combustible are deformed plastic;

  • Low anti-vandal resistance;

Entrance Door Selection Options

Entrance door selection options

Choosing the front door for an apartment or a country house, pay attention to the following features.

Door thickness

Parameter to pay close attention to when choosing a metal door. As a rule, under the term “thickness” the doors mean the thickness of the facing metal sheet, which is the outer layer facing the street. The thicker it is – the door is more durable, massive and rigid, but not it should be forgotten that every additional millimeter of thickness entails a serious increase in overall weight in general and severe load on the hinges, fasteners and door frame in particular. For this reason, for apartment buildings it’s quite a door with a thickness of 1-2 millimeters is enough, for a cottage choose a door with a sheet thickness of up to 3-4 millimeters. Thickening to 5-6 millimeters is allowed only in the area of ​​locks and door handles – those places that are subject to mechanical stress from cracker most often.


This term, first of all, includes fixing loops, with which the door itself is attached to the door frame. Almost all models are equipped with two main types of loops – external, false, and internal, hidden inside the door boxes. The first are easy to install and low price, however, inferior to the internal ones in terms of security, since can be cut off by crackers. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary that the doors are equipped with special locking devices – crossbars that do not allow you to remove the doors from the box in case of dismantling the hinges. When choosing loops, it is important to consider the general door weight. In the case of heavy models, in order to avoid distortions during operation, it is necessary to choose hinges equipped protective bearings that reduce friction and significantly facilitating the movement of the door.

Accessories are also high-quality door handles, selected with taking into account specific functional features, as well as general door stylistics. They should be easy to use and not discomfort when used.

Another element related to fittings is the door the closer. It provides smooth door closure and eliminates unnecessary noise. You can always be sure that the door will be slammed. even with a slight movement of the hand.


A key element that directly affects input security doors, as well as the overall reliability of the design. Presented in selling models are divided into conditional classes that reflect the time that an attacker will need an autopsy. The higher the castle class – the longer time will be required for an autopsy and the more expensive it is either another castle. As a rule, a 3-4 castle is enough for an apartment class, the opening of which takes about 35-40 minutes – is unlikely an attacker will go unnoticed for such a long time time. If the entrance is equipped with an intercom and system CCTV, security issues fade into the background, and therefore, installing a castle of 2-3 classes will be quite enough.

Heat and sound insulation

The metal front door is not only safety and protection against hacking, but also an obstacle to extraneous sounds, noises, odors, as well as heat loss in the cold season.

  1. In order to isolate the room from noise, are used special soundproof materials. They are mounted inside door frame, filling all cavities and voids, and thanks low dead weight and high thermal insulation performance they do not increase the total weight of the structure. Expanded polystyrene, mineral wool, polystyrene foam and other materials similar in their parameters – here are the main sound insulators used in the manufacture metal doors;

  2. In addition to isolating sounds, the above materials also serve as for thermal insulation. They prevent heat leakage during the cold season. years and the penetration of hot air into the summer heat. And in order to maximize thermal insulation, special gaskets with which to glue the perimeter of the door, in contact with the door frame. With the help of such a simple method minimizes clearance and prevents drafts and the flow of cold air.

Vandal-proof properties

Of course, talking about the characteristics of the front doors is necessary start with this parameter. It is a complex engineering solutions – relating to both the frame and door trim, so and the design and mechanism of locking devices. Most reliable metal doors are considered.

Door dimensions

Before giving preference to a particular model, it is necessary determine whether it fits in the opening. Not only width and height, but also the thickness of the walls. When measuring data parameters you need to add 10-20 millimeters to the so-called “mounting gap”.

Locking devices

Vandal-proof security is not only a guarantee of safety door construction, but also used locks. All of them divided into classes that reflect how much time an attacker will need to open one lock. The best models of entrance doors, in addition to the most central locks are equipped with anti-detachable pins included in the upper and bottom of the door frame. In order to protect your breaking house, castles of 3 or 4 classes should be used, equipped with various locking systems.

Appearance and design of the door

Choosing the front door, you need to navigate to the external her kind. It should be organically combined with the interior of the room, and organically fit into the exterior of the room with the outdoor side. Stainless steel coated with special polymer compounds, polyvinyl chloride, natural wood veneer – each can choose the front door to your taste!


The survey device also plays an important role and is, in fact, one of the elements of passive safety. Preference should be given to models equipped with an eye with a viewing angle of 180 degrees for crisp and clear visibility even at insufficient lighting.

Door weight

A parameter that directly affects the ability to install either another door in certain conditions. The greater the weight of the door, the higher the load on the hinges, door frame and walls in places of fixation. And also heavy doors are not easy to open for senior citizens and small to children. Choosing the front door for your home, preference is best. give to doors whose weight does not exceed 80-85 kilograms.

Which front door is better to choose

How to choose the front door

  1. Choosing a door for an apartment or a private house, preference best given to metal models whose lining made of steel with a thickness of about 3 millimeters. Door should be equipped with a lock of 2 or 3 classes, as well as anti-family pins that greatly enhance safety;

  2. In case the door is selected for installation in the apartment, and the entrance is reliably protected by an intercom, anti-vandal characteristics can be slightly neglected. For similar purposes a model made of natural wood or thin-walled is quite suitable metal, about 1-1.2 millimeters in thickness. However, concessions are not concern the locking device: a reliable lock of 3 or 4 classes required;

  3. If the door you select is installed in a private house, fenced around the perimeter with a high fence to prevent penetration unauthorized persons, you can prefer a glass door or PVC models. Plastic models are perfect for loggias, living rooms, summer kitchens and other non-residential premises;

Ready or on order?

  1. This issue has not lost its relevance and is currently time. A large number of manufacturing companies metal doors, offers buyers as finished options and the possibility of individual ordering a specific door taking into account the wishes of the customer.
  2. Ready-made doors are good for those who do not want to bother with the choice and purchase of a particular model. Any options, various cost – choose any. The versatility of these doors is both advantage and disadvantage: in the case of the need for installation in a non-standard doorway will have sweat seriously;
  3. Custom-made doors are chosen by those who want an exclusive, not having an analog option, or else faced with the need installation of a door of a non-standard size and configuration. Taken into account every request of the customer, however, you have to pay for everything: are custom doors are much more expensive than their counterparts;

How much is the front door?

  1. Plastic models that are not particularly anti-vandal resistance, the cheapest – the price for them ranges from 6-16 thousand rubles;
  2. Models made of glass are somewhat more expensive. Their cost starts at 7-8 thousand and can reach 18-20 thousand rubles;
  3. Reliable metal doors are the most expensive. Their cost almost always exceeds 10 thousand rubles and can reach 25-30 thousand

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose interior doors and the secrets of choosing a door closer.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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