How to choose blinds

Popular most recently, curtains, tulle and curtains like it turned out to be not at all as good as originally thought. For all their advantages, they have a huge number of disadvantages – whimsical in operation and maintenance and actively collect dust. Insulation of sunlight is also mediocre: thin tulle let through the sun’s rays, and thick curtains are not only heavy and bulky, but they also bring twilight in the room even on a clear and fine day. A great alternative in this situation are blinds. This compact and easy-to-use tool provides excellent protection against sunshine if necessary, allows point metering of light into the room, and even unpretentious in Care and easy to operate.


  1. Advantages and disadvantages of vertical blinds
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of horizontal blinds
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of accordion pleats
  5. How to choose blinds for windows on a loggia, on a kitchen and on balcony?
  6. Top manufacturers
  7. Video for choosing blinds

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical blinds

How to choose blinds

Vertical blinds are very popular due to simplicity of design, low cost and low maintenance and operation. The main active elements are lamellas, fixed on the ledge, which are controlled by the system chains. Additional elements are weights, providing immobility of lamellas, and also runners and connecting elements for synchronous movement lamellas on the cornice. The lamellas used also differ in width: in for sale you can find models with a width of 87 mm, which are American standard, as well as lamellas 127 cm wide – typically American blinds.

Depending on the material of which the lamellas are made, The following types of vertical blinds are distinguished:

  1. Fabric blinds. The most simple, easy to use and popular option. Unpretentious, beautiful operational properties and an abundance of options for colors and shades. The blinds whose lamellas are made of jacquard or fiberglass. Of the shortcomings, it should be noted a tendency to quickly burn out in the sun, as well as fear of high temperatures and open flame;

  2. Plastic blinds. Similar models originally intended for office use, however, due to a number of features that have found application in everyday life, primarily on kitchen and balcony. Perfectly isolate sunlight and are not afraid it is sterile enough and not prone to dust accumulation. The main the disadvantage is increased fragility and fear of differences temperatures. If we are talking about inexpensive models, it should be noted and the tendency to deform plastic under the influence of the sun, as well as its burnout;

  3. Wooden blinds are a great alternative to curtains and tulles. Extremely stylish and eye-catching appearance provides application of the lightest grades of wood. Such blinds are absolutely not afraid of direct sunlight, do not fade and do not deform, and also not demanding in cleaning and maintenance. Wood use also made it possible to achieve high environmental friendliness. Have such shutters and cons: they are afraid of temperature extremes and high humidity, and therefore not suitable for a loggia and balcony. One more the downside is the high price: afford such models can not every;

  4. Vertical blinds made of metal – a heavy and bulky option, not in demand at home. Most common in industrial and storage facilities. They are not subject to deformation and burnout, not afraid of temperature changes. The disadvantages of such models include high noise in drafts, as well as a tendency to corrosion with insufficient quality processing and operation in humid conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages of horizontal blinds

horizontal blinds in the interior

This option is almost always associated with a common class. this type of window coverings. Compact, miniature and unpretentious in operation. A huge variety of models, simplicity of design and low cost provided horizontal blinds exceptional popularity in household and office premises throughout the world. They are based on lamellas 25 millimeters wide, which are fixed on a special frame made of durable twine or wire. Management is carried out by means of a rotary mechanism, raising or lowering – using a system of laces. The material used to make the lamellas is identical to which is used in vertical blinds – plastic, fabric, wood, metal. Unlike vertical blinds, metal horizontal blinds are the most popular and demanded due to a combination of characteristics, unpretentiousness and low cost.


  • Unpretentiousness in leaving;

  • Low cost;

  • A huge variety of color options, materials and flowers;

  • Ideal performance;

  • Compact size;


  • Depending on the material of manufacture of lamellas, they may be afraid temperature changes, prolonged exposure to high humidity, fade in the sun and deform under the influence of high temperature

  • Low environmental friendliness of cheap plastic models;

Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds

roller blinds in the interior

In their concept, roller blinds are radically different from vertical and horizontal analogues. They are based on special shaft on which a single web is wound. The greatest fabric roll-up blinds or their analogues are popular from fiberglass. Roller blinds do not completely isolate the sun light, and therefore are great for creating a soft, pleasant eye twilight in the bedroom or living room. Width of roller blinds it can be any and entirely depends on the width of the window opening. IN Roller blinds are also known under the name Rolshtora.


  • Convenient in operation;

  • Silent

  • Inexpensive

  • A huge variety of color options, material texture and width

  • Able to provide a “soft” twilight;


  • Whimsical in the care and cleaning;

  • Not able to provide complete darkness if necessary;

  • Collect dust;

Advantages and disadvantages of accordion pleats

pleated in the interior

Pleated – a very interesting type of blinds, gaining more and more popularity every day. They are soft tissue. basis, which during operation develops accordion. A distinctive feature of accordion pleats is their shape: such blinds have not only a rectangular shape, but can repeat the contours almost any window, and also have not only vertical and horizontal but also diagonal laying.


  • Great look. Plisse not only block receipt sunlight in the room, but also constitute a wonderful element of the decor of the room;

  • Do not fade or deform under the influence of solar rays;

  • Allow installation not only on plastic and wooden windows, but also on an aluminum frame;

  • The ability to install on windows of absolutely any shape;

  • A huge variety of textures and colors;


  • Whimsical care and cleaning. Plisse cannot be machine washed, cleaning is carried out exclusively by hand;

  • High cost due to custom design, form factors and dimensions

How to choose blinds for windows on a loggia, on a kitchen and on balcony?

blinds in the kitchen

  1. First of all, it is necessary to measure the length of the window opening. Beyond depending on what type of blinds is preferred, they should close only the window opening. When installing inside the opening you need to retreat from the edge of 1-2 centimeters on the sides in order so that the blinds do not touch the wall, as well as 1-2 centimeters below, so that the lower part did not lie on the windowsill;

  2. If the blinds are installed outside the window opening, they must protrude 2-4 centimeters on the sides and 10-15 centimeters with bottom of the window opening.

  3. In the case when non-standard windows are installed in the room size or shape other than rectangular, optimal option will be pleated blinds made to order;

  4. When choosing blinds on the balcony, it should be remembered that the windows are very often open for micro-ventilation, resulting in blinds not only exposed to temperature extremes and direct sunlight, but also moisture and dirt. It’s for this the reason should choose models that are unpretentious in care and do not afraid of dirt and moisture;

Top manufacturers

Currently, the market presents products not only well-known manufacturers with a worldwide reputation, but also inexpensive models of blinds, affordable for almost everyone. For, so that the blinds serve faithfully for many years, Before buying, you should study the characteristics of specific models, and Also read customer reviews. Considered the best products of the following manufacturers:

  1. “Prom”;

  2. Katrice

  3. “RollTech”;

  4. “PRIS”

In European countries, the most popular manufacturers blinds are those companies that are engaged in the release of PVC windows.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose plastic windows, the secrets of choosing a windowsill and features profile selection of plastic windows.

Video for choosing blinds

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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