How to choose an electric oven – expert advice

An electric oven is a household appliance for preparing food using hot or warm air. Serves as an oven, grill, microwave. To choose the right one, it is important to know the types and characteristics of the models on the market.

how to choose an oven

Oven selection criteria

Design style and functionality is what a potential buyer is interested in when choosing any household appliance. Dimensions, functions, methods of installation, control are important indicators when buying an oven.

When purchasing, pay attention to the type of placement of the oven relative to the hob. Therefore, the feature is distinguished:

  1. dependent;

  2. independent.

Dependent ovens are called ovens, which are installed complete with a hob for cooking, they are designed to control both the oven and the hob. In this case, the connection to the mains is carried out in conjunction with the hob. The advantage of using is the saving of joint acquisition and installation, however, there is a possibility of simultaneous breakdown, in the event of failure of one of the components.

The advantages of an independent oven include autonomy, it is installed independently and is equipped with control elements only for switching modes of the electric oven. Such an oven is convenient to use, you can independently shape the interior, you do not need to bend over for food if you set it higher.

An important selection criterion is also the way to control the oven. Allocate:

  1. mechanical method, which, due to the simplicity of the design, is reliable;

  2. electronic – using the control buttons, the cooking time and temperature are more accurately adjusted;

  3. touch – similar to electronic, only control is on the touch panel without buttons.

Cleaning system

oven cleaning system

For the hostess, the ability to clean the used household appliance is important. There are three purification systems based on processes:

  1. steam cleaning – hydrolysis. Water is poured into a baking sheet, when the bottom surface is heated, evaporation and cleansing occurs;

  2. splitting fatty deposits during the period while food is being prepared – catalytic;

  3. converting fat to ash when heated to 500 degrees after cooking – pyrolytic system.


The safety of a household appliance is not the last thing when choosing. Safe use is indicated by the presence of:

  1. The possibility of automatic shutdown, which is divided into two types: timer and temperature. The essence of the first is that the user selects a certain time period after which the device turns off.

  2. Temperature shutdown means that when the sides and back surfaces of the cabinet walls are heated to the maximum permissible temperature, the oven turns off. Differs in safety in the presence of thermal sensors on each side.

  3. Locking the door by pressing an invisible lock and switches recessed into the panel. This function is important in the presence of children and will help to avoid burns and unintentional activation or failure of the mode.

  4. Unheated door and glass. It is provided due to the presence of 2-4 layers of glass in the visible part of the door, a working internal fan or automatic cooling from the outside when heating over 60 degrees – Dinamic Cooling.

Functional features

The function of the oven is to prepare food. The character, variety of dishes and taste characteristics depend on the set of capabilities of the model.

Minimum set of programs:

  1. heating mode;

  2. cooking temperature;

  3. timer.

More expensive models have more features:

  1. convection heating – a fan is installed on the rear wall, around which a spiral heating element is located. The fan is running, the air flow circulates evenly and allows for uniform heating;

  2. grill – the mode provides baking of a juicy dish due to the resulting crust;

  3. spit – a device with an electric motor for cooking meat dishes;

  4. telescopic controls, a grate and baking sheets are installed on them, allow avoiding burns when checking a dish or adding ingredients;

  5. the presence of auto programs allows you to select the type of product, setting and indicate the characteristics of the product;

  6. temperature probe – measures the temperature inside the cooking dish and turns off the oven when ready;

  7. the steaming and microwave functions speed up the process and allow you to cook healthy food.

Oven modes

the functionality of the oven

The variety of cooked products depends on the number of heating modes. The more modes, the more dishes you can cook. The heating mode depends on the presence and combination of heating elements and among them are:

  1. Convection. The advantage of this mode is that it warms up and distributes heat evenly in the oven, which will save time when cooking frozen food and cook food at the same time on two or three levels.

  2. Top heating. It consists in the action of only the heating element at the top. The top heat is used for crusting.

  3. Bottom heating. Heat is drawn from the bottom to help fry food.

  4. The combination of bottom heating, top heating and an internal fan ensures constant and even heating.

  5. Steam cooking mode. Steam is added to both convection and heat.

  6. Cooking in vacuum – Sous-vide mode. A new feature for electric ovens, previously requiring the purchase of separate appliances.

Top manufacturers

The number of manufacturers on the market is growing, the models are being modernized. The rating is based on the popularity of models in the Russian market and their quality.

  1. Asko – are distinguished by functionality and quality, not cheap cost.

  2. Bosch – has long been popular in the middle price category, the combination of price and quality allows you to choose the appropriate option;

  3. Korting is a German manufacturer, has appeared on the Russian market since 2011, the product quality has won the consumer;

  4. Fornelli – Italian ovens and hobs, characterized by an interesting design and a set of functions.

  5. Also, among the leaders are models from Hotpoint – Ariston, Electrolux, Zanussi, BEKO.


In the next article, we will show you how to choose the right stove.

Oven selection video

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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