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Currently, when performing construction and domestic works uses a huge amount of diverse equipment and inventory, each unit of which is designed to perform highly specialized tasks. However, if we talk about a certain universality, the lion’s share of all this equipment is capable of replace an ordinary screwdriver. These compact models are capable of act as a drill, hammer drill and a set of screwdrivers when if necessary, they can be used to knead building mixtures and produce a great many other manipulations. Of course, only only if the device is selected correctly, and its the characteristics are fully consistent with the operating conditions!

How to choose a screwdriver

The best screwdriver companies

Currently, with a dozen different models of screwdrivers you can find in the catalog almost every self-respecting manufacturer construction equipment. They differ in quality execution, as well as at prices – for sale you can easily find both budget nameless Chinese-made models and time-tested devices released in Japan and countries Western Europe. It’s the latter that should be preferred, and as an example we can cite the products of the following brands:

  1. Makita;

  2. Bosch;

  3. DeWatt

  4. Hitachi;

  5. Metabo;

Each of the above manufacturers has a rich a variety of models, each of which is likely to become optimal solution for a certain range of tasks. For in order to find the most suitable tool, you should study their characteristics, as well as read customer reviews, who managed to test specific devices on their own experience.

The principle of operation and the device of the screwdriver

The principle of operation of a screwdriver is largely similar to the work of a conventional drill or perforator in drilling mode, and functions, performed by them, in general, are similar. Classic screwdriver consists from a convenient and ergonomic body having a pistol-shaped form. Inside it is an electrical circuit including the battery and a fairly powerful electric motor – the main mechanical element of the device. It is with his help given in movement of a chuck with a drill fixed in it or another nozzle. The work of the screwdriver is carried out after pressing the trigger and in depending on the strength of the interaction revolutions of the device, and thanks to a special switch in the upper part of the body the user has the ability to switch direction of rotation of the cartridge. Some models optional equipped with a lamp that allows you to highlight the work area, which turns on simultaneously with the start of rotation of the chuck with a drill or another nozzle.

Types of screwdrivers

Network Screwdrivers

Network screwdrivers

The most budget solutions that can be found in catalogs almost any manufacturer. Structurally, such devices no different from their counterparts, only the source differs power supply – these models work from a conventional 220V outlet. This circumstance is both a virtue and the disadvantage of such devices. Constant voltage relieves the need for regular battery recharging makes it easy design and reduces the total weight of the device, however it is “ties” the worker to an outlet or extension cord.


  • Compact;

  • They are inexpensive;

  • Do not require periodic recharging of the battery;

  • Easy to use and maintain;

  • Lungs;


  • “Binding” to a power outlet or extension cord length;

  • Inability to work in the absence of voltage

Cordless Screwdrivers

Cordless screwdrivers

The classic models that the imagination draws at the mention the term “screwdriver”. The bottom of the device handle is equipped special clips securing the battery. It is he and is a power source that allows you to work almost in any conditions, including away from the outlet. Single charge the battery lasts for 5-6 hours of operation, and in order to extend the life of many manufacturers complete their devices with an additional battery, as well as a charging station, as a result, work is almost always carried out by the principle “one battery is working, the second is charging.”


  • Compact and mobile;

  • Powerful enough;

  • Allow to work in any conditions;

  • Provide complete freedom of action;


  • Significant weight;

  • Battery life critically decreases when working in negative temperature

  • Cost more than their network counterparts;

  • One battery charge is not enough for a long time;

Screwdriver selection options

criteria for choosing a screwdriver


The main parameter reflecting the power of one or another screwdriver. The higher this indicator is, the more powerfully the device will screw a screw or self-tapping screw into the surface. The vast majority of screwdrivers have a torque of 15-20 Nm, however, when choosing a device to work with hard surfaces need to be preferred over more powerful and productive devices whose torque can reach 35-40 Nm.

Cartridge rotation speed

Another parameter that is responsible for the ability of a screwdriver work with various types of materials. Higher speed rotation – the better the device will cope with the passage of thick materials – wood, brick, silicate blocks. So compact devices with speeds up to 400-500 rpm a minute is enough to complete most routine operations. If it comes to choosing a screwdriver as potential replacement of an electric drill; faster ones will be needed models whose rotation speed reaches 1000-1200 rpm in a minute. In combination with decent torque, such devices more than replace the drill, but also, in some cases, hammer drill.

As for the ability to adjust the speed of the punch, preference should be given to devices with stepless adjustment mechanism. Configure them to work with specific materials and type of surface is carried out more smoothly, delicately and accurately than their counterparts with several steps.

Type of battery used

If we talk about cordless screwdrivers, pay attention necessary and the type of battery used. Depending on this parameter, all batteries are divided into three main types:

  1. Nickel metal hydride. Durable batteries, not afraid exposure to low temperatures. Their disadvantage is called “memory”, capable of shortening the service life later 150-200 recharge cycles;

  2. Nickel-cadmium. Durable “batteries” with increased own resistance, which serves as a kind of voltage stabilizer. They are characterized by high survivability – up to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles subject to recommendations manufacturer. Among the shortcomings distinguish significant own the weight of such batteries, which makes them very uncomfortable when working Aweigh;

  3. Li-ion. Classic type of batteries, popular in all kinds of electronic devices in present. Great resource, almost complete absence memory and light weight – these are its main advantages. Not cost and without flaws – lithium-ion batteries are afraid of negative temperature, under the influence of which their capacity is significant least reduced;

  4. Regardless of the type of battery, pay attention to and on its capacity. This parameter is measured in ampere-hours and displays the battery life of a particular battery. The higher the capacity, the more “tenacious” the battery will be. So, most classic battery models have a capacity of level 1-1.5 ampere-hours, professional models are equipped high-capacity batteries – about 2.2-2.5 ampere-hours.

Device weight

A very important parameter, which special attention is paid to those who have to work with a screwdriver on weight for a long time. The more functional a screwdriver is, the more resourceful its battery – the more it will weigh device. So, the vast majority of classic models weigh in the region of 1-1.5 kilograms. Professional models are obviously heavier – their weight can reach 2-2.5 kilograms.

Parameters of the installed cartridge

The diameter of the gripper is important when choosing a device cartridge assembly. A classic is considered a spacing of 0.8-1.2 mm, similar values ​​allow you to use almost everything drills and nozzles on sale. In the case of need to work with drills of larger diameter, can require a device having a cartridge span up to 10-15 millimeters.

Pay attention to the presence of a reverse in the device. It switches using a special button and allows carry out the reverse rotation of the cartridge. This function is required in in the case when it is necessary not to tighten, but to unscrew the screw or screw.

Additional functions

This may include the presence of a removable cartridge and the ability to work not only with drills or nozzles, but also with a car tool in general, and union heads in particular. Such a screwdriver will surely become an indispensable tool for a car mechanic and useful not only in the workshop, but also in the ordinary the garage.

Another feature is the presence of a built-in flashlight, allowing you to highlight the work area. In the dark, this option very often helps out and allows you to work without the need installation of additional local lighting.

Which screwdriver to choose

which screwdriver to choose

  1. As a universal device that is suitable for works with wood, silicate blocks and bricks, as well as plasterboard and other types of finishing materials, suitable cordless screwdriver with a torque of up to 25-30 Nm, stepless speed adjustment and weight of the order of 1-1.5 kilogram;

  2. If the screwdriver is planned to be operated not only in its own way intended purpose, but also as a car tool and a wrench, you need to pay attention to powerful, torque models the moment of which can reach 60 Newtonometers, and the speed rotation, on the contrary, will be small – only 600-700 revolutions per a minute;

  3. If necessary, purchase a small universal assistant to perform routine operations should pay attention to compact low-cost torque screwdriver 10-15 Nm and a rotation speed in the region of 1000 rpm;

  4. If you are a fisherman, and the selected screwdriver will definitely become one of the components of the system for drilling ice should be given preference for high-speed models, the cartridge of which can develop rotation speed up to 1200-1500 rpm, and will also allow fix a wide enough ice drill. The battery of such a device should be nickel-cadmium – only such “batteries” are not afraid subzero temperature;

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Video for choosing a screwdriver

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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