How to choose a profile of plastic windows

Comfort in the room, lack of drafts and other “charms” the autumn-winter period entirely depends on how correctly plastic windows are selected. They are a kind of a guarantor and protection against colds. However plastic windows is a complex mechanism whose operation is direct depends on workmanship, as well as on key elements, used in their production. The underlying profile plastic windows – one nodes, which can not be saved on by no means!

Which profile of plastic windows to choose

Which profile of plastic windows to choose?

When choosing PVC windows, many naively rely on the manufacturer, allowing him to independently choose components for production windows. However, one does not always have to talk about honesty – the principle of “minimum investment – maximum cost” is relevant, as never. For this reason, choosing PVC windows for installation in your home, pay attention to the profile as a whole and the following features in particular.

Profile country of origin

Currently on sale you can find a variety of windows PVC made from profiles made in all countries of the world. The cheapest and, accordingly, mediocre in quality considered Chinese or Taiwanese profile – prefer it it makes sense only if the finances are seriously limited. The best is traditionally considered the European profile produced in England, France and Germany — these three countries were at the forefront the production of PVC windows in the middle of the last century, which means they are trendsetters capable of maximizing number of innovations and ensure the proper quality of their products.

Profile Width

The width of a particular profile is a parameter that directly affects noise, vibration and thermal insulation of a particular window, on its mechanical strength and durability. On sale you can find a variety of PVC windows starting standard, equipped with 58mm profile and ending with wide models based on a profile of 70 and even 90 millimeters. Windows made on a similar profile width are much more time-consuming to install, are more weighty, and their the cost is much higher.

Number of thermal insulation chambers

Number of heat-insulating chambers

Typically, a standard 58 mm wide profile is equipped with three cameras. The outdoor is bordered by the atmosphere and is designed to smoothing atmospheric processes, equalizing the degree of humidity and moisture removal through special channels. The inner chamber serves a kind of heat insulator, and it will significantly limit sound penetration from the outside. The average camera complements the functions internal, and also serves as a kind of stiffener, making general design resistant to mechanical stress and torsion.

The above pattern is valid only for the profile 58 millimeters wide, the wider models are practically always equipped with more cameras. For example, the profile 90 millimeters wide, there are almost always six such cameras.

Number of windows double-glazed cameras

As well as in the case of the number of thermal insulation chambers profile, the number of double-glazed cameras directly affects characteristics of a particular window. The camera is isolated from atmosphere air gap between two separate glasses, which protects from cold, moisture and extraneous sounds.


The more cameras, the better the protection and isolation of outsiders. sounds and other “charms” of life in an urban setting. Feedback side of the coin – more weight, complexity and complexity of installation, and also the final price of a particular window.

The more cameras, the better the protection and isolation of extraneous sounds and other “charms” of life in an urban setting. back side medals – more weight, complexity and complexity of installation, as well as The total price of a particular window.

Reinforcing steel insert

An element that directly affects the strength of a particular profile, its resistance to mechanical stress and extremes temperature – under the influence of direct sunlight in hot plastic can “lead” in summer weather, and it’s metal the insert will retain its geometric shape and window performance generally.

Certificate ISO 9001

The quality of a specific profile can only be confirmed in one single way: by having a certificate confirming its quality. This document means that a specific profile model passed the appropriate tests, and its characteristics are entirely correspond to the declared. However, do not flatter yourself: this a certificate can be “bought”, and very inexpensively, but because a cheap, nameless profile that has a certificate of conformity, should cause, at a minimum, suspicion.

Top manufacturers

As noted above, the best are European manufacturers, who at one time were the founders of production PVC windows as a class. These include the following companies:

  1. “Veka”

  2. “Montblanc”

  3. Rehau ”

  4. “KBE”

  5. “Trocal”

  6. “Plafen”

Preferring the products of this manufacturer, you can to be sure that it will last a long time and will not cause a single gripe during operation.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose plastic windows, the secrets of choosing a windowsill and features selection of blinds.

Video for choosing a PVC profile

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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