How to choose a multicooker for the whole family

When choosing a multicooker, you should first of all pay attention on the functionality of the device.

How to choose a slow cooker


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How to choose a multicooker: characteristics that are worth note

When choosing a slow cooker, it is worth considering the following parameters:

  1. Type of multicooker;

  2. Bowl volume;

  3. Bowl cover;

  4. Device power;

  5. Management method;

  6. Preset operating modes;

  7. Additional functionality.

  8. The device manufacturer is also important.

Types of crock-pots

All multicookers on the market can be very conditional divided into two types – universal and specialized. First suitable for cooking almost all continuous heat treatment (cooking, stewing, baking) dishes, the latter allow you to cook some types of products almost perfect.

Universal crock-pots


Designed for boiling, stewing, baking and the like. continuous heat treatment of almost all types products. Most often, such devices are found in budget and lower price ranges (up to 5 thousand rubles).

Such multicookers are suitable for undemanding householders. However, it is worth remembering that such devices will not be able to cook yogurt or other temperature-sensitive the conditions of the dish.


  • Low price;

  • Suitable for preparing a large number of dishes.


  • Cooking imperfectly;

  • They have little functionality;

  • In the process of preparing complex dishes (e.g. pilaf) some products will need to be processed separately;

Which slow cooker to choose

Which slow cooker to choose

The choice of a multicooker is self-evident. If to taste ready meals are not subject to special requirements, it is possible purchase a universal model. Usually in relation to such multi-cooker manufacturers do not indicate specialization.

If the quality of the dishes is especially important (for example, when they are prepared for the child), it is worth acquiring a specialized model. Usually manufacturers indicate the destination directly in device description.

Selection options

When choosing a multicooker, it is worth considering the following parameters, which determine functionality and performance devices:

  1. Bowl volume;

  2. Bowl cover;

  3. Power;

  4. Management method;

  5. Modes of operation.

The additional functionality of the multicooker also has enough important because convenience depends on it use.

Bowl volume

The amount of food that can be directly depends on the volume of the bowl cook in one cycle in a slow cooker. But he also defines depth and quality of heating. In budget multicookers calculated more than 4 liters and having a capacity of 1.5 kW, dishes with heterogeneous texture warm unevenly. This leads to burning of those products that are in the immediate proximity to the heating element.

As a result, in budget multicookers the entire volume of the bowl can be Use except for the preparation of soups.

And the optimal volume for the bowl is 2-4 liters. Such containers just remove from the multicooker for washing, and the risk of burning or uneven heating of products in them is minimized.

Crock-pots with a bowl volume of less than 2 liters should be purchased only if one person will use them. Cooking dinner for the whole family in such a device does not work.

Bowl cover

In multicookers, three types of bowls are used:

  1. Steel without additional coating;

  2. Steel with non-stick Teflon coating;

  3. Steel with non-stick ceramic coating.

Steel bowls without additional coating


Steel bowls without non-stick coating are extremely rarely and mainly in ultra-budget models of multicookers.


  • Efficient heat transfer that reduces power devices

  • Operational parameters do not change when scratches occur in more often;

  • Low price of the device;


  • Food burns to them;

  • Do not have antibacterial properties;

  • Difficult to care for;

  • When cooking, add oil;

Nevertheless, uncoated bowls are practically not available, and in the vast majority of multicooker models have capacities with Teflon or ceramic coating.

Teflon coated steel


Teflon non-stick bowls are most common coated. They are used even in budget models of multicookers. Teflon coated bowls are well suited for universal slow cooker.


  • Excellent non-stick effect;

  • Many products can be cooked without oil at all.

  • Low price;


  • You’ll still have to cook some foods. use oil;

  • It is not recommended to wash such a bowl in a dishwasher.

  • Instability to temperature differences;

  • Teflon is unstable to mechanical stress and is easily scratched. even plastic cutlery – you have to use special silicone skimmers and spatulas;

Ceramic coated steel

ceramic coated

Multicookers that are equipped with steel bowls with ceramic coated, not too common, but different more than other models. But they are perfect for lovers of healthy eating.


  • The vast majority of dishes can be cooked without using oils;

  • The antibacterial properties of the coating last longer. fresh (although, of course, store them in a bowl for long time is strictly not recommended);

  • High mechanical resistance of the coating (even to scratches, left by metal cutlery);

  • Preserving the rich taste of products;


  • The porous structure of the material leads to the fact that the coloring products leave marks on the inner walls of the bowl;

  • Non-stick properties disappear with time;

  • The coating is sensitive to temperature changes;

However, superior antibacterial properties, the possibility of cooking without oil and maintaining the taste of the products make such slow cookers are an excellent choice for healthy followers nutrition.


The higher the power of the multicooker – the faster it warms up to necessary temperature. But it also increases Energy consumption. However, choosing a slow cooker is worth paying attention to models whose power corresponds to the volume of the bowl.

  1. Up to 3 L – 500-800 W;

  2. From 3 to 5 l – 800-2000 W;

  3. From 5 l – more than 2000 watts.

If the power of the multicooker is higher than necessary (for example, in the market you can find 3-liter models at 2000 watts) – that’s okay. But if lower – it will heat up too slowly, and the lower layers products just start to burn.

Control method

In modern multicookers, two control panels are used types – touch and button. Special benefits or they have no shortcomings, it’s worth choosing based on your own preferences.

At the same time, the button control panels are a little more practical, because they provide a clear tactile response – and it’s clear which the program is installed or the mode is running. And you can touch them dirty or wet hands without the risk of accidentally switching operation parameters (unlike sensor modules, which can react even to accidental touch).

Operating modes

The higher the number of modes and automatic programs that supports a slow cooker, the more dishes you can cook with it help.

However, with an extremely high number of automatic programs (more than 40-50) the differences between them are absolutely minimal. Therefore, a lot of modes are simply not needed and are rather a marketing trick.

Additional functions

Additional functionality

Among the most important and practically useful additional multicooker functions can be distinguished:

  1. 3D heating;

  2. Heating mode;

  3. Toasting mode;

  4. Start delay timer;

  5. Pressure cooker function;

  6. Soaking mode;

  7. Temperature maintenance mode;

  8. Multi-Cook function;

  9. The mode of preparation of yogurt;

  10. The rising TEN.

3D heating is a very useful feature. In most a multicooker uses a single heating element, which is located at the bottom of the bowl. In devices with this there are several such elements. They are located in the area of ​​the side walls of the bowl, which provides quick comprehensive heating. Therefore, the products do not stick and cook evenly.

Warm-up mode provides quick short-term temperature increase in the bowl. Therefore, the dishes are tastier, but Do not overheat. Useful feature for people who usually they cook food for several days at once.

The browning mode also quickly raises the temperature in more often, but to higher values ​​than during heating. IN multicookers with this feature can fry a variety of foods.

The delay start timer is a really useful feature. With it you can put food in the multicooker in the evening – and by morning they will be ready! But it’s worth remembering that this is only suitable for some dishes.

Pressure cooker function – the mode in which the multicooker Hermetically sealed and warmed up sharply. Therefore inside pressure rises. And the products, as a result, are being prepared much faster. Useful feature for boiled lovers dishes.

Soaking mode is usually included in the cooking program. bean cereals. It contains water in which peas or beans warms up to optimum temperature which reduces rigidity these vegetables. This eliminates the need for prior soaking cereals.

The temperature maintenance mode is activated after cooking dishes. It keeps foods hot. Useful function, especially in combination with a delayed start.

Multi-Cook function (also called manual) mode) greatly expands the capabilities of the device. In it you can independently change the temperature, cooking time, current operating mode and other parameters. With the function “Multi-cook” you can use a slow cooker like a bread machine, yogurt maker, pressure cooker and other kitchen appliances.

However, in the function “Multipovar” you will need to pay the device takes too much time – in fact, all processes preparations are manual.

Yogurt mode is a useful feature for lovers of homemade fermented milk drinks. As the name implies, in it the multicooker sets the optimum temperature and pressure for making yogurt.

The rising TEN is a function that turns slow cooker in a full electric stove. You can install on it pan or pan.

How much are multicookers

The cost of multicookers directly depends on the power and device functionality. The price starts from 1.5-2 thousand rubles for budget models.

But the vast majority of multicooker models are in price range of 4-10 thousand rubles.

The best manufacturers of multicookers – which company to choose

Among the manufacturers of multicookers, the following company:

  1. Supra, Polaris – produce high-quality multicookers of medium and budget class;

  2. Moulinex, Panasonic – produce quality multicookers middle and high price class;

  3. Redmond – very high quality, but often expensive slow cookers.

  4. Among the budget class can also be distinguished Scarlett and Vitesse. And the best premium crock-pots are released by Cuckoo, but their price makes from 35 thousand rubles


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