How to choose a mini oven

Often people are faced with the problem of insufficient space on kitchen, and therefore the inability to establish high-grade household appliances – an oven or a gas stove combined with a stove cupboard, dishwasher and so on. But don’t be upset – there are options to save space and provide yourself with everything necessary.

How to choose a mini oven

What is an electric furnace?

The appliance is an excellent hybrid of a microwave, oven and bread makers. In size, mini-ovens can be small, like microwave ovens, and there may be quite a decent size full oven. However often an electric furnace is a more economical option if talk about electricity consumption. As one of the advantages you can highlight the autonomy of the furnace from the hob – there is no reference to place – can be placed where it will be more convenient.

The main consumers of these products are small families where it is not required to cook large quantities of food. After all nevertheless, one of the main parameters of the mini-oven is its size. The functions of the electric furnace vary – from simply heating food to baking complex dishes.

How to choose an electric furnace

First of all, you need to decide on the desired results, which you want to see in the recoil or parameters of the mini-oven:

  1. it is important to understand the dimensions of the device – the volume depends on them;

  2. compare the volume and quantity obtained in the calculations food consumed in your family;

  3. find out how much electricity will consume mini oven.

If you easily passed the points described for your beliefs, did not find contradictions with yourself and your desires, then you are ready choose an electric furnace.


One of the most popular volumes of mini-ovens presented The following are on the market:

  1. 8.5 liters – one of the smallest volumes, more suitable for heating and cooking convenience foods. More suitable for 1-2 people.

  2. 12 liters – another representative of compact furnaces, also Suitable for heating and cooking convenience foods. Overall this and the previous volumes most fully duplicate the functions of the usual microwave oven. Families from two people, but no more.

  3. 21 liters – a larger copy, everything will also allow reheat food, but already allows you to think about cooking high-grade dishes. A family of 5 can safely use given volume.

  4. 28 liters – a little more volume than the previous analogue will allow you to load more products into the oven for cooking, which is also suitable for a family of five.

  5. 40 liters – a great option, still combining compactness and functionality. Five to six people can dignity to use this volume.

  6. 60 or more liters – a very capacious electric furnace. Provides the possibility of cooking several dishes at the same time.


The power of mini-ovens is directly dependent on volumes. More than the volume of the furnace, the more power it will consume. An average furnace up to 21 liters consumes within 1200 Watt. With an increase in power, cooking time will decrease dishes. But do not forget about such a characteristic as volume and dimensions. Powerful electric furnaces are larger in volume and dimensions.

Inner coating

Another important characteristic is the quality of the internal coverings. Every customer is interested in a mini oven. served as long as possible. Therefore, you should choose a furnace whose internal coating will be resistant to mechanical impacts, chemicals. Quality mark in this case is the label “Durastone”. If it is present in the characteristics electric furnaces, then worry about the safety of the inner coating is not will take many years.

Operating modes

Modes of operation

There are several main modes of operation:

  1. heating – duplication of the most ordinary function of the microwave oven;

  2. variability in the choice of heating modes – upper heating, lower heating, simultaneous heating on both sides;

  3. grill, rotisserie – allows you to cook in grill mode or bake on a spit. Often found in cafes and shops for cooking meat dishes;

  4. convection is a feature available in several models. Allows bake food qualitatively and evenly. Perfect for baking.

Additional functions

Consider the main and most useful functions:

  1. Door – folding or side. Hinged imitates a door ordinary the oven. Opening takes place “on yourself”, which does not allow convenient use a stove installed at a height. Side – imitation microwave furnace, opening occurs sideways at 180 degrees.

  2. Auto power off – prevents overheating of the furnace when prolonged absence of the user or when reaching the limit temperatures.

  3. Electric burners – adds to the electric furnace the functions of a conventional slabs. True, such a model can not be called a full-fledged stove, nor the oven.

  4. Pizza trays are more of an optional accessory for pizza lovers. Pizza mold helps housewives to bake favorite dishes in a classic form.

  5. Self-cleaning is an indispensable tool that will reduce time serving the oven by heating water in a baking sheet or achieving high temperatures.

Management methods

Classic control methods – mechanical and electronic (sensory). Mechanical control furnaces are easier to operation and cheaper in cost, however, electronic counterparts boast great features, but also at a greater price.

Top manufacturers

There are many popular brands that occupy Main market share: Supra, Scarlett, Mystery and others. Data brands of course boast an abundance of features and a wide price range, but the build quality of the furnaces, as well as the durability often leave much to be desired.

It is worth paying attention to more expensive brands: Delonghi, Bork, Panasonic The cost of these analogues, of course, will be significantly higher than the Chinese. But the proposed functions, and, most importantly, quality mini-ovens will not leave anyone indifferent.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a multicooker for the home and the secrets of choosing a microwave ovens.

Mini oven selection video

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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