How to choose a meat grinder

When choosing a meat grinder, it is worth considering first of all technical characteristics, as they determine ease of use.

How to choose a meat grinder

How to choose a meat grinder: characteristics that you need take into account

The main parameters that determine the practicality of the meat grinder and the convenience of using it are:

  1. Device power;

  2. The material from which the body and mechanism are made;

  3. Functionality and equipment in the form of quantity and varieties of nozzles.

  4. The manufacturer is also important.

Types of meat grinders

The meat grinders presented on the market can be conditionally divided into three groups:

  1. Hand held;

  2. Highly specialized (the so-called “class C “) ;

  3. Multifunctional.

Manual meat grinders

Manual meat grinders

Manual meat grinders are almost an endangered species. They can not be found in supermarkets of household appliances, they are sold in stores of various little things for home. However, they still exist and even issued by several companies.


  • Low price (within a few hundred rubles);

  • Zero electricity consumption;

  • High mechanical reliability and durability (operational period may reach several decades);


  • Labor input, inability to process large quantities products due to user fatigue;

  • Limited functionality;

  • Damage the countertop, if at all capable of it to gain a foothold;

Highly specialized meat grinders (the so-called “class C”)

Highly specialized meat grinders

This group includes budget meat grinders that offer minimum required functionality. As a result, they are intended exclusively for grinding various products and differ low enough performance.


  • Low price (within 2-3 thousand rubles);

  • Low power consumption;

  • Simple and reliable design;


  • Very low productivity;

  • Usually they offer very limited equipment;

  • May not cope with grinding hard meat ;.

Multifunctional meat grinder

Multifunctional meat grinders

Multifunctional meat grinders are devices that are capable of replace several types of kitchen appliances at once. Due to the high power and a variety of nozzles they are suitable for use in a variety of purposes.


  • A variety of nozzles included;

  • Can replace the juicer, noodle cutter, suitable for cooking sausages, etc .;

  • High power and performance;


  • Low maintenance difficulty (many various nozzles and accessories).

  • It is recommended to purchase multifunctional meat grinders that are suitable for a variety of uses on the kitchen.

Which meat grinder to choose

When choosing a meat grinder, it is worth determining the planned use. Then you can choose the perfect type.

  1. For a very rare short use – manual;

  2. For very rare continued use – highly specialized (“class C”);

  3. For regular use – universal.

But, if the budget allows, then, regardless of the planned frequency use, it is worth buying a universal meat grinder.

Selection options

The main selection criteria

When choosing a meat grinder for the home, you should pay attention to following device parameters:

  1. Device power;

  2. Performance;

  3. Body material;

  4. Reverse mode;

  5. Options (number of nozzles and available modes work);

  6. Overload protection.

Meat grinder power

The higher the power of the meat grinder, the faster it grinds products. Therefore, choosing a model, it is worth paying attention to on this characteristic.

The standard capacity for most household meat grinders is 1000-2000 watts. Devices equipped with such drives are suitable for processing the vast majority of products. More powerful grinders grind faster, but slightly, therefore to purchase them for home use is impractical.

However, some manufacturers in the specifications indicate very low power (up to 500 watts). This is the so-called effective electricity consumption, and it may differ from the actual one. It should be multiplied by 4-5 times, and then the actual device power.

However, a clearer parameter that shows the speed the operation and technical characteristics of the device is its performance.

Meat grinder performance

Performance – a parameter that shows which the average amount of meat or food is able to process a meat grinder in a minute. It consists not only of drive power, but also other parameters, including sharpness of knife sharpening, geometry internal compartment, the presence or absence of crushing elements and etc.

The average productivity of a multifunctional meat grinder is 1-2 kilograms of products per minute. Devices that handle slower, little suitable for normal use. More productive are expensive and therefore better suited for cafes, restaurants and catering establishments.

If the technical characteristics of the device indicate it performance, it is worth paying attention to this particular parameter. When it is not given, but there is power, then she becomes the most important.

Housing and Tray Material

The material of the case determines the durability of the meat grinder and its resistance to various external or internal mechanical impacts. It can be made of steel or plastic. The metal case makes the meat grinder as reliable and durable. But at the same time it increases the price and complexity of the repair.

Metal case


  • Maximum strength;
  • Maximum resistance to mechanical stress;
  • Durability and reliability.


  • High price;
  • High mass of the device;
  • Limited range of models;
  • Low maintainability of the device.

Plastic case


  • Low price of the device;

  • Diverse design;

  • A wide range of meat grinders;


  • Low mechanical and vibration strength;
  • Low thermal stability.

Much more important when choosing a meat grinder is the material tray for laying products. It can also be metallic or plastic.

At the same time, metal trays are recommended for selection, which have high mechanical stability and even with active use are not damaged (do not crack or scratch).

Reverse mode

The reverse (reverse rotation) mode is a very important function for most meat grinders. It significantly extends the operational period. In case of any “jam” of products in the mechanism (e.g. due to the ingress of bones in the meat) from the device you can turn out the “mashed potatoes” and fix the defect yourself.

Therefore, it is worth choosing a meat grinder with a reverse mode.


The functionality of the meat grinder is directly affected by its equipment. The number of modes in which the device may work.

  1. The nozzle for the preparation of sausages is a tube-bell, on which on one side is worn (natural or artificial, at the request of the cook).

  2. The kebbe nozzle removes the minced meat in the form of a hollow tube with dense walls, which is filled with various fillings. Intended for the manufacture of a dish of the same name, as well as others having similar structure.

  3. The grater attachment allows you to use the meat grinder as a grater for vegetables. It is usually used without knives. At the same time, quality processing may be slightly inferior to that obtained using conventional hand grater.

  4. The juicer function is realized through a special nozzle. TO Unfortunately, most meat grinders can only process berries, with hard fruits or vegetables (apples, carrots) they don’t will cope.

  5. The noodle nozzle turns the dough into individual pasta. If a the meat grinder is equipped with it, it is desirable that its speed can be to regulate. After all, you have to cut the noodles yourself.

  6. The cookie head works similarly to the noodle head, only the shape of the finished “sausage” is obtained curly. Cut on individual servings will also have to be done on their own.

  7. The storage compartment for the nozzles is very convenient – you do not have to look for them throughout the kitchen. However, it increases the dimensions of the meat grinder.

How much is a meat grinder

how much is a meat grinder

The cost of an electric meat grinder starts from 1-2 thousand rubles, but is directly determined by performance, power and a complete set of the device. The vast majority are suitable for home use models is in the price range of 8-10 thousand rubles.

The best manufacturers of meat grinders – which company to choose

Among the manufacturers of meat grinders can be identified:

  1. Redmond, Philips – produce high-quality medium-sized meat grinders price segment;

  2. Bosch, Zelmer – manufacturers of quality top meat grinders price segment (from 10 thousand rubles).

  3. Among the manufacturers of budget meat grinders, one can distinguish a company Moulinex, which specializes in low-cost kitchen technicians.


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Video of the choice of a meat grinder

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