How to choose a laser level

Performing almost all construction and installation work requires special accuracy. This is especially true of monolithic work, laying tiles and other similar operations. Determine the plane level and set the slope “by eye” here does not work, but because you have to resort to the use of levels – special devices, allowing you to quickly and accurately measure the parameters of the plane and evaluate degree of bias. Modern laser levels enjoying huge popularity, allow you to do this not only quickly, but also very accurate, but because you can probably find a similar tool in Arsenal of every self-respecting specialist.

how to choose a laser level

Top manufacturers

Choosing a quality laser level for everyday use either in production, preference should be given to products well-known brands whose products are deservedly used popular among well-known construction companies:

  1. Bosch;

  2. Makita;

  3. Condtrol;

  4. Ada

Deciding on a specific model is currently enough just. All you need to do is explore the catalogs. manufacturers, as well as read user reviews, considering both positive and negative points.

The main types of laser levels – what are they

Linear laser level

Linear Laser Level

Projects with an optical amplifier the beam emitted photodiode, and turns it into one solid line. According to depending on the type of construction, there are both vertical and horizontal. The most expensive models allow measurements in several planes at the same time. Such devices are the most accurate, and therefore the most expensive.


  • Exceptional accuracy of measurements;

  • Ability to take measurements in several planes at the same time;

  • Circular coverage of the measurement zone;

  • Various power sources – both batteries and mains 220V .;

  • Strong and reliable case;


  • They require special skills for work;

  • High price;

Rotational models

Rotary Laser Level

The principle of beam generation in these devices is similar the above, the difference lies only in the installation location of the photodiode. For these models, it is fixed on a compact rotor driven in movement by electric motor. As a result, the user gets a clear determination of the level in the range of 360 degrees relative to the place device installation.


  • High accuracy of measurement;

  • Ability to work both on mains and on batteries;

  • High measuring range;

  • Ability to block the sensor when exceeding the permissible inaccuracies;

  • 360 degree coverage;


  • High price;

  • Inability to measure vertically;

Point levels

Point Laser Levels

The photocell with a laser head is stationary, during such work, the device emits four beams at an angle of 90 degrees relative to each other. The device is successfully used. both when performing construction work, and in everyday life, it is excellent suitable for fixing symmetrical points on both walls dwellings.


  • High range of measurements;

  • Affordable cost;

  • Compact size and light weight;

  • High accuracy and minimal error;


  • Low resistance to mechanical stress;

  • Not suitable for determining the level in a circle;

In addition to the above models, on sale you can find also combined levels that include virtues and the disadvantages of certain types of devices. There are models like usually more expensive than their counterparts.

Basic laser level selection criteria

Criteria for choosing a laser level

Measuring range

Displays the extreme point at which a level is capable of performing measurements. The measuring range can vary quite a lot – from 3-5 meters for household appliances and up to 80-100 meters for professional-level models. The more powerful and “long-range” device – so it is, accordingly, more expensive, and therefore buy professional models, performing repairs in the apartment, there is no meaning.

Presence or absence of a receiver

A parameter important exclusively for professional long-range models. It is a special device designed for fixing the emitted beam level. The receiver is capable of fixing level signal even when the beam itself is not visually visible. In time setting and finding a point displays where you need to move level horizontally and vertically.

Alignment type

In order to set the level as accurately as possible horizontally, before starting work, it must be aligned. Do it possible using special systems that are almost always are divided into two types:

  1. Manual alignment is two water capsules with prisoner inside an air bubble. By changing the level setting, control the position of the bubble, thus setting device;

  2. Automatic alignment is done with special liquid mixture located in the reservoir of the device. how no matter what tripod is installed, level readings will always be accurate and correct.

Fastening thread

Special service connector for fixing devices on a compatible tripod for maximum comfort use. The importance of this factor disappears if complete with the level is its own tripod, otherwise it is necessary select the thread diameter and the corresponding tripod. Usually, an unwritten standard is a thread with a diameter of 1 \ 4 and 5 \ 8 inches.

Number of rays

A parameter that directly affects the functionality of a particular devices. Shows the number of measurements in various planes, which is capable of producing a level at the same time:

  1. The simplest are single-beam models. They allow make accurate measurements in a certain plane;

  2. Two beam models are more functional and allow you to make many accurate measurements at the same time. Such devices are convenient for mounting a window opening, a door frame and performing other similar operations;

  3. Four-beam devices are a great option for level measurement around the perimeter of the room, which is important when performing concrete or finishing work, as well as laying tiles;

When choosing a multipath level, you should remember the general rule: than the device has a large number of rays – all the more functional and, accordingly, more expensive it is.


A parameter that determines the error of a device. Typically reflected in two adjacent digits, meaning upper and lower limit. The smaller the error, the more accurate specific device.

Power system

The vast majority of modern devices are able to work both from a network in 220V, and from the built-in battery. Some compact household models can work on ordinary batteries, however, in this situation, as a rule, we are talking about the most low power devices.

Which laser level to choose?

Which laser level to choose

  1. If necessary, perform plastering and installation beacons for this purpose, preference should be given to four-beam models equipped with standard 5 \ 8 thread, as well as wall mount;

  2. If it is necessary to install doors or windows, as well as doing wallpapering is best to resort to help double beam device equipped with standard thread 1 \ 4 inches;

  3. If necessary, installation of ceilings or partitions from drywall should purchase the most functional model, having 8-9 rays and equipped with a receiver. Execution range measurement in this situation does not play a special role – quite enough model working at a distance of 35-40 meters;

How much is the laser level?

  1. The simplest single-beam models cost 3000-8000 rubles;

  2. A four-level level will cost a little more. Quality models can be purchased for 6-12 thousand rubles;

  3. The most functional 8-9 beam levels equipped receiver cost about 25-35 thousand rubles;

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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