How to choose a gas stove

There are currently many options to choose from. plates. We will consider the classic option – a gas stove with an oven.

How to choose a gas stove

Design and type of oven

Modern models of gas stoves are equipped mainly a mass of two types of ovens – gas and electric.

  1. The classic version of the oven is a cabinet under the hob surface with a vertical door at best with several heating modes and the absence of a fan. In a more expensive and even gas ovens can be equipped with a modern version grill functions, fans, etc.

  2. Electric ovens are more functional than gas. This view is variable, offers many possibilities. for customers – air circulation, convection, various heating options.

Type of hob coating

Nowadays, the market has three main types surfaces:

  1. Enamelled – the most popular and traditional. By virtue of affordability in price the most massive. Primary colors – classic white and brown. This type has a number of serious disadvantages: vulnerability to chips, scratches, difficulty in cleaning from grease and mud.

  2. Stainless steel – usually subdivided into polished and matte. Compared to popular enameled counterparts are more presentable, more durable and wear-resistant and easy to wash. Of the disadvantages This type is worth noting the difficulty of caring for such a surface. Fingerprints remain on stainless steel, surface loses your shine.

  3. Glass-ceramic – this hob coating ceases be a gimmick. Heat resistant glass or glass ceramics give effective plate, retain a presentable appearance for a long time by reason of wear resistance. These surfaces are also easy to clean. by myself.

Type of management

One of the characteristics of the plates, though not the most important, is the type stove control. There are two main types: mechanical and sensory. Each customer decides for himself how critical for him this or that management. Touch is more modern and presentable, but can be difficult for the older generation. Mechanical type – handles with which to set the desired heating parameter.

Additional functions

Additional functions of the gas stove

All gas stove manufacturers are trying to diversify their lineup by introducing new technology or known but practical functions. If you do not consider the most budget models stoves that serve exclusively for cooking most in a simple way, the equipment of the stove allows not only to facilitate the cooking process, but also helps in everyday life.

  1. Indicators. On some plates there are power indicators. Thanks to this function, it is possible to determine whether gas is supplied to the burner. or not.

  2. Retractable structures. For the convenience of bakers, a number of manufacturers equips the oven with extension designs baking sheet.

  3. Self-cleaning. Very useful oven functionality. Facilitates plate maintenance and saves time.

  4. Timer and clock. Ability to set start and end times cooking is very helpful. No need to worry about cooking – just set the time and make your own business. A beep will notify you that the process is complete.

  5. Door lock Safety comes first. Door lock the oven protects your children from injury.

  6. Backlight For convenience, control the cooking process in Oven manufacturers provide illumination from the inside. Eliminates the need to get food out of the oven and upset the most temperature conditions.

  7. Additional compartments. Drawer storage boxes allow save space in the kitchen.


The gas stove is an object of increased danger. therefore proper care must be taken to ensure that this object did not become a source of tragic consequences.

  1. Gas control function. Allows you to turn off the gas supply if the fire on the burner goes out. There are similar solutions for ovens.

  2. Electric ignition of burners. Fire risk reduction in mind no need to use matches, lighters.

  3. Child protection. The ability to lock the device for use.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas stoves

Advantages and disadvantages of gas stoves

Talking about the benefits of gas stoves is like list the usual moments in our time. Possibility cooking under the influence of temperatures – the need for our days. Therefore, all the benefits are often described in additional features of specific slab models.

But there are a number of disadvantages that are inherent in all gas plates:

  1. The mobility of gas stoves is at a minimum. Because of the need to connect to a gas pipe every time in case move or reconnect the stove must be called specialists.

  2. Accuracy of installation. In case of a minimum error in connecting the stove, the danger of the device increases many times. Important remember the danger of using gas in everyday life.

  3. The impossibility of self-repair. Since gas stoves refer to sources of increased danger, carry out repairs only gas specialists can.

Top gas stove manufacturers

Currently, all major manufacturers of household appliances gas stoves are also produced. All brands are heard by customers and plate selection often comes down to ranking brands by sympathies. Gorenje, Gefest, Bosch, Hansa, Beko, Indesit – all this only part of a large number of popular tile manufacturers. Each of represented companies has in its assortment plates with various functionality and in a wide price range, so that everyone can find the stove by yourself.


In the next article, we show how to choose the right hood to the kitchen and the secrets of choosing a hob.

Gas stove selection video

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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