How to choose a coffee maker for home and office

The coffee maker is an indispensable assistant in everyday life, at work, in a cafe. In the market they are represented by a variety of simple and complex models between which it is difficult to make a choice without considering technical specifications.



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Which coffee machine to choose – types of coffee makers

Modern coffee makers are:

  1. Drip

  2. Geyser

  3. Electric Turks

  4. Espresso coffee makers

Each of them is different in cost, design, capabilities, ease of use and other necessary parameters.

Features of choosing a drip coffee maker

Drip coffee maker

A drip coffee maker works by a simple principle. Inside boiling water goes to the compartment where the coffee is located, and then the drink already slowly drains into the tank. This is a great solution for family and office.


  • Large volume;
  • You can use any ground coffee;
  • Simplicity in operation;


  • Coffee is brewing slowly;
  • Need to change the filter.

Features of choosing a geyser coffee maker

electric geyser coffee maker

Great coffee makers that have become sought after low price. They are reliable and can be cooked in them. not only coffee, but also tea and even herbal infusion. In the construction of three compartment: for water, for coffee or tea, for the finished product.


  • Affordable price;
  • Ease of use;
  • The ability to prepare different drinks.


  • The product is less aromatic;
  • Difficulty in maintenance.

Electric Turks

Electric Turks

Help make coffee in Turkish. It looks like such equipment resembles an electric kettle inside which coffee is placed. In Cooking time must not depart from the Turks, otherwise coffee can run away.


  • Simplicity of construction;
  • Rich taste;
  • Great for making espresso;
  • High speed cooking.


  • Small volume;
  • Lack of automatic shutdown;

Capsule Coffee Makers

capsule coffee machine

This is a powerful technology that allows you to cook favorite coffee using a special capsule. Smart device will do everything on his own, just set the desired the program.


  • Rich functionality.
  • Full automation of the process.
  • Rich taste.


  • High price;
  • Service cost;

The main criteria for choosing a coffee maker

coffee machine selection criteria

In the selection process, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Power

  2. Pressure

  3. Volume

  4. Filters

  5. Coffee Strength Regulator

  6. Cappuccino maker

  7. Display

  8. Cup warmer

  9. Water level indicator


Power affects the preparation time of the drink. The larger the coffee machine has power, the faster the water boils, reducing preparation time of the drink.


Coffee machines pass hot water through a filter with coffee under pressure. For carob coffee makers, pressure can range from 4 to 8 bar. Saturation of coffee taste depends on pressure. For cooking aromatic espresso enough pressure of 4 bar.


Coffee makers have a bulb volume of 0.25 liters to 1.5 liters. More than people drink coffee, the larger the size of the flask is worth choosing, for one Turks will be enough.


Coffee makers have filters in their design that allow you to make the drink is clean, without grains of coffee. They may be:

  1. Paper

  2. Nylon

  3. Titanium Coated

Paper filters need to be replaced more often, so they require significant financial costs. Nylon most often come in kit and are reusable. Titanium Filter spraying is the same nylon, but it costs much more.

Coffee Strength Regulator

In expensive models of coffee makers there are several fortress modes that can be adjusted as needed.

Cappuccino maker

The cappuccino machine is called the mechanism in the design of the coffee machine, which whips milk and turns it into a thick foam. It is installed only in espresso machines.


Low cost coffee makers have buttons and relays, for more expensive models are controlled via touch display.

Cup warmer

The stove has become an important element in the design of modern coffee makers. Without it, the coffee will cool quickly and will have to be every time heat it up.

Water level indicator

Typically, the indicator shows the number of cups of coffee. Then there is a user pours water, but sees the number of mugs with drink, which will turn out in the end.

Additional coffee maker features

additional functionality of the coffee maker

Additional features – significantly expand the functionality. Among the additional features:

  1. The presence of a delayed start timer. Timer availability delayed inclusion allows you to get a cup of hot coffee in necessary time, for example, early in the morning.

  2. The temperature of the drink at the outlet. This feature will like those who do not like to drink too hot a drink. She lets adjust the temperature of the liquid at the outlet.

  3. Auto power off. If the coffee maker has finished its work, she independently shuts down if there is functionality in this mode.

  4. Constantly heated coffee. Coffee makers with this mode will become simply irreplaceable at work, when at any moment want hot coffee. The drink is constantly heated, therefore It’s not cold even an hour after cooking.

  5. The unheated basis of the device. One option is how You can protect yourself and the table on which the coffee maker stands. The unheated base does not harm wood or any other surface.

  6. Anti-drop system. The system allows you to cook a few mugs of coffee, it’s not necessary to wait until the bulb will be filled completely. the coffee maker stays clean. Like space around her.

  7. Highlighted cooking area. At night, it disappears the need to turn on the light throughout the room. Backlight in the area cooking allows you to use a coffee maker without fear of getting burned or click on the wrong button.

  8. Pre-wetting. Pressed coffee pre-wetted with water if the equipment has this functions. In such a coffee maker, the drink is more aromatic and saturated.

Top coffee maker manufacturers

  1. The best express coffee maker can be considered a model from the company Bosh, which have simple controls and affordable cost. They have rich functionality, good quality and have a system. automatic steam cleaning.

  2. Among all manufacturers of drip coffee makers, the best pay attention to Panasonic. They have a strong metal case, modern design and good volume. Cost not may not please with its availability.

  3. But among the geyser coffee makers, equipment was distinguished Rommelsbacher. Such units quickly make coffee. Their bowl made of heat-resistant glass, and the volume of the jug is quite enough for both office and home.

Coffee Maker Video

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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