Bosch TDI 902836A

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Specifications of Bosch TDI 902836A

General characteristics

Power 2800 watts
Sole Ceranium glissée
Continuous steam there is up to 55 g / min
Automatic steam adjustment there is
Steam boost yes, 200 g / min, vertical steam
Spray function there is
Volume 400 ml water tank

Safety and security

Anti-scale system there is
Self cleaning system there is
Drip system there is


Network cable ball mount to housing
Cord length 2.5 m

Bosch TDI 902836A Reviews

Pluses: Coloring
Minuses: Even standard cotton fabrics are not ironed, antishine function does not work, terribly buzzing. Does not slide on tissue.
Minuses: Awful iron! Do not buy positive reviews. I tried to iron ordinary bedding – not stroking, have to make an effort. Stroking black blouses colors in antishine mode, whitish shine as with regular ironing an iron. The fabric does not slip, which slows down the process with a conventional iron You can iron clothes three times faster. After ironing, the look of the clothes shabby as if it had not yet been erased.

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Advantages: Unbreakable color, convenient iron handle, powerful steam, self-locking system, a truly non-cracking sole. Fine ironing, large water compartment, the cord is not confused, gorgeous removes.
Disadvantages: Beautiful, stylish and reliable iron. Received in GIFT 3 MONTHS BACK. And immediately abandoned her old iron in storage room. Very quickly smoothes out any creases that the previous could not, and it makes it easy even at a low temperature, a thanks to a narrow nosik, ironing and between buttons small details. It won’t burn anything, it slides simply perfectly – it’s not ironing, and good pleasure. Large water fill hole and it is quite convenient to fill it. Auto power off function – how to for me, if I forgot to turn it off, now I can’t worry, and more economical in terms of power. Easy to operate deal with functions.

Belyakova Irina

Advantages: Awesome, unbroken flower. Steam boost spray function. Sole Ceranium glissee. Long cord not confused, so as a ball mount to the body. Anti-drip System and self-cleaning system. LARGE RESERVE FOR WATER.
Minuses: For a long time I could not decide on a model, I bought this Iron and not a bit droplets. Iron super! The design is excellent, beautiful itself. Handles any task, easy to operate, excellent giving a pair, the sole is simple, does not stick, does not scratch, Excellent slides. The steam button is conveniently located. Narrow spout, allows you to iron hard-to-reach places. No the droplet is leaking, the steam is delivered so that it can be smoothed out several layers at once. Even at high temperature and maximum giving steam, some water is enough for a long time. Ironing, although I didn’t like ironing before. I regret that I didn’t buy it before

Vishnyakova Rimma

Advantages: Appearance is in the black, good sole material, there is a steam boost, it quickly smoothes clothes, there is an anti-drip system (there are no drops or smudges on clothes, the last iron as times it often suffered), a large reserve for water
Minuses: I do not so often iron clothes, but without an iron all it’s still impossible to live, the same shirts and suits simply cannot be iron, so always perceived ironing as hard labor, taking into account the fact that the last iron liked to leave stains on clothes. A couple of times even linen changed after ironing – horror. Everything is perfect here it works, the iron irones and does not harm, so you can safely buy, do not have to suffer with him

Tarakhova Rada

Pluses: good steam, good sole
Minuses: the sole cools down for a long time, it makes noise
Minuses: When I bought an iron, I was confused by the TDI inscription, I laughed and did not pay attention. Arriving home, I realized that the inscription is natural and is well founded. Turbocharged Direct Injection (or in common people turbodiesel) wakes up in the iron from the first plug and gives out with a bang all his ironing forces. Actually the feed system fuel (steam) is not gravity like on most irons, but has its supercharger is a motor that roars like a full-fledged diesel unit. At first it’s funny – then it’ll bother me. More to I have no complaints about this device.

Karavaev Alexander

Advantages: Good-looking, does not drip on the fabric when steaming, capacious water tank, cord sufficient for trouble-free ironing.
Disadvantages: The steaming function works for five with a plus: processed coat, jackets, plaids and curtains it turned out to align without ironing using only vertical steam. Pleats (trousers, pleated skirt, etc.) are smoothed the first time the fabric is passed, which speeds up the ironing process. Fine details, draperies – with everything copes with this ironing without difficulty.

Benites issobel

Advantages: Convenient handle and cord fastening, not heavy, easy glides on fabric.
Minuses: We bought such an expensive iron on the advice of a manager a store for regular ironing of concert costumes. Daughters doing ballroom dancing and dresses made of thin fabrics, have a lot of parts, assemblies, etc. I will not say that the process with an iron Ironing has accelerated, but the quality of ironing has certainly improved. A plus some parts are just steamed and the fabric is smoothed yourself. Even better.

Yudashkin Oleg

Pluses: Beautiful model. Ironing perfectly even with steam without – always a wonderful result.
Minuses: Powerful iron, I can iron them with a bed it several times and he just strokes everything awesomely. it reduces ironing time to a minimum. When I bought, I didn’t know that I’ll make ironing so easy. I just bought it not because there was a desire, and an urgent need, the old iron broke. Very price quality goes well. Heats up quickly. Steam is distributed all over the sole, and not just on the nose, as is often the case irons.

Zueva Ulyana

Pluses: Attractive appearance, large tank for water – 0.4l, narrow spout, powerful steam blow, comfortable ironing, long cord.
Minuses: Iron is just class! In operation for more than a year, works great! Easily smoothes out all creases, mode Steaming is just super! Convenient narrow nose that allows perfectly smooth the fabric between the buttons. Maybe someone seem a little heavy when the tank is full of water, but for me it’s a plus, since you don’t have to put pressure on it when ironing.

Eremina Julia

Pluses: Heavy, smooths cotton shirts from 1st Conveniently fits in your hand Liked how the sole rides on fabrics, confidently and clearly Full automatic, determines when steam need to issue.
Minuses: Noisy, especially when the pump starts
Disadvantages: Prior to this, I used the Philips GC 4850 iron for 2 years, but his sole began to wear off in that place, and from that he sometimes he started tinging shirts. Bosch took – well gentlemen, as if moved from VAZ to a solid foreign car. Price difference around 1000 rubles, and the pleasure of ironing Bosch many times more. Cut the ironing time of the shirt is almost 2 times since Bosh smoothes almost always from the 1st meeting, with Philips it happened to put it mildly not always. Very satisfied.

Bystrov Vladimir

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