Bosch TDA 2680

Bosch TDA 2680

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Specifications Bosch TDA 2680

General characteristics

Power 2300 watts
Sole Palladium-glissee
Continuous steam there is, with adjustment, up to 35 g / min
Automatic steam adjustment not
Steam boost yes, 100 g / min, vertical steam
Spray function there is

Safety and security

Auto shut off there is, in an upright position after 8 minutes, in a horizontal position after 30 s
Anti-scale system there is
Self cleaning system there is
Drip system there is


Network cable ball mount to housing
Cord length 3m

Bosch TDA 2680 Reviews

Pluses: working fine
Minuses: cheap plastic
Minuses: I use 2 weeks


Advantages: Choose a model when buying, which would met our requirements. This model is completely us satisfied: automatically turns off the iron when not in use This is a very important factor for me. Also nice price for all advantages of the model. The iron does not drip at low temperatures, wide water inlet; descaling system. perfectly smoothes clothes. I recommend buying this model
Disadvantages: no disadvantages
Minuses: It was nice to deal with the employees of this the store

Kibasova Natalya

Pluses: very light (previous tefal, higher class, was twice as heavy) good steam, long cord, automatic shutdown
Disadvantages: the filling lid is purely decorative – with accidentally tipping over the iron; easy glide but not super-super, better seen
Disadvantages: next they write about cheap plastic – I didn’t notice: nowhere no creaks, collected well, no smells … Maybe fragility with fall? I don’t know, until I fell

Bondarenko Oleg

Pluses: heating speed
Minuses: Quality. The sole is soiled quickly.
Minuses: Awful model. The sole burns quickly. Fast died, worked just a little over a year. Just after warranty period.

Naidenov Eugene

Pluses: Great iron! Lightweight, powerful, long cord. Heats up quickly and cools down. What you need. And the price is ridiculous for such quality

Rumyantseva Anna

Pluses: First impressions: 1. Soundly assembled, quality brand, which is called on the face. Does not creak, buttons are pressed easy, the cover from the water filling hole closes tightly and a pleasant effort opens; 2. Quality materials, high-quality parts, nice to hold in your hands; 3. Heats up quickly to the desired temperature; 4. Long cord (3m), it is convenient; 5. Large water container volume (290 ml); 6. Of course auto power off.
Minuses: First impressions: 1. When declared characteristics (2300 W, 30/100 g / min steam) should in theory cope with cotton without problems, but it is not. Sure, smooths well, but if you look at a certain angle at light, it is clear that it’s not perfect, there remain “smoothed wrinkles”. For ideality, you still need to moisten with water through a “spray bottle”; 2. I don’t know in front, but I think that the nose of the sole is enough wide, it can be difficult to smooth the space between buttons, for example, on a shirt or children’s clothing; 3. Glide on fabric “good”, expected to “excellent”; 4. Minor defects on the lateral edge of the sole; their absence was expected.
Minuses: I chose quality so that it was relatively inexpensive and that there are all the necessary functions. I use a couple of days, but in next time I will take a more powerful iron, with greater rates steam consumption, as these, I see, are not enough for perfect ironing and without tension.


Pluses: Long cord, capacious tank
Minuses: Something somehow not perfect glide, seen and better.


Pluses: Auto-off, good steam boost, dumb spout long cord
Cons: heavier than its predecessor Bosch TDA 2610
Minuses: Cool iron for the money. I did not regret it took it.

Shevchenko Maxim

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