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Amino acids play a key role in the life of the body. Being a kind of “building material” for cells, they provide growth and recovery while performing physical exercises. Sold in sports nutrition stores amino acids are concentrated supplements intended for those who is fond of strength training and prefers a healthy lifestyle of life.

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The best manufacturers of amino acids and sports nutrition

In the sports nutrition market there is a large number of low-quality products and even outright fakes. Choosing amino acids, preference should be given to quality, proven products of global concerns, working closely with professional bodybuilders:

  1. Optimum Nutrition

  2. Weider

  3. Universal

  4. Cuttler nutrition

  5. Dymatize

Reviews of the products of each of the brands can be found on the network. The Internet on specialized sites dedicated to bodybuilding, and also in groups of the same name on social networks.

What are amino acids and what types exist?

Amino acids are the simplest components of a protein, something that the latter breaks up as a result of synthesis. They are faster and easier. assimilate to our body, and therefore concentrated amino acids are an essential supplement for those who wants to build muscle.

Modern amino acid complexes are considered indispensable, their experienced coaches recommend to all those who have decided to purposefully engage in “iron” sports.


  • Muscle growth;

  • Prevention of muscle fiber-destroying catabolism during training time;

  • Quick and effective recovery after training;

  • Intensive burning of subcutaneous fat;

  • Normalization of metabolism;

  • Increased stamina;

  • The growth of power indicators;


  • They require careful selection;

  • It is required to observe the regularity of administration and dosage;

  • High price;

Types of Amino Acids

types of amino acids

  1. The so-called BCAAs, the three amino acids are leucine, isoleucine, valine, which is important for the body and takes in it vital functions direct impact. Independently the body does not produce, comes with food received from the outside. Absorbed by the body instantly and supplies muscles building material, inhibiting catabolism;

  2. Creatine is a substance that directly affects strength and muscle endurance. “Inflates” muscle fibers and retains moisture, as a result of which the muscles increase in volume and the strength indicators are growing;

  3. Glutamine is designed to quickly recover after intense physical training;

  4. L-carnitine is a special supplement that speeds up metabolism and increasing body temperature, resulting in significantly accelerated fat burning process;

  5. Arginine increases the useful area of ​​the blood blood vessels, which increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and blood pressure normalizes. Also arginine prevents the formation of tumors and has a beneficial effect on the immune body system;

Amino Acid Selection Options

The above amino acids are present in almost any sports nutrition, especially whey protein and casein. Only the proportions of this or that element in their composition. However, given some secondary, sufficient quantities for fruitful work under extreme loads and recovery from them should not be expected. For this reason experienced athletes are advised to buy amino acids separately and take them as a complement to the core and sports nutrition.

What amino acids to prefer?

  1. First of all, BCAAs are mandatory, they are accepted with in the morning and during training. Their main purpose is not to allow the appearance of catabolism.

  2. Creatine will also be useful, thanks to which it is provided significant increase in power indicators.

  3. For those who want to lose weight, a mandatory supplement will be L-carnitine, one of the most effective fat burners.

  4. If the recovery process after training is given to the athlete very difficult, glutamine will come to the rescue.

  5. Fitness bikini girls say that taking amino acids has a very positive effect on rejuvenation body as a whole and on the condition of nails, skin, hair in particular. If your goal is to look young and fresh, you need to turn your attention to amino acids such as arginine, l-carnitine and tyrosine.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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