How to choose a barbell

Muscle gain is not possible without basic exercises – deadlift, squats and bench press, with a shell in which is a bar with a set of pancakes of the appropriate weight. To enjoy doing exercises and grow above by yourself, the correct selection of the rod and its main elements should pay close attention.

choose a barbell for bench press

The best manufacturers of barbells and bodybuilding equipment

The bar is a projectile, the name of the manufacturer of which and his fame do not play any role in the training process. Naturally, it’s much more pleasant to work with shells from known the whole world of manufacturers, however, on the effectiveness of training and name progress has no effect. Popularity use the rods of the following manufacturers:

  1. Protrain

  2. Fora

  3. Vimpex

  4. Eleiko

  5. Regal

  6. Hms

The operational nuances and subtleties are best studied based on reviews of athletes, as well as all kinds of discussions. Find them You can on the Internet on thematic forums and in public social networks dedicated to bodybuilding.

What are the rods? The main types

Despite the mention of sports equipment imagination draws an exceptionally direct Olympic vulture, one of them business is not limited. There are several main types booms.

Classic Straight Vulture


Universal device for working out all muscle groups. Allows you to do both basic exercises with free weights, and isolated exercises for local muscle groups. Length of such the neck is 180 centimeters, and the diameter is -25-30 mm, which is enough for a comfortable girth. Net weight is 20 kilogram, which means only he alone is already very good projectile for the study of biceps, triceps, shoulders and trapezium.


  • Universality;

  • Ability to perform both basic and isolated exercises;

  • Compatibility with all types of modern “pancakes”;


  • A dead weight of 20 kilograms can be unnecessarily large for untrained beginners;

  • “Olympic” models from well-known manufacturers expensive



Compact fingerboard 120 cm long, the diameter of which It is all the same 25-30 millimeters for a comfortable grip. Average part of it has a broken shape and is a Latin letter W. Widely used for performing isolated exercises and local study of small muscle groups – biceps, triceps, shoulder girdle. It is a great option for morning charging and home workout.


  • Length 120 centimeters;

  • Suitable for working out isolated muscle groups;

  • Comfortable grip;

  • Light weight – suitable for beginners;


  • You can not perform basic exercises;

  • Not suitable for bench press;

Ez neck

EZ-shaped neck

Alternative W-neck with bright pronounced bending in its middle part. This makes it suitable for doing exercises for biceps with a variety of grip and his width, which allows you to work on this muscle. Its length also is 120 centimeters, and the diameter in the grip area is 2.5-3 centimeter.


  • Length 120 centimeters;

  • Low cost;

  • Suitable for working out isolated muscle groups;

  • Comfortable grip regardless of the position of the hands;

  • Light weight – suitable for beginners;


  • You can not perform basic exercises;

  • Not suitable for bench press;

The main criteria for choosing a bar

bar selection criteria

Bar Length

  1. For those who choose a barbell to perform isolated exercises for biceps, triceps, compact bars should be selected, the length of which does not exceed 120 centimeters;

  2. If back exercises are added to the exercises, as well as in in the case when the bar is selected for a teenager, stop your choice should be on models whose neck is 150 centimeters;

  3. In the case when it is planned to work out all the muscles and do not only isolated, but also basic exercises, alternatives the Olympic vulture 200 cm long does not exist;


Pancakes are special weighting discs that allow you to dial necessary weight on the bar. Choosing a set of disks should take into account your own power indicators, the optimal set “pancakes” weighing from 2.5 to 25 kilograms almost always come out, and each weight should be a pair.

Fasteners – Locks

These are special devices for fixing discs. on the neck and preventing them from falling and moving along the neck during exercise time. The design of the locks can be spring or mechanical. In the first form, pancakes are fixed with special spring clip, in the second – pressed mechanical lock rotary design.

The presence of “knurling”

Under this name sportsmen mean special corrugated inserts at the points of contact of the neck with the hands. With their help maximum grip at runtime exercises and barbell slipping is prevented. Disadvantage is the formation of corns during training, however this can be avoided by using special training gloves.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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