How to choose a mouth guard

Capa is a special device designed to protect the jaw from dislocation and damage, and the oral cavity from injury and cuts. Appearing in the eighties of the last century, this accessory is now an integral attribute of all martial arts and contact sports. Regardless whether you are a professional boxer or just master martial arts, going into the ring without a cap threatens to get serious injuries.

Under these brands on the market are various caps designed both for beginners and amateurs, and for professional athletes. Reviews about them can be read online Internet on specialized portals dedicated to boxing and fighting arts.

Types of Cap

The following types are currently popular. cap.

Ready-made mouth guards

Ready mouthguards

The universal and most common type of cap that you can buy at a pharmacy or sports equipment stores. Model Data available in several standard sizes and designed for amateur exploitation. Their main advantage is low price.


  • Low price;

  • Prevalence. You can buy in almost any pharmacy or sports equipment store;


  • Mediocre workmanship;

  • Inadequate jaw protection during sparring;

  • Difficulty breathing;

  • Insufficient fixation on teeth due to universal mount;

Thermoplastic mouthguards

Thermoplastic mouthguards

These models are also called anatomical. Represent a specially shaped blank made of material prone to deformation under the influence of hot water. Before use the workpiece is dipped in boiling water for 30 seconds, after which it is cooled and tightly pressed to the jaw, on which the mouth guard will subsequently be put on. As it hardens, it takes anatomical form and completely follows the contours of the jaw, providing maximum protection.


  • Allows you to customize the jaw of any shape;

  • Strong and wearproof;

  • Provides maximum protection against injuries;


  • Expensive;

  • Not durable;

  • Individually selected for a specific person;


Dental burl

Individual mouthguard made in a special laboratory based on the cast of the teeth of a particular athlete. Provides maximum protection against injuries and full jaw compliance athlete.


  • Precise manufacturing, taking into account all the nuances of the structure of the jaw;

  • Strength and durability;

  • High quality workmanship;


  • Individual mouthguards are as expensive as possible;

  • Made in specialized dental clinics;

In addition to the above models, on sale can be found and so called dental cap models used for alignment of a bite or teeth whitening. They are inserted on short time span and thanks to a specific valid substance, such mouthguards perform the functions assigned to them.

Capa selection options

main selection criteria

Choosing the right mouthguard for boxing suggests the following key features.


Sports mouthguards can be divided into two conditional groups – mouthguards, put on one row of teeth (upper or lower) or the same mouthpiece, fixed on both jaws. The first models are not able to protect against powerful point strikes, but much more convenient to operate and Do not cause discomfort. The latter, in contrast, provide high tooth protection, however, they do not allow either talking or even breathe intensively while sparring.

Capa color

For use in professional boxing, they choose mouthguards, having white or light color. This is done so that the judge was able to visually determine the degree of injury to the athlete rival. It is for this reason that the red burls almost never apply, with the exception of amateur matches or all kinds of friendly sparring and training.

Application specifics

Contact sports can dramatically differ among themselves, and depending on their specifics, many manufacturers develop own models cap. Choose a model that is designed for use in a particular sport, one should not think that capa designed for American football or hockey Suitable for Thai boxing.

Smell and taste

A truly high-quality mouthpiece should be odorless and neither taste. This is done in order to exclude the possibility allergies affecting gums and soft tissues the oral cavity. In addition, the “tasteless” mouthpiece will cause discomfort in the athlete, thereby distracting from the main task.

Anatomical fit

When the mouthpiece matches the anatomical structure of the jaw athlete, she not only does not create a feeling of discomfort, but even It doesn’t feel like an extraneous object that is placed on the teeth. More Moreover, a properly fitted mouth guard absolutely does not interfere with talking, breathe and drink, being, in fact, a logical extension of the teeth athlete.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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