How to choose an expander

The expander is a compact simulator that implements an isolated load on individual muscle groups. Minimal sized and great for training at home conditions. Choosing the right expander is easy – all you need to know the characteristics that should be given most close attention.

choose an expander

The best manufacturers of expanders

Choosing a similar device, choose the best products exclusively verified manufacturers of sportswear equipment:

  1. Regal

  2. Adidas

  3. Reebok

  4. Nike

  5. Captains of crush guide

Information about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model is simpler all found on thematic forums on the Internet.

Types of expanders. Which to prefer?

Carpal expanders

Hand expanders

Compact muscle-building devices forearm and grip reinforcement. Made of rubber or have metal construction. They do not require special skills, are compact and do not take up much space.


  • Compact size;

  • Inexpensive

  • Light weight;

  • Suitable for the study of the forearm;


  • Minimum functionality;

  • Slight stiffness limited at around 25-30 kilogram;

Shoulder expanders

Shoulder expanders

A great option for working out the deltoid muscles, the broadest muscles of the back, chest, and shoulders. Represent two convenient handles mounted on a rubber or metal hinge. The exercise is performed by stretching the springs or rubber inserts, and load adjustment is carried out using adding or reducing the number of spring elements.


  • Universal;

  • Adjustable load;

  • Inexpensive

  • They allow you to work out many muscle groups;


  • Only suitable for beginners, full gym unable to replace;

Butterfly expander


A universal simulator that allows you to pump the muscles of the whole body and, first of all, the quadriceps and the inner thigh. It is a special spring element between which two neoprene pens are located. It is on them that it turns out impact when doing the exercise.


  • Great for working out the muscles of the legs;

  • Inexpensive

  • Do not require special handling skills;

  • Safety;


  • Limited load range;

  • Not able to replace professional simulators;

Multifunctional expanders

Multifunctional expanders

They are complexes suitable for full workout at home. Thanks to them, you can support toned all muscle groups of the body. Are popular among professional bodybuilders as a tool to perform charging.


  • High functionality;

  • Safety precautions;

  • High quality workmanship;

  • Allow to work out all muscle groups, including large;


  • High price;

  • Do not replace a full gym;

Expander selection options

criteria for selecting an expander

The brand

Choose the best products from trusted manufacturers, which users recommend. Her performance will be comply with the stated that will affect the effect of training in a positive way.

Load range

Or stiffness, as manufacturers call it otherwise. Represents that force that must be applied to fulfill exercises. The value varies from 5 to 90-100 kilograms. There are also models with variable stiffness, which allow pointly dose the load along with muscle growth and power indicators of the athlete.

Workmanship and safety

  1. Spring expanders are clad in a sheath that excludes contact of metal parts with skin. All connections must have robust design that can withstand the declared load;

  2. Rubber elements made of “fresh” rubber and not have visible cracks and microtrauma in the extended state. Last can talk about the low quality of the materials used or about that the tires are “old.”

Expander Handle Shape

It is best to choose the model whose handles are anatomical shape and provide a comfortable grip. Value plays and texture material – rubberized or rough handle has coupling characteristics even when doing the exercise wet hands.

Choosing a ribbon expander

A quality band expander has the following characteristics:

  1. Safety design;

  2. Convenient rubberized handles;

  3. Rubber or metal bets that distribute evenly load;

  4. The presence of replaceable elements – inserts that allow you to change the value of the applied force in the range from 20-25 to 65-70 kilogram;

Choosing a carpal expander

Although the carpal expander is less complex construction, its characteristics must be given close Attention:

  1. High-quality rubber or spring metal element;

  2. Maximum load at the level of 25-30 kilograms;

  3. Rubberized handles for comfortable grip;

  4. Compact size and minimal weight;

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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