Types of Nike Sneakers

There is a widespread and erroneous opinion that the whole sports shoes are the same: there are better, and there are cheaper, but all models are equally designed for sports. TO fortunately, this is not so, and well-known brands are not the first decade, including Nike, manufacturing specialized shoes for various sports, with the aim of make workouts more comfortable and effective.

How did the legend begin?

How did the legend begin?

Back in 1964, the Nike brand began to actively supply high-quality sports shoes for athletes and ordinary customers. Paying attention to the reliability and durability of models, professional trainers began to recommend shoes and other products companies in the arena of big sport – for example, a trademark for a short the term won the love of the public and began production more specialized models. Today Nike shoes are presented wide assortment, models are made according to unique designs with taking into account all the features of each sport and intensity training sessions.

Main varieties

The main varieties

  1. Sneakers for running. The company has more than one collection. running shoes that are sewn using innovative technologies for ensure comfortable running without unnecessary friction. Nike Free Models give the effect of running barefoot, shoes of the LunarGlide, LunarEclipse series, LunarFlash maximally protects joints and ligaments from stress, securely fixing the position of the leg. Nike Free Flyknit or Nike Models Lunaracer have a special sole cover and are designed for running on hard and paved surfaces. A sneakers Air Max 90, 95, 1 are used for traveling on rough and forest area.
  2. Universal shoes for fitness. Technology Free Trainer, Lunar and Air Max provide good ventilation for the legs, do not represent an additional load, but make training more comfortable.
  3. Basketball sneakers. LeBron, Jordan and Hyperdunk have a springy base with a hard coating that it doesn’t allow the foot to slip, and the sneakers cannot deform from contact with a smooth or hard surface.
  4. Sneakers for skateboarding. These shoes have a slightly different structure and is fully in contact with the sole of the board. Dunk sneakers, Zoom and Blazer, Air Force are well-suited for regular training on skateboard and longboards.
  5. Models for tennis and ping pong. Vapor and Advantage Series include products with minimum weight for ease of movement and sufficient foot protection.
  6. Nike Football Boots. Special sneakers for football are presented in the widest variety. Nike CR7 is a winter model line, and T90 are designed to play in any weather conditions.
  7. Sneakers for golf. Nike TW ’15 and Control 3 Shoes provides good stability on slippery grass in any the weather.
  8. In addition to specialized models, Nike has not only sports sneakers, but also urban, boots (Field, Mountain), studded (boots) and high models.

Quality and materials for tailoring

Quality and materials for tailoring

Materials such as nylon are used in the manufacture of sneakers, textiles, synthetic leather and a variety of polymers – all Materials meet high quality standards, they are safe for people of any age, do not cause allergic reactions and do not irritate the skin. Most models have additional effects designed specifically for sports, among them the following:

  1. good resistance to mechanical pressure;

  2. the presence of an additional insole for balancing;

  3. good depreciation;

  4. anti-slip sole sole surfaces;

  5. light weight;

  6. long term of operation;

  7. providing protection against water and moisture.

Good Buying Tips


The most popular models are representatives of the Nike series. Air Max, however, so as not to pay for a fake, which on it’s enough for the domestic world to know what to look for Attention:

  1. In the area of ​​the heel should be an air cushion that protects from getting injured.

  2. The model should not have a lot of weight – all brand shoes have Lightweight designs that allow you to move faster.

In the official representative office of the brand, you can choose high-quality model for a specific type of sports activities, individual training, ordinary walks in the city and other pastime. Among the newest sneakers that recently introduced the company, Hi-Jack, Zenyth and Offense is a stylish shoe that fully lives up to its cost and consistent with the latest fashion trends.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose running shoes and the secrets of choosing a pedometer for active training sessions.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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