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Each person, to one degree or another, wants to stand out among the people around him. This primarily concerns the appearance. Although we do not want to lag behind fashion and completely go beyond the framework that it sets, yet everyone wants to buy something special for themselves, not the same as from others. There is often an opportunity to purchase an exclusive item, but you need to be careful here. In pursuit of creating your own special image, you can buy a piece of clothing that is not quite suitable for you.

If you have not been rewarded with design skills from birth, it is better to go in the wake of fashion, but even in this case, you can do so to stand out from the crowd of similarly dressed people. So, let's break down some of the fashion points and find out how to correctly combine colors in clothes.

Do not get carried away with bulky things

First of all, you need to choose things that are suitable in size and generally fit well for you. It may not be something ultra-fashionable, but a neatly dressed person always attracts attention. Therefore, you do not need to put on baggy sweaters and other bulky things (the fashion of the 80s is long gone). They will create the image of a sloppy person. In order to know how clothes should fit on you, we have prepared an infographic: how a suit should fit and how a shirt should fit.

It is important to combine things correctly with each other. For example, you should not wear a sweater with a collar over a shirt or a jacket over an oversized jumper or sweater. It is necessary to put on bulky things made of dense fabric over the rest of the clothes, otherwise, putting on some thin jumper under the shirt, which will look out from under the shirt collar, we will get something incomprehensible, making the most unpleasant impression on others.

Each element of a man's wardrobe corresponds to a specific dress code. Don't mix formal and casual dress codes. More details about the styles and directions of the dress code can be found in this article.

Colors of different styles

Garments worn on a person should look harmonious, and for this you need to combine them in color. Knowing how to match colors correctly in clothes is a direct way to achieve a balanced look. A harmonious combination of colors is called a color scheme. This concept includes not only the fabric part of clothing, but also a belt on trousers, boots, glasses and other accessories of a men's wardrobe. Gammas are garments of different colors, as well as the color of the pattern on one item.

For a better understanding of the color combination, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the picture below.

How to choose a tie for a shirt, solid colors How to match a tie to a shirt, similar colors

How to choose a tie to a shirt, contrasting colors How to choose a tie for a shirt.  traditional colors

It is best for a simple layman to combine simple scales, which include one-color, two-color and three-color scales. The first option is too inexpressive, therefore, when choosing the golden mean, it is better to stop at the second and third options. You can take more complex ones, but no more than six colors, otherwise the appearance will be too variegated.

Different styles use different color schemes:

Business style

In the business style, no more than four colors are used, while the colors should be close to each other in tone. It is best to combine two or three restrained, unemotional colors of a similar tonality in a business style.

How to combine colors in clothes, business style

The color scheme in business attire should create a neutral, negotiable background. Suitable colors: black, brown, dark blue. For a better understanding, I recommend reading the article on how to choose the color of a business suit.

Business casual or smart casual styles

The color scheme of business casual or smart casual clothing styles is the most complex. It involves not only a combination of various colors and shades, but also the texture of the fabric. Therefore, a person who dresses in such styles must have creative thinking and be confident in the selection of things, otherwise it will turn out to be some kind of mess. In business casual or smart casual styles there are the most unexpected combinations of not only colors, but also wardrobe elements.

Blue casual blazer in combination with light trousers and brown boots Classic blue suit with casual accessories Navy blue chinos, burgundy pullover with a light shirt. brown shoes Wear a light blue blazer and light blue jeans Olive jacket, navy blue pants

As a rule, in clothes of such styles, they choose some color as an accent, building the rest of the combination around it. In these styles, it is not customary to use black as the main color. In business casual or smart casual styles, more than six shades should not be welcomed. With a wide variety of colors, you can get something awkward. By the way, you can read more about smart casual style in this article.

Casual style

The casual style of clothing is casual, designed to create the most comfortable conditions for a person without attracting attention to oneself. Shades in clothes are usually muted, without sharp contrasts; khaki is often used.

How to match colors in clothes, casual style How to match colors in clothes, casual style How to match colors in clothes, casual style

Skillfully combining colors and shades in your clothes and choosing things by size and a number of other parameters, you can be sure that you will always look, maybe not the best, but at least you will be satisfied with your appearance, which is important for mood and vitality. A little knowledge of how to match colors in clothes correctly will help to achieve good results if you often communicate with people and need to constantly seek favor with yourself.

Believe me, a well-chosen wardrobe and the ability to correctly combine colors and shades is a direct path to success among successful people. However, with a good look you will make only the first impression, then you need to work with your head so as not to turn out to be a “disguised pheasant” =).

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