How to choose boxing gloves for training

No entry into the ring and boxing sparring is possible without the use of high-quality and reliable boxing gloves – about it everyone who is more or less familiar with boxing will tell you for sure. They they will protect your hands from damage, and your opponent from getting serious injuries. Like any kind of sports equipment, boxing gloves have a number of key features that you need take into account those who have decided to master boxing and “put” hit.

How to choose boxing gloves

Choosing the weight of boxing gloves

For beginners, this fact is likely to become a real one. a revelation, but boxing gloves don’t measure in generally accepted understanding of the word. They are universal, and the only factor to pay attention to is their weight. It is measured in ounces (one ounce is approximately 28 gram), the weight of the most commonly used models may vary between 12 and 20 ounce marks. Such gloves are quite enough. in order to feel confident in the ring, they are voluminous enough to protect your head and body from strokes, and at the same time they are not capable of causing serious injuries to the opponent. Selecting gloves by weight, experienced athletes recommend having several models of different weights available, picking up specific for certain battle conditions. For example, weight professional boxing gloves used in international competitions, is 10 ounces.

Boxing Glove Material

Boxing gloves

Leather gloves are most popular. Among them advantages distinguish high strength to mechanical loads and situational exposure, unpretentiousness in care and lack deformations due to direct sunlight, extremes temperature and high humidity. The disadvantages of leather gloves carry a fairly high cost;

Leatherette gloves (dermantine, eco leather, sensateca) in many ways similar to leather and differ from them in a slightly smaller margin strength and sensitivity to temperature extremes. Are such gloves are much smaller than their leather counterparts;

Which glove filler is better

The material used in as a filler for gloves. Requirements for him, simple and understandable to everyone:

  1. High damping characteristics – gloves should not only work out the blow, but also protect from the blows of the opponent;

  2. The filler must not absorb moisture and caking in a specific place;

  3. The filler should evenly fill the entire volume of gloves;

The following materials meet all these requirements:

  1. Rubber shavings;

  2. Polyurethane foam;

  3. EVA

  4. Foam rubber;

Until recently, the majority on sale gloves had a cotton wool filler, however, due to the high hygroscopicity and tendency to caking, this filler lost its relevance.

Fixation and shape

fixing boxing gloves

It is also necessary to pay attention to the glove fixing system on brushes. Depending on this parameter, all presented in gloves are divided into two conditional groups:

  1. Gloves fixed by lacing. Maximally tough landing, ergonomic shape, clear contact without vibrations and tendency to slip — that’s their main advantage. Of the minuses – extremely inconvenient fixation – tie your shoelaces yourself , without the help of a partner, it will hardly work out;

  2. Velcro-resistant gloves. This type of fixation is much more convenient and handy, but compared to lacing it is not so reliable and does not hold the glove so well during sparring;

  3. As for the shape of the gloves, the only option that experienced athletes are advised to buy, is a glove with strongly bent inward thumb. In this situation, the finger it is isolated from the brush upon impact and is practically not susceptible to injury and dislocation;

What are boxing gloves?

  1. Amateur gloves are anatomically shaped and naturally located thumb. A similar layout is made knowingly – it does not allow the boxer to develop a blow of great strength, which could lead to a dislocation of the finger and painful sensations;

  2. Shell gloves have a high outer shell strength, and also a special shape. Their main purpose is purposeful punching bag work;

  3. Training gloves are close to professional models – their weight ranges around 12-15 ounces, the thumb has a strongly curved shape, fixing is carried out using lacing or Velcro. These gloves are not suitable for projectile work and are intended exclusively for sparring;

  4. Fighting models are designed for serious fights and performances in professional matches. Maximum damping characteristics, lacing, leather outer layer and foam rubber filler, as well as weight up to 10 ounces – here inherent characteristics of such gloves.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose boxing bag, the secrets of choosing a punching bag for boxing and features the choice of boxing mouth guard.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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