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Badminton is a kind of tennis, extremely popular during outdoor activities. The role of the ball is here performs a shuttlecock, and therefore there is no need for a tennis court or a well-prepared site – play your pleasure can be even on a regular lawn. Of course, only when the equipment for the game is selected correctly.

choose badminton

Top Badminton Manufacturers

Prefer should be products manufactured under the following by brands:

  1. Mookie

  2. Mesuca

  3. Abtoys

  4. Yonex

  5. Torneo

Each of the above manufacturers produces a great many different models, and in order to choose the most suitable, you should familiarize yourself with both their characteristics and reviews of specific users on the Internet.

Types of Badminton Rackets

Depending on specific operating conditions and destinations, all badminton accessories can be divided into following types.


Designed for outdoor activities and amateur exploitation. It is made of metal or plastic, the canvas is mesh from nylon. Differ in simplicity of design and low cost.


  • Light weight;

  • Great for outdoor activities;

  • Simple and reliable design;

  • Inexpensive


  • The quality of execution is very mediocre;

  • Not suitable for professional play;

Base models

Mid-range devices widely used by advanced amateurs and athletes as a tool for training. The design of the handle, canvas and shuttlecock is similar to that of professional models with some simplification as used materials. A great option for those who are seriously interested in badminton.


  • High quality workmanship;

  • A wide variety of models;

  • Almost inferior to professional models in functional features;

  • Ergonomics and functionality;


  • The cost is higher than that of basic rackets;

Professional models

Designed to meet the needs of professional athletes and are designed for use in tough sports rhythm. Workmanship is at a high level, and functional features and structural elements are designed for long-term intense game. On sale a large a variety of models, which allows you to choose the best option for a specific athlete.


  • Maximum functionality

  • Exceptionally high quality materials;

  • A wide range of models for any operating conditions;

  • Designed for professional use;

  • Great performance;


  • Expensive;

Options for choosing a badminton racket?

badminton selection criteria

The material of the racket frame

  1. Plastic models are worthy of durability and relatively light weight.

  2. Metal (aluminum, titanium) is used in the manufacture of basic and many professional models.

  3. Wood – top-level material used in the manufacture many models of the middle and highest price segment.

Material of the racket net

Nylon fishing line – a budget material, different mechanical durability and excellent performance. Disadvantage

  1. is increased tensile under load;

  2. Metal is strong and tough, but heavy. Rackets with metal mesh are highly specialized models, designed for specific operating conditions;

  3. Thin synthetic braided cord – the best option, providing decent rigidity and different minimal extensibility;

Racket specifications

The parameters indicated on the package. It depends on them the functionality of a particular model and the possibility of application in amateur and sports conditions.

  1. The weight of the racket. The lower the weight, the higher the maneuverability. Professional models weigh no more than 75-80 grams, amateur, usually 20-30% heavier;

  2. Racket balancing. There are two special cases. The first – balance shifted towards the handle, similar design provides increased maneuverability during the game. Second – the balance shifted towards the mesh web is characteristic for percussion rackets capable of transmitting the maximum kinetic shuttle energy

  3. The degree of string tension. Amateur models always go factory-fitted and do not have a range for adjustments. In contrast, basic and professional models allow you to adjust the preload depending on specific conditions operation;

Type and characteristics of shuttlecock

Shuttlecocks, the plumage of which is made of natural feathers, and from synthetic material. First – attribute of professional sports, the latter are used in amateur games. Shuttlecocks also differ in design features and flight speeds – depending on them, emit swift, slow and planning shuttlecocks.

How to choose a badminton racket?

  1. Amateur models are made of metal, have a pretentious nylon mesh and equipped with artificial shuttlecocks plumage;

  2. Basic models are made of plastic or lightweight metal and are delivered, as a rule, one piece per set. All other accessories must be purchased separately;

  3. Professional models are made of carbon fiber or titanium alloy and constitute a single design. Weight rackets do not exceed 70-75 grams. Key Features selected based on the game technique and physical parameters athlete.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose tennis racket and secrets of choosing a racket for table tennis.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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